Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Last Week!!

Well this week was pretty boring... 
Monday- We played volleyball and I got so burt, that it hurt to smile. I love play volleyball but not when I get burnt.. We went to the plaza to eat and A stalker was there and the Elders protected me. I am so thankful for them.
Tuesday- We had a great lesson with a teenager who can really progress and I hope that she does. We visited some investigators and we contacted a lot. I love to contact. Its nice. I love doing this work with all of my heart. 
Wednesday- We washed our clothes and we did our grocery shopping. It was good to have food in the house. I love the food here. My companion was sick so The colocha went on divisions with a member and I stayed in the house with my compa. It was good because I got a lot of things ready and I felt better. 
Thursday- I had a health attack but I am good. We had our multi zone meeting and it was good. I learned a lot. We missed our bus to Tactic so we got to sleep with President and his wife... it was funny. I missed having a big bed and everyting. I ate really yummy food!
Friday- Was a hard day for me. A very hard day. I was in a lot of pain and everything. But we worked. We had some good lessons and then at night I dyied my companions hair... It was fun and then I might have dyed a part of my hair red... It looks way cool when my hair is up in a bun. 
Saturday- We visited some investigators that are progressing and we were able to help Byron pack up presents and thank you mom for making me wrap all the Christmas presents I put my practice into play. It was funny watching all the customers stairing at me shocked that I could wrap that fast. It was fun. 
Sunday- I taught the lessons in church and it was fun. I liked it a lot. It was good. I liked it a lot. 
I dont know if i will be able to write next week but I will see you guys soon! Dont worry I am so excited to see you all and to be abel to share with you guys my experiences that I had!!!!! :) 
I love this gospel and this work. I am so thankful for this time that I have had to be able to serve a mission. I love my Savior and everything! :) 
Hermana Fuller
I love you all!


Week 4

Well Family this week was a very long week! VERY LONG!!!! 
We had a good Pday, we played soccer like always and then we had an amazing FHE with our investigator Byron and he understood the importance of baptism. We hope to put a baptism date with him this week!!! It will be good! 
On Tuesday we had some good lessons that were needed. IT was something that we needed to do because we had a good lesson with Byron and he is really progressing. I hope that he makes his mind up and gets baptized. We went we with our baptism date. and she is ready for her baptism but we are just waiting to teach her a couple more lessons before we call it good! 
Wednesday we had district meeting and it was really awkward because EVERYONE and their dog were sick! It was crazy! IT was like one minute a companionship was in the bathroom and the next minute another companionship! I dont know what happened with us but its okay! we had a sick day because my companion was sick so that makes 6 sick days in this change... its crazy!!!! I dont like it very much but you know, we have plans to work SUPER HARD THIS WEEK!!! 
Thursday- We had to do a lot of things because at night we had a a relief society activity and we are the presidency so we had to do everything. We went to the market to get the food and it was crazy! I was put in charge of the money and my compas were yelling at me telling me to give them both money and I was so confused but everything worked out. We had a couple of lessons and then had the activity. We werent expecting anyone to come but we had 80 people there!!!!!! That is a miracle here in Tactic. So that was really great for us! It was a ton of work because I lead everything but it was way fun! The sisters loved it! 
Friday- Today we had weekly planning and then we washed our clothes. We celebrated my other comps cumple mes and that was good. we had a couple of lessons which were good and we invited Byron to baptism and he told us that he is going to think about it more. I hope that he decides now!!!! 
Saturday- We celebrated Elder Kelleys birthday. Hes a new Elder here in the mission and he is really funny. One of my dear friends. We made lunch and dinner witha member for him. It was good. Our baptism date fell through, she doesnt have a desire and we are not going to force anyone to be baptized if they dont want to. So its okay. I hope that she had a desire someday. I know that she will. 
Sunday- We had our branch conference and it was really good. We had the chapel filled and it was good. We also had 6 investigators at church. that was really good for us!! I was so hapy! :) We had some good lessons and some meetings at church. It was fun! 
I love the mission so much!!! :) I hope that you all have a good week and you all read the Book of Mormon. I am so thankful for that book! 
Hermana Fuller