Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 44: Spanish and English: It's Language Study Time!

Wow, this week felt really long but here I am again, in internet, how crazy time goes by here but so much happens its crazy! Well I have decided that I am going to write some of this letter in spanish and other parts in english, but I will try to explain in it English too. :) 
Lunes- Bueno pues hoy fue un buen dia porque fuimos a la biotopo y eso es un lugar como un montaña pero alli vive quetzales que son bien bonitos. :) Pero iba mucho calor y no sè que paso pero morri alla. Okay well today we went to biotopo its a forrest with the quetzal which is a bird that is the captial bird here. They are really pretty. It was really hot and I dont know what happened but I died. 
Martes- Hoy tuvimos reunión de distrito y fue calidad. Estábamos en Santa Barbara y es muy lejos de San Jeronimo como 45 minutos... Pero hoy recibí un paquete de Hermana Kayla Jenkins y GRACIAS MI AMOR!!!!! Te amo con todo. :) Y pues hoy nuestros investigadores que están progresando no pueden aprender mas de la iglesia porque sus abuelos no quieren... Es muy chafa porque ellos son pilas y saben que la iglesia es verdad y todo pero solo voy a orar para ver que pasa. Okay well today we had district meeting and it was good. We were in Santa Barbara and its really far away like 45 minutes. BUT I got a package from Kayla and thank you love! I love you so much! And also today our investigators that are progressing cant learn any more about the church because their grandpas dont want them to learn more. And it sucks because they know that the church is true and all I can do is pray and see what happens. 
Miércoles- Hoy aprendí mucho de mi compañera. Puchica! y pues hoy fuimos a la nueva casa y era muy shuca pero la dueña va a limpia antes que cambiamos casas. Pero empacamos todo el día y encontré algunas coas de el CCM y fue muy calidad. Today I learned a lot about my companion. Wow! We went to the new house and it was really dirty but the landloard is going to clean it before we move in. But we packed up all day and I found some things from the CCM and it was great. 
Jueves- Hoy fue un día bueno. Tuvimos nuestros entrevistas con presidente Curtiss y fue muy especial porque el me ayudo a entender mas como puedo mejorar y ayudar mis investigadores a progresar. Después tuvimos Noche de Hermanamiento y fue awkward porque un Hermano me dijo que no hablo para nada.... Pero si. :) Today was a good day. We had interviews with president and it was really special because he helped me understand how I can improve and help my investigators progress. After we had a devotional and it was awkward because a brother told me that I dont talk at all..... but yea. :) 
Viernes- Hoy tuvimos reunión de zona y fue muy bonita. :) Presidente Curtiss estaba allá con su esposa y los APs. Y en la reunión y pude sentir el espíritu muy fuerte porque recibí mucho revelación y gracias a Dios que eso paso! Today we had zone meeting and it was very pretty. President Curits was there with is wife and the Assisents. And in the meeting I could feel the spirit strong because I recieved a lot of revelation and thank goodness that it happened! 
Sábado- Hoy fue diferente pero calidad. Fuimos a ducharnos en la nueva casa porque todavía no estamos allá y también porque tiene agua caliente, que rico pero después iba mucho frió. Pero después fuimos a una lección con una hermanita que quiere ser bautizada pero su padre no quiere entonces fuimos para ver que podemos hacer y vamos a ayunar esta semana con ella. Y ella esta estudiando su Libro de Mormon sola y esta en 2 Nefi 14. Que pilas ella. Y Terminamos hoy con tacos gratis. :) Today was different but really cool. We went and showered in the new house because we havent moved yet and the water is hot water, its nice but after it was really cold. But after we went to a lesson with a sister that wants to be baptized but her dad wont let her so we went to see what we could do about it and we are going to fast together with her this week. And she is studying her Book of Mormon by herself and she is in 2 Nephi 14. Shes great. And then we finished the day with free tacos. 
Domingo- Hoy fuimos a la iglesia y fue bueno porque el espíritu fue muy fuerte. Los miembros fueron al templo ayer y todos compartieron sus testimonios sobre el templo y tuvimos 3 investigadores en le iglesia y fue perfecta. :) Hoy iba mucho frió que casi morimos juntas en la calle. Fuimos con Hermana Hilda y ella tenia trabajo....y fue lavando su ropa... casi morí porque iba mucho mucho mucho frió! Pero fue un buen servicio. :) Today we went to church and it was great because the spirit was so strong. The members went the the temple yesterday and they shared their testimonies about the temple and we had 3 investigators at church so it was perfect. But today it was really cold and we almost died in the street because it was cold. We went to Sister Hilda and she had some work for us, we washed her clothes... I almost died because it was so cold. But it was great service. :) 
Well that was my week and I forgot to tell you guys something, this week my companion left the keys in the house so we were locked out... so being the ``bigger one`` I was picke to climb the house to open the upstairs door... so I had to climb the house that was next to us to open our house. Here is how it happened in the photos. :) 
Love you all! Have a great week! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 43: I wrote a lot today!

Familia! Wow, this week a lot has happened and I dont even know if I will be able to have enough time to tell yall everything!
Monday- Today we went to Salama and we watched Sons of Provo and I have fotten how funny that movie is and how much Will looks like Spencer! Its crazy! I also got a package from Aunt Gayle and I love that book that you sent me, it is so sweet. Thank you. thank you. GRACIAS. BANTIOX SHA´ QUE! It is really cute and I cried.. :) 
Tuesday- Today we went and paid that rent for the house and while we were eating we got some great news, WE ARE MOVING HOUSES!!! So the ghost that is in the house will not bother me any more, I am really excited about that! We then went and made some cards for a member because at night we had an activity for a couple that are going to be sealed in the temple and it was so great and the food was even better. It was chicken and jam with mash patatoes and a carrot salad. It was great and very filling. We then visited a member and we were able to teach his sister who isnt a member and she wants to know if this church is true so, we are going to go back next week to see if she got her answer! 
Wednesday- Well today was a very spiritual day for me and I love those days. Today I was very lucky to be able to to hear Elder Quentin L Cook in a conference that was just for our mission. I didnt get to meet him because he was in Peten but I was able to watch him from the tv and it was so great. I learned a lot about how I can improve as a missionary and how I can help my investigators, I loved it. Well something that I learned is that as missionaries is that we need to do 3 things and those 3 things are, 
1-We are the branch and Ward leaders. 
2-We are the message. 
3-We succed when we invite even if the people dont accept. 
That is something that I have put in practice these past couple of days and it has been great to see more progress here in San Jeronimo! Also I loved that he said that its a life long process to become more like Jesus Christ, that each day we need to improve and we need to become more like our Savior. It was great to be able to hear from him. After that we went and taught a lession to our investigators that are progressing; Shaily, Daily, y Olsvaldo and they told us that they know that this church is true and that they want to talk to their parents about being baptized and everything! Well I am just hoping that everything works out! Today I felt so loved from my Heavenly Father and I was able to show him how much I love Him today, it was perfect. 
Thursday- Today we had divisions with the Sister leaders and it was really great. I went to Carcha which was in my district when I was in Chamelco and it was so great but sooooo cold! But the night before I had a dream about the ghost in the house and it felt so real. I felt like he was there in our room and it was so creepy that I woke up crying and I was cold to the bones. I think that it might have actually happened. I am so glad that we are changing houses this week! But during divisions it was a lot of fun. We had a member with us and she was a cute little grandma that thinks its unfair that I was only there for one day. But then I got her to laugh really hard because I really like making songs with some of the town names here and there is a town that is called Chibujbu and I made a song while we were walking in the rain and she was laughing so hard that we had to stop for her to catch her breath. It was great. I am just very greatful to have my companion as my companion, she is perfect for me. 
Friday- We woke up at 4 to travel back to Salama and I was so tired and so sick on the bus that I couldnt sleep... it was sad. But then we had a great lesson with Shaily, Daily, and Olsvaldo and it was great because we invited them to baptism and they accepted!!! It was such a great moment and they want to go to church and everything but the problem is that their parents are really strick and I am just hoping and praying that they will be able to go! I felt the spirit really strong during the lesson and my companion and I taught it really well. It was perfect! 
Saturday- Today was an okay day. We got the keys to the new house so we are going to be making some plans to move houses! I just hope that we do it fast because I cant be in that house anymore! Today we did something was pretty weird. We have a recent convert and we thought that she was home so we walked in her house and we just sat down thinking that she was there but she was in the captial and so we were in her house without her... but the funny thing is that we didnt eat lunch because we had planed lessons during lunch time so we made food in her house and it was so funny! My companion can make some good eggs with hot dogs hahahahaha. I guess that it is funnier for me.... 
Sunday- Well today we went to church and it was great! I dont know what happened but during church I almost passed out so during RS I decided to take a quick little nap and my companion was my soft pillow. We then went to a members house and ate a really weird food that was really easy to make but it was wierd, I will make it when I get home.... You are welcome family! We then packed a little bit and it was good because then we taught lessons and the members and investigators are going to help us move this week and I love them all! 
Well that was my week! A lot of things happened and it was perfect! 
Well I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week and that you take some time to read your scriptures! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 42: Only 29 More Weeks

Bueno pues familia y amigos. :) Hoy creo ques es mejor si voy a escribir en Español, esta bien? Bueno pues vamos pues. jejeje. 
Thats a joke, but maybe one day I will write to you guys in Spanish. :) Okay well this was my week. 
Monday- I hit 10 months in the mission and it was pretty good. I got to eat ice cream and I also celebrated with watching the Best Two Years and it was great. We were able to watch that with a member. 
Tuesday- Today we deep cleaned the house because we were going to have a house inspection and the house was not ready for that... We contacted and we hiked a mountain and it was a good work out and we taught a lesson to someone that lived at the very top of the mountain and I dont understand how that always works... where the people that live the highest up want to listen to the gospel haha. 
Wednesday- Today we had a broadcast and we were able to get lots of information on how we cana teach to baptize and it was really great. I also got medicine and it was so great to start my treatment. Oh I figured out that I have staph and that is not fun... but I have a cream and pills that I am taking. Its a lot and really strong but its good. 
Thursday- Today we did some work, we were able to teach our investigator that got her answer but she doesnt want to tell us that she knows that this church is true, she just wants to come forever to know if it something that she wants to be baptized and I guess I dont know how I could help her. Afterwards we went to our investigators house that has a baptism date and she is really progressing. We went and we got to meet her mom and dad and it was so great to know them and they want their daughter to come to church with us. 
Friday- We today we hiked a mountain and that was good. We walked for 2 hours just to have no one be in their house... so we tried contacting, but no one wanted to let us in and it was a good humbiling experience... it was a lot of walking for nothing. After that we went to a members house and we were able to do some service for her and she was very thankful. It felt nice helping someone. :) 
Saturday- Today we cleaned the house again because we were going to have the inspection today but they didnt show up so we were at our house for 2 hours waiting for them but when they didnt show up, we went to teach a lesson and that was good. We had a meeting and then came home to do some cooking. 
Sunday- TodayI was suppose to give a talk in church but the branch president doesnt know my name so he called on my companion to give a talk and it was so great, she is such a spiritual giant. It was great to hear her testimony. We then went and we contacted a little bit and that was good to get to know new people. And then we visited some less actives and it was good to know them and to invite them to church. After it was so cold that we made atol and it was really good, I will make it when I get home. We did dats and then went to to bed. 
That was my week and I am so blessed to be a missionary and to be able to testify of this gospel always. 
This week was great! 
Love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 41: 10 months! Is this a joke?

Well ya´ll I have finally hit 10 months in the mission and I can not believe it... The time is just going by so fast... I still feel so new in the mission but at the same time, I feel like I have been out forever! 
Well this was my week... 
Monday- We went to Salama and ate as a zone and it was good. It was really funny and our zone has a lot of Elders but they are so awkward that they dont talk to us Sisters. We came home and we went to the grocery store and the cool thing here is that when we buy bags they deliver the groceries to your house but the problem is that they were super late so we were only able to have one lession. 
Tuesday- I woke up today with a really bad cold and a head ache. We went to visit one of our investigators and we invited her to baptism and she accepted and it was so great because she told us that she got an answer to her prayers and she told us that she wants to come to church to see if this church is true. I also got asked to give some advace on how to help kids behave more because this sister was really having a bad day with her kids and I was able to help them. 
Wednesday- Today we did service for a really cute grandma that had some yard work for us. So I got to work while my companion taught her a little bit. And then afterwards we went to a members house who is very special, he cant walk and his mind isnt all there but he is very smart. We got to play dominos with him and he is so good at that game. 
Thursday- Today we did a lot but it was pretty hard for me because my leg is really infected and it was so bad that it hurt. It hurt to walk and to have any extra pressure on my legs... But I left and we did some work, we had NDH and it was good. The members are really great but the Branch President is kinda scared of me I think because he doesnt want to talk to me... And I dont know why... 
Friday- Today was the month mark for my companion and she hit 9 months in the mission and it was crazy to think about how fast time goes by. We had zone meeting today and it was good but really long. We went and ate and it was good but we got in trouble because the people at the resturant dont like us.... ooops. We had a meeting with our mission leader and it was good but we got in trouble again because with my companion and I we like to laugh but the members dont think that it was very appropiate to laugh in public... so that was a problem. We went to a members house and she deep cleaned my infected bug bites with alcohol and it hurt really bad.... but my legs turned red because of the type of medicine that they put on it. 
Saturday- We went and we taught the investigator that accepted the baptism date today and she told us that she knows with all of her heart that this church is true but the problem is that she is 13 so she cant really be baptized really fast because there are some rules to this and so it wasa great but also kinda sad because she told us that she is going to study on Sundays so we taught her about keeping the sabath day holy and she understood it. But she doesnt think that she can come to church with us because of her parents. But I have faith that she can do it! 
Sunday- We went to church and the investigator was there!!!! She got permission to come and she told us that she loved the church and that she was wants to come every week. And then after church we left to contact a little bit but I needed to use the bathroom so we went back to the house and while we were in the house, there was a huge drunk fight outside of our house so we couldnt leave and it was really scary because the guys had guns and everything but dont worry, nothing happened. Just one of them went to the hospital with a couple of stab wounds. It was kinda fun to watch out from our window... hahaha it was a good story to tell people. I also watched a really good movie that is also pretty sad, its called Charlie and it was so sad that my companion and I cried for about 15 minutes after. It was sad.. 
Monday- 10 months baby!!! I hit it and it was good. No one remembered and that was sad but you know, thats what I get for being old! No one remembers me haha thats a joke. No one remembered but I am totally fine with it! I made hamburgers for the zone and it was good but a lot of stress! 
But yeah that was my week and I love my mission! I will write you guys next week! 

Week 40: Changes

Well Family, 
This week I didnt really do anything because I was forced on bed rest. So this week I had a long time to do some thinking about what I wanted to change about myself. Wel this week I have been thinking a lot about how sometimes our Heavenly Father has a plan for us but sometimes we dont know what that plan is, but some times our Heavenly Father knows that some people need to learn their lesson. 
This week I put the Atonement to test and I can tell you guys that wow, what a great power it is. I have never felt so close to my Savior and I am so blessed to be able to be a missionary right now.
But I am glad to be starting off the new year as a missionary and to be able to have the great opprotunity to be able to share this wonderful gospel with everyone. 
Oh and I will let you guys know that I have changes, I am leaving Chamelco and I am going to Salama and I am pretty sad but I know that it is important that I leave to be able to do other work. I am excited to be having a new companion and that will be really great. Her name is Hermana Pavon and she was in the CCM with me so she just has one change less than me. 
Well thats all but here are some photos from this week. It was pretty sad but you know, I am living each day. Do you guys have any questions for me? 
I love you all so much! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 39: The Firm Knowledge

Okay well I just want to start off by saying that this week was really hard for me. And I will let you guys know why. On Monday, I was playing soccer with the Elders (well first, all the elders here can play soccer like professionally and that was my fault for playing with them) Well, while I was playing with them I was doing a rainbow trick and I was doing it with a volleyball. And so let me explain this is all my fault. But I fell and I tore all of my ligaments in my right ankle and so it was really hard for me to leave and go do the work that I was sent here to do. But I want this email to be an email of gratitude and to express an experience that I have had and one that I will never forget. It was Thursday and my foot was so swollen and purple that my companion got so scared that she called the nurse and also Hermana Curtiss, the wife of the mission president, and they were so worried about me that it was really stressful. But on Christmas the President came with his assisents to give me a blessing and also to give me some medicine. In the blessing I felt the love of God so strong that I know that everything would be alright. I was able to talk to my family and I felt so close to them and that was crazy. It was great to be able to see everyone and be able to have a little bit of time with each sibling. But like I was a little bit sad that the whole time was about my health and how I might come home but you know, I am doing a lot better. After talking to my family, I got a phone call from Hermana Curtiss asking me if I wanted to go home but I didnt know the answer so she told me that she was going to call me in the morning for my answer. I didnt know what to do, I talked about it with my companion and my district leader and I didnt know what to do, so I decided to do what I invite each of my investigators to do which is to pray and ask what I need to do. So I did that and let me tell you what happened. :) 
In my prayer I asked my Heavenly Father to help me to know what my answer is and make it obvious because I am terrible at understanding and looking for my answers. So in the morning when I woke up, I could move my foot, I could walk a little bit, I could put my shoe on, and I didnt feel that much pain. I started to cry because my Heavenly Father answered my prayers in a way that he knew that I would understand. Well my foot is still in progression. It hurst and is still purple but you know I am making it through. I just want to bear a witness that Heavenly Father is there for all of us and that he will help us through all of our hard times. I love my Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for the love that he shows and shares with me. I am so blessed and I say these things so very humbly with the firm knowledge that this church is true and do so in the name of my loving Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.