Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Good Times.

Hello there family! How are you guys doing? 

Well to answer the questions from moms email, I was really sick but I dont think its a parasite. I think I just ate something that wasnt good for my stomach, its normal here. But I am good. Much better.

This week was a really great week. I learned a lot of things. This week I focused my time in the Book of Mormon and I am learning so much! I love this book and I know that it is true! :) 

This week we are going to have a baptism and I hope that everything works out. He is a great guy and knows that this church is true. I am happy that I am seeing miracles here everyday. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about how I can help the branch that I am in because the assistance is really low and the president is being very stressed. We dont have a Relief Society president or counselors and we need a lot of help. I have been thinking and we are going to be meeting with the president tonight to talk over some ideas. I am excited to share what I have been studying. I love this gospel.
I am so sorry that I am terrible at writting now, I dont know what is going on! 

Well today I am hitting 16 months and I am so sad. Guatemala has my heart and its my favorite place in the whole wide world. I love this place and the people. I am going to bring back so many memories that I hope that everything works how I would like it to! 

Love this gospel and everything that it gives me and also the blessings that it gives to everyone else! 
Love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

¨God knows who is standing in a hole and who is standing on a chair, and he does not just measure height-- he measures growth¨ Quote for the week! 

Miracles While Being Sick!

Hello family and Friends!
This week was a really hard week for me. Well also The Lord blesses those who are obiedent and this week I saw so many blessings. 
The last change, was really hard for me. We didnt have any investigators progressing and I wanted to work really hard. But this change with my companion has been a lot of miracles.  
This week we had a plan to put 2 baptism dates with people that we thought were progressing. We invited them but they said no... we then didnt give up our faith and we started to work even harder. We invited a little girl in the first visit to baptism and she said yes. She is the sister of my convert here in Tactic. I really hope that she can be baptized. Also this week we were able to put another baptism date with another lady that is ready to be baptized as well. I LOVE THIS WORK!!!
Also to explain something here. There are stores here that called Pacas. They are little DI but SUPER CHEAP. I always go there to look for things. Well on Friday we were coming back from buying somethings for an activity that we were going to have. We stopped by one of them because she is an investigator. I wasnt feeling so great and I had a lot of stomache pain. We were teaching her and then all of a sudden I threw up.. right there. it was terrible. We went home and my companion threw up. We went to the activity at church and I threw up again. We came home and I threw up 5 times during the night and it was crazy. So on Saturday we stayed in bed and it was crazy. But the Lord blesses us always and we are finding such great people. I love this work. 
Well as all of you can tell I sent SOOOO many photos... I am sorry. I am at a good internet and it sends them a lot faster! 
Well I love you all and I am great. SHOUT OUT TO MY NIECE AND NEFEWS! I love you all!!! 
Hermana Fuller

Fotos por fin!!!

71 Days!!!!

HAPPT 4th of JULY!!!!!!
I loved this week! 
We found a great investigator and he went to church and is reading the book of mormon! He is so dope! And he accepted a baptism date for the 23rd of July !!!!! I am super pumped!!! 
well i wrote a super long email but then the internet stopped working so now I am sorry. This is going to be short because I dont have a lot of time. But I love my mission so much.
We met our new mission president and he is from Chili. His name is Presidente Faundez and is very chill. He has a strong testimony and is very nice. His wife is a fire cracker and is very sweet. And can play volleyball very well so you know that we will be friends. 
We had a BBQ today for PDAY and it was amaizng, the food wasnt that great but you know, it was worth it! 
I love my mission and I am sorry, the internet is so slow that I cant send pictures but I promise that I will send some when I can. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

Only Two More Changes....

Hello all, 
Well like the title says, I am getting a new companion. I am really sad because I got a long with my companion really well and now I am going to be getting a companion that is from Chili. 
This week a lot of things happened. It was my companions birthday and it was really fun. We made the best of it. We also focused a lot in our investigators and it was perfect. 
I am excited to be here in the mission and everyone is telling me that I am going home. THat sucks because I love the mission so much! I know that I only have two more changes but I am going to make the most out of it. I am excited to have that.
I love this gospel so much and i love this time that I have to be a missionary! 
Hermana Fuller

Hello there family! I am so sorry that I havent been writting a lot to you guys but it is crazy here and I feel a lot of stress. And just thinking about writting you guys makes me even more stressed out but I love you all and I am sorry. 
Well this week was good. I got a new companion and she is really cute. Her name is Hermana Arragui and she is from Chili. She looks and acts a lot like Ashely Rodgers jejeje. It makes me miss her. 
Well this week was pretty good. We were able to complete every one of our goals that we had besides our investigators at church. We didnt have a single one... It was really sad. One thing that has happened is that since my old companion left a lot of our investigators dont want to listen to us or they dont want to progress and that makes me sad but you all know, we need to help our investigators love the message and not ourselves so that is what we are working on this change. 
But something really sad happened on Sunday and it got me pretty depressed. I gave a talk on Sunday and it went pretty well. I liked it a lot. All the members after told me that it was really great. That made me really happy! but one brother came up to me and asked me what I talked about. He told me that he didnt understand a single thing because my spanish was terrible. I started to cry because for me when I speak in spanish I get really nervous because it isnt that great and it makes me a little sad but you know, my companion helped me out a lot and she is great. 
Well I like my new district and zone. My old companion is still in the same zone and she is crazy... like always. 
Tomorrow we get our new president and I am scared because they dont know english and I am pretty sad because hermana Curitss is going home and she helped me out a lot. She is like my best friend here and she told me that we are going to go out on a date after the mission. I love her.
Well this week I cant send pictures because the computer doesnt work. 
Kayla is going home this week so family and friends, please reach out to her. I love her and I know that she is sad because she is going home to get her gallbladder taken out so please reach out to her. GRACE and MOM that is your job. :) 
I love you all so much! 
Have a great and mom I know that you are counting down the days or weeks and I only have 11 weeks left!!
Hermana Fuller


Hello family and friends,
This week was a week that was crazy. To catch up on what happened last week, I am doing a lot better. We were able to leave the house and work which is what I wanted to do. No one followed me this week and that made me really happy hahah. 
My health is a lot better as well. I was able to get results back and everything is negative at this point so that makes me really happy. My ears are getting bad but I am going to buy a cream for that. 
This week we had a our multizone conference and it was sad becaus it is the last one that I have and it was the last one for President and Hermana Curitss, they bore their testimonies and there wasnt a dry eye in the room. It made me so sad that I will be getting a new mission president only for one month. Thats great. 
This week everyone told me everyday that I am going home really soon. It makes me excited but at the same time I have a lot of time left. I still have 3 months and I am excited to finnish off strong! 
I love my mission and I love the Restoration of the Gospel. Study it daily, thats my advice. 
I love you all and here are some pictures!! 
Hermana Fuller

The Scariest Week of My Life...

Hello Family and Friends. 
Well this week was the scariest week for me and I will let you know what happened. 
Well we were doing service with a sister in the branch. We were raking leaves and everything and a guy came and started talking to the Elders. They were having a contact with him and they put a time and date to go visit him. Everything was normal and I started to talk to him too, because if he is going to be a future investigator, we need to play nice. He went away and that was it. We finished the service project and then walked home. When we got to the market the Elders called us asking if we have seen one of thier plaques, we didnt have it so we went back to the house of the sister to look for it. Later on, the Elders called again and told us that someone broke into their house and stole a lot of things. (This is not normal here in Guatemala) They asked their neighbors for any informtion and they told them that there was a guy about 50 years old asking where the SISTER MISSIONARIES lived. They told them that we live close to the church. He asked in specifically for ME. The Canchita, which is the American.... And then left and started to look for us. He was walking around Tactic looking for me so I was put on house bound in the house of the branch president all day and since then I have had nightmares every night because I dont know what is going to happen. 
That happened and so we have been keeping it chill this week. We didnt get to work a lot but we have lots of plans to do so this week. 
We had some great activities with the sister missionaries and everything. 
I am studying a lot of the Restoration and I love learning about it. It is perfect. 
That is what happened and I would really like your prayers this week. I might have an emergency change... that is something that I dont want. 
I love you all and be very careful and dont play too much with shaving cream jejeje. 
Hermana Fuller  😱😱

Week of STRESS

Hey family! How are you guys. This week will be quick as well because time! This week was the most stressful week that I have had but also with a lot of success. WE had a huge problem with some of our investigators and they all blammed me because I am not like the sister missionary that left this past change. Its been hard but you know, I am getting use to it and I am getting use to practicing my patience. 
WE had a baptism this week and he is so ready to be a missionary. He was kind of scared to be baptized but afterwards he started crying and he knew that it was the right thing to do. 
I am so thankful to be out here as a missionary and I am seeing miracle after miracle here. 
The area, mom and dad, is pretty townish. Our area is paved mostly and there are lots of cars and people. I am in a pretty rich area and that means that there is always free food in the houses. Its a branch here and they are great. I love it here, I think I might finnish my mission here. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller


This week was a lot of fun and with a lot of miracles. We are working really hard with our investigators that we have and I hope that everything works out with them. This week we had a really powerful lession with our investigator that has a baptism date for this Sunday. He is really confused because he thinks that he needs to move to the captial but we talk to him and we are pretty sure that he is going to stay to figure things out. Something that happened is that he offered a prayer with us there and he was crying thanking us for the way that we taught him and that he knows that we are angels of god. I was crying and also my companion. 
I am so thankful for all that I am doing here. We are working really hard and I am so excited to keep going. 

Well I dont have a lot of time because I was email

chatting with grace and mom... sorry! 
Hermana Fuller