Saturday, December 26, 2015


Week 37: Did I Kiss a Member?

Well I am just going to start off with the reaction that I had when I read the weekly email that EVERYONE IS MARRIED!!! 
What the crap! Eric, Tanner, and Ben... and all with people that I know and that it is crazy! I am speechless.... I dont know how to react. I am old. Wow.... 
Okay well here is my week. 
Monday- Well today was a stressful day. We slept in a little bit and then cleaned the house. We went to Coban and while we were in the bus I couldnt breathe at all so I sent a message to the nurse and also I took my inhaler... I dont know how to spell that, I am sorry. We talked to Hna. Starky and I got put into the mission blog. We went to Carcha and I made lasanga by myself and that was sad but it was really yummy, thank you mom for teaching me how to cook. It comes in handy here in the mission. We wrote and we left our blender in Internet so we had to run to get it. My comp and I had a good talk and my legs started to bleed a lot. Thank you bugs here in Chamelco. 
Tuesday- Well today was kinda boring. We woke up and then we left at 8 to go visit an investigator who wasnt there so that was lame. We came home and I made breakfast, omlet with a smoothie. We went and visited the family cruz and I got listen to some great music. We then took a pretty great tuc tuc ride and that was good. Then we found hno maynor and bernardo, members, and we did some service for them. 
Wednesday- Well today was okay. We got ready but I felt really bad because I started my personal study late and I love that time so I felt pretty bad. We had district meeting and that was really good. No one talked to me besides an elder because the people think that I dont know spanish so thats good... hahaha. I talked about the lord of the rings and also the hobbit today with two hermanas and that was a good talk. It made me happy. 
Thursday- Well today we had mini divisions and we walked a ton. But the hermana that was with me told us that our area is in the polichic and that was cool. We found hna sophia and she accepted a baptism date. We also found a really yummy candy that I love. We did more service today. 
Friday- Well today we didnt really do anything. We had our christmas lunch with president and that was so good. Hna Christsen, that left from Utah with me, was there and that was great to spend the day with her. We had NDH and one Hermano was making whistling noises at me and he called me hot infront of my investigators and my investigators protected me, that was pretty cool. 
Saturday- Today we walked a ton and we also found three new famiilies today and that was a miricle. We also found a really cute group of grandmas that only speak q`eqchi` and I was able to talk to them and that was cool. We went and visited the family cruz and I was able to draw a picture in their house and it is pretty accurate. 
Sunday- Today was interesting, we went to church and after all the meetings a hermano the same that made whistling noises at me on Friday started to spread a rumor that I kissed another guy in church but like that isnt true at all. He like called me Satan and that I was lying and everything. He also talked to the president of the branch and the president belives me and it was a mess and like the crazy hermano told me that he loves me and that he wants to run away with me. And that when I leave he is going to kiss me and give me a hug and never let me go. So I guess that is what I get for being white here in Chamelco. We went to the Christmas devotional for the stake and it was good but it was really good but really long. I learned a lot about the life and the birth of Jesus Christ. I really like it a lot. 
Well that is my week and it was pretty great! 
Now I am going to spend a second to just talk to my family because they are going to kill me if I dont tell them, this is for you mom. This week my health has gotten a lot worse and the nurse told me that that I might be going home if I dont get better soon. So I am going to try to become better but I just want to let you guys know that I love you and that I am good. I just have problems with breathing and that is only when I am sitting for a long peirod and when I am walking for long distance. But I am good. I promise. :) 
Also for Christmas I am able to use skype and I am really excited about that, I dont know all of the information but I can call Christmas Eve or Chirstmas Day, whatever is best for you guys. I love you and I need to know what day and at what time is better for you guys because you guys are going to be moving and everything and it is crazier at home. 
Well I love you guys so much and I hopet you guys have a great week! Love you all!

Week 36: My Birthday Week!

Well this is my week! 
Monday- Well today was a pretty chill pday. My hija finnished packing and then we went to Coban and ate taco Bell it wasnt that good.... But like we are in Guatemala and the flavor wasnt there and it wasnt spicy... We printed off pictures and then went to write. We went to the office and that was good. We said goodbye to everyone that my hija wanted to say goodbye to, we came home and we had a good talk and we reflected on our two changes together. 
Tuesday- Well today we had cambios and it was pretty sad. But I felt super left out but you know, its okay. We came home and we talked while my compa unpacked. We left and visited hno otto and then found a really perfect family that I think that they can progress. We also found a new lady and that amazing we laughed a lot today. 
Wednesday- Today we did some good work and that felt good. We contacted in the morning and then we went to visit some members. Today I put it into my mind about the goal that we have for this week, I think that we can make it and our goal is to have 4 recent converts in this month and I have faith that we can do it. We had english english class and it was reallly good. It felt really good to teach again. My district leader, Elder Mondragon thinks that I am funny and that is good. 
Thursday- Well today could have been the best day ever. We had district meeting and my zone celebrated my birthday and I felt so loved, and it didnt make me baggy. We ate as a district and I laughed a lot. We found two great hnas that are prepared to be baptized. We also went and visited hna. Brenda and that was always great. I got a phone call from han. asusena and I cried because she is just too cute. She wished me a happy birthday and told me like I am her daughter. It was too cute. 
Friday- TODAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY. And it eas so much fun. Also its the cumple mes de mi compa. And like I wasnt even that baggy. We did some work and then we had NDH and  my compa threw a surprise birthday with coke and everything. We might have broken a mission rule and lit fireworks and I got burned but you know today was a really good day and I feel really blessed here in Coban. I missed my family but not too much. 
Saturday- Well today we walked a ton and it was so muddy that it made for a great adventure. We visited sophia and she told us that she knows that this church is true. We visited hno otto and talked to him. And visited the fam cruz and they are so sweet and I already love them. We were a little late but we enjoyed today a lot. 
Sunday- Today we walked in so much mud and I am so surprised that I didnt fall down the mountains that we climbed today. We contacted a lot and we found 7 new families today and that was good. We walked home with Jacinto but we met a family whose kids baby loves me and I had a moment of where I just wanted kids but dont worry mom and dad, I will wait. haha. I knew that it would happen here in the mission. 
Well like I love you all and I am so happy here and like I hope that you guys have a good week and that everything works out there in the states. I love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes. I love you! 

Week 35: Changes #5

Well I am just letting you guys know that I love you guys with all of my heart and I missed you guys a lot this week with Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping and everything. My comp is kinda annoied because I would be like, ¨right now my family is eating or right now my family is shopping for clothes with out me...¨ It was pretty great for me to see here understand and enjoy to find out what we do on Thanksgiving. 
Monday- Today was a chilld day. We went shopping in the carcha market and that was huge and a lot of people were there. We then went and made food as a district and that was good. I made a little treat like always... the Elders are really happy that I am in their district because they can get food from me. I played ping pong and thanks to dad and Grant, I am the champion here. We wrote in a pretty cool writting lab and that was nice. We had NDJ or FHE with Hermana Braidy and that was good. I fell asleep really fast and it was a good day. 
Tuesday- Well today was good. We contacted and that was good because we got to know a new family. He had a branch activity here in Chamelco and we played soccer. As some of you know, I cant really play soccer but I like to give it my best so being the only girl wasnt very fun. But you know, we made it work out. Well something happened today that I was not very happy about... I was playing soccer and my companion was talking with a hermana outside of the gate, I could still see her and talk to her but then she just left me there with 15 guys by myself. She went to the store to buy some ¨hot chocolate¨. Well if you guys dont know the rules as a missionary, you cant leave your companion at all but she left me with a ton of guys. I was pretty upset and I was very disappointed with her but you know, we forgive and we forget but that just made me think that I need to have a closer eye on my companions. But we talked about it and everything is good now. 
Wednesday- Today was still alittle sad day but you know that its okay. We made pancakes as a district and they were interesting... We had English class and that was good, a lot of people came. It felt good to have people there. 
Thursday. Today was like any other day, great. I got to watch a part of a barbie movie and like I think that I liked it... it might just be because I havent seen a movie in almost 9 months or maybe I am like a child and I like bright lights. I have no idea. We visited hno Franz and that was good. And ghost are following him.. thats pretty great. Happy Thanksgiving all. I missed eating with the family but I was celebrating with eating some yummy food from Guatemala so I am happy about that. 
Friday. BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Today we were able to find Hno Otto and that was a miracle. We went to his house and it is so cute, like really so cute. We then had NDH and that was good. We laughed a lot and the branch is getting more involved as well. We played never have I ever nd that was fun but also awkward. They got to learn a lot about me and that is good. 
Saturday- Today we contacted and that was good. We had Hna. Braidy with us and she has such a strong testimony that it is crazy. We found Hna Patti and she accepted a baptism date and I hope that this time everything works out. We were so cold today that it was crazy, it felt like I was in Utah again... CRAZY. We found out about changes and my daughter is leaving me and I am sad about that. 
Sunday. Today we went to church and I gave a talk about how people can share their testimonies always and the branch thinks that I am funny and that was good. We had a meeting with president and that was pretty good. We got words of advice on how we can improve as a district. We went to a christmas concert from people that are american and they were singing in q´eqchi´ and that was really cool. They are all from Utah and they were happy that I spoke English. We came home and did dats and I found out who my new companion is going to be and I dont know her but I have heard that she is funny so we will get along then. 
Well that is my week but I want to share with you guys a quote that I found in my quote box. It is, 
¨His spirit guides
His love assures
That fear departs,
When faith endures¨
I am in love with that quote because its so true. Also a scripture that I love that I found this week while reading is D&C 88:119. I just want to thank my mom and dad for having a house of prayer always and for helping us realize the importance of getting along. Well I love you all I hope that you have a great week. I will miss you guys this week as I turn 20 years old but just know that I feel your love always. Have a great week and read D&C 9 if you guys have time. I love it! 
Hermana Fuller