Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 29: Changes?

This week has been probably the hardest week for me spiritually. Well I will tell you why throughout the week. 
Monday- We ¨played¨ volleyball and that was fun. We had a really great FHE with Hermana Brady and her mom that is sick and she was laughing and enjoying her time and it was so great to see her feeling better. Thats all. 
Tuesday- We did a lot of contacting and we met a lot of new investigators. We also are slaking at inviting people to baptism and we need to work on that more. We ate mushroom soup, yes mom, I ate it with a smile. It was really gross and we had to run home because we were going to be late. 
Wednesday- We taught a good lesson with our investigator that has a baptism date but her mom doesnt want her to come to church any more and we cant do anything about it because she is 11. We went and talked to the Fam. Chen and we talked about general conference and they really liked it. They also give us really yummy ¨coffee¨ which is just apple tea and its really yummy. 
Thursday- Today we had a really powerful zone meeting and it really impacted me. We had a practice and I got picked to demonstrate infront of everyone how we can leave an investigator with love and compasion. Well I got infront of the zone and I taught my ¨investigator¨ and it was pretty good. And then my zone leader was like no, Hermana Fuller teach him like he is your sister that is less active and really act like Elder Walker is Val. I was already in tears before I started to teach Elder Walker. I cried hard core I want to tell you that I am sharing this experience with you guys because it doesnt matter if we are missionaries in real life or if we are just members of the church. We have a resposiblility of teaching everyone, friends, family, coworkers about this gospel and we need to teach them with love and compassion. I learned a great lesson from this practice and Val, I love you with all of my heart and I respect your choice. You are my oldest sister and I will always love you. To continue on with the day, I slept in a paca. A paca is like a small DI and it was really weird haha. We then went and visited Hermana Brady and we got to know them a little bit better and she has a really strong testimony. 
Friday- We did work today. We had hno Jacinto and Hno. Kanet with us and it was really good because we met one of their friends and he wants to change his life around and he wants to be baptized. And I hope that he progresses. We had to RUN home because we were late and we ran a lot. Like we were running for about 25 minutes haha. It was crazy! 
Saturday- We did a lot of walking today. We went to Chio and then walked all the way to San Agustin which is about a 45 minute walk and a 20 minute bus ride. It was crazy. We had some good lessons and we got to know some people better. I dont know why but I am having a hard time starting lessons and I think it is because my hija has to start all of the lessons. I am also sick again so thank you! Oh, and we dont have changes and tha is really great because I get to be with my hija for another change and this change is going to be 7 weeks, not 6. Its going to be a little weird. 
Sunday- Well we went to Church and had 2 investigtors with us and that was good. We had a really yummy lunch and that helped me realize that my future husband has to cook and it made me miss moms cooking and also when dad would make breakfast. Man, I miss that. We went and visited a less active and it was great because we were able to do some service and we had a member with us and that helped a lot. We then contacted a lot because we were lacking with new investigators and it was crazy because we only found one but he knows a lot and he wants to know more so I hope that he progresses as well. 
Wel that is my week and I am just here to testify to you all that Heavenly Father listens to every single one of our prayers and he is always there for us. I know that he loves us. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ as a representative and disciple of Him that he loves us and that he wants all of us to one day return and live with Him again. He wants to help us and all we have to do ask for His help. 
Thank you for all that you guys have done for me and I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller 

Week 28: What Great Blessings

Well let me first start off by saying that I am a wreck right now in internet. The letters that you sent me, made me miss home a lot and this whole week I have been thinking about you guys a lot. I will tell you guys all about general conference when we get to that part during the week. 😉
Monday- Well today was a really relaxed day. We washed clothes and I cleaned the house and then we got ready to go to Coban. I ate pupusas and they were really good. We then then wrote and went to the office. We went on an adventure looking for an ATM for my comp and we couldnt find any. We then went back to Chamelco and while in the bus it started to down pour and we didnt have an umbrella and so we got so soaked and it was really funny because we were runnng from house to house and the people were like, ¨What is the white girl doing?¨ So that was an adventure. We had FHE and we made brownies and they were really good. 
Tuesday- We had a miricle happen today. WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR WITH A BAPTISM DATE!!! Here in Chamelco the last person that had a baptism date was about a year ago and we have one! It felt so nice to know that we can see progress starting to happen. Her name is Sandra and she felt the spirit really strong and she said that she wants to change her life and she knows that she needs to be baptized to see and have that change. We also helped an investigator paint a really dope painting. We did nothing else today because it rained a lot and we were stuck in houses for a lot period of time. I am really excited about Sandra! 
Wednesday- Today we had district meeting and I felt the spirit so strong. We talked about how the Holy Ghost can change the way that we teach. And I shared an experience that happened with Sandra. President Curtiss asked us all to have a special prayer in our hearts for our investigators and he told me that while we are walking to the appointment prayer for the investigator, when you are knocking on the door, pray for them, when talking to them, pray. So that is what I did. While we were walking, I was praying so hard that we could be blessed with the spirit to help us teach what is needed to be teached and it worked. The spirit was so strong and she accepted a date and I am so happy. We also saw a gun fight today in the market and my companion was so scared and I was really interested so that just describes how we are. haha. But we were able to do service with an investigator and we made tortillas for her and she is very impressed that the while chick can make tortillas. She was so impressed that she took a video on her cell phone to show her friends. Solid. 
Thursday- Today we were able to have a really sucessfull study session and we were able to prepare ourselves for the day. We ate lunch and then we did more service. We cleaned the GROSSEST KITCHEN IN THE WORLD. I am not kidding you. It was so gross that I didnt want to even breath because I knew how gross it was. But I got to work and I started to wash all of the dishes. I washed for more that an hour and then we went home so I could take a shower because it was so gross. We then then had a good lesson with Sandra and she is really progressing and I am so happy. :) It is a good thing. We met some new investigators and they are great and we contacted a lot. 
Friday- We had a planning session for the week and it was good. We then had an investigator come with us for some lessons and it was great. I got my hair cut and it is really short. Like really short, and I dont like it at all but you know, I cant do anything about it. We had a good lesson with the investigator that came with her with a member and we invited her to baptism and she said YES! So know we have 2 fechas and I am so excited because it is so great. We were able to do more service and that is always good. Today was kinda lazy but you know, its okay. We just need to work harder. 
Saturday- GENERAL CONFERENCE was amazing. I really liked M. Russell Ballard and how he talked about all the topics in the gospel but I really liked it how he focused about what is our goal while here on the earth. And I thought a lot about that and what is my purpose here and I am going to study this topic a lot this next week. I also liked the Bradley D. Foster and James B. Martino. I think all of conference was great. We then met a really great group of girls that I think can progress. I really hope that they progress. We didnt have a lot of time to work because of conference but we had an investigator with us for Conference and she really liked it and she cried. Thats good right? 
Sunday- Puchica Conference was so good. We were able to listen to the prophet and it is pretty sad to see how old he is getting but how powerful his words were. I would like all of you guys to think about what kind of example you are to everyone around you. I loved the talk of Russell M. Nelson and also Carole M. Stephens. And of course my favorite, David A. Bednar. Also the three new apostles are so strong and so close the Savior. They helped strengthen my testimony. We had 5 investigators with us this day for Conference and they all LOVED it and I hope that they progress as well. We were able to contact a guy that we met 3 times before that same day and so I knew that Heavenly Father wants us to teach him so we are gong back one day. Also DAD, you should do Tabernacle Choir because you live so close to SLC now and I think you shoud do it. Please. Thank you. 
Well that is my week and I am so happy that we were able to listen to General Conference. We are apart but you know, we were all listening to Conference together. And Grace about studying, just follow PMG and also pray and sing during each time. I will study this this week and tell you what other ideas I have. I love you all and God is Good. Thank you for your love and I will be praying for all of you this week. Read the scriptures please. :) 
Love ya! 
Hermana Fuller 
ps- Grant and Val, write me you fools. I miss hearing from you guys. Thanks.

Week 27: Week of Hidden Miracles

Well let me just start off by saying that my dad is a champ! 100 miles in 27:14 hours. That is crazy and you wouldnt even believe that he is 50. My dad is great and I am so proud of you dad! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACK AND DEAN!!! I am so happy that you guys are 1 and that you guys are getting bigger but that makes me really sad because I miss you guys a little bit too much right now but I have pictures to help me keep going but Grace, where are pictures of the birthday party? 
Well this week was okay. I dont know I just feel really stressed out right now but you know, welcome to the mission life. 
Monday- Was a good day. We went to the island of Carcha and they are so pretty and I took tons of pictures so dont worry, I will send some your way if the computer wants to work today. We then practiced a song that we are going to sing during a meeting this week and it is really pretty, and I have a solo and I am not excited for that at all..... But we will see what happens. We then had FHE with a family and also a fiesta because it was Dailys birthday and she is just so cute. She turned 10 and she is so big now and she is like a sister for me. We ate some really good cake. It was yummy. 
Tuesday- Was long. We went to Chio and my comp fell down because she got scared by a rooster and I laughed really hard. We found a really great lady who almost accepted a baptism date but then she was like, maybe I should ask my husband first, so I dont know what is going to happen with her. We walked for about an hour to a lesson and she wasnt even there, so then we walked for about an hour and a half to our lesson with Patti and it was really good but she told us that she cant come to church this week so that made us pretty sad. 
Wednesday- Today we had district meeting and we all shared why we came on missions and the spirit was so strong and I grew a lot of respect for the Elders and Hermanas that are here because their testimonies help mine a lot. I also learned a lot more Q´echi´ and its pretty great. Its my goal to be fluent in it so I am going to practice a lot. 
Thursday- Well let me just start off with saying that the guys in Chamelco are perverts. I got grabbed very inappropiately, I am sorry I dont know how to spell anymore in English, and that took the spirit away for the whole day. And now I have a really big fear of guys here in Chamelco and so I protect my hija from them. We practiced a song for the conference and then we had a meeting with another ward mission leader, Marvin, and he gave us ideas about how we can get the branch involved. We then went to work but we did divisions and I was with a hermana that is on bed rest and I just talked to her and fed her kiwis and it was really good to talk to her and to get to know her better. My comp took her daughter out for ice cream and that was good. It was needed. It made me miss mom a lot and mom, I love you and I miss you too. Just know that I am praying for you and you are always in my heart and I have your picture in my scriptures. 
Friday- We had a conference with only the hermanas and it was really good. It started at 8 and ended at 5 in the afternoon and then we had to travel back to Chamelco so we got home at like 6 so then we went to work and we met a really good kid that is named Juan Jose and I think that he can progress, well I really hope so. We also have to stop visiting Patti for awhile because she isnt progressing and we have to find people that want to be apart of this church. I also made my own toritllas and they were really good. 
Saturday- We woke up and got ready and then had a really productive weekly planning session. We went and ate lunch and then we did service for one of our investigators and it was good. We drew and colored for her class. We then had womens conference and that was so great. It was in spanish and that was a little different but you know, I understood all of it and I took some great notes. We also had an investigator come with us and she is really great. 
Sunday- Today was good but long. We went to church and had 4 investigators with us and then we had a chance to do service for someone that we met in the streets and they are really sweet. We visited a lot of members and was part of our goals this week. We taught a quick lesson to Sandra and I hope that she will progress because she started reading the Book of Mormon by herself and she knows that the church is true but she goes to school on Sunday but we are going to try to teach her the importance of coming to church. I am really excited that tomorrow is Pday and that I get to get out of Chamelco for the 6th time this week. We also made oatmeal masks for our faces and it was really fun. I looked like Santa Clause. 
Well that is my week but I want to touch on the subject line, this week I fasted twice because I needed to. The first time I asked to find miricles in our area and that he would put people in my path that are ready to acept the gospel but I didnt find anyone, or at least that I thought. On Sunday I fasted again but this time I just gave thanks for everything that my loving Savior has given me and I felt His love for me so strongly. We also found miricles and people that are ready to accept the gospel. And I know that he is here for all of us. I love Him and I know that He loves you all. 
I am so excited to listen to general conference this week and I hope you all too! I am going to extend a commitment to you all, fast and ask Heavenly Father what he wants you all to learn and I know that He is going to help you through it all. 
I love my mission and thank you everyone for the prayers. I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 26: The Power of Fasting and Prayer

Well thank you mom for all of the videos that you sent me, it makes me feel at home but you know, that is one year, I will be home with you all. How crazy and how fast time just flies. 
Well this week was an adventure and I will tell you what my subject line means at the end.
Monday-Was a pretty good day. We played basketball as a zone and the missionaries here they didnt believe me that I am terrible at basketball until I started to play and they were like, ¨Oh she cant play at all.¨ Yes it is true. I cant play baskeytball but you know, I will practice for when I get home. We ate at pizza hut and I couldnt even eat half of my small pizza because I was still sick and I gave it to some of the elders. They were pretty happy about that. We studied a lot for our zone conference that we are going to have this week and I am just really excited to go to zone conference. 
Tuesday- We contacted a lot because all of our lessons fell through so we just walked a contacted a lot. Also today was independence day here and it is so lame. All they do is lower the flag at 6 and ya, thats it. Nothing else. I was so sad that there wasnt any fireworks or a parade. But it meant that the people where in their houses and we do some work today. I also found my favorite word in spanish, gobernantes. hahaha it means rulers and its pretty solid. 
Wednesday- Was a good day. We had zone conference and we didnt get home until 5 and so we didnt really have time to work but we were able to do a little bit of service and that felt nice. We had a meeting and we found out all of the problems with the branch and I am hoping that we can get them all to work out. 
Thursday- Today we had divisions and they were pretty great. We did a lot of work and we did service for some of the members and that felt pretty great. We then went to a members family and we taught them and I think that they can be baptized because we explained really clearly the importance of knowing the truth and they are going to pray and ask if this church is true. We are doing some great things and I am so happy to be a missionary. 
Friday- We contacted a lot today and that made me really happy. We talked to president of the branch here and he has some trust in us because we listen to the same music so go team. But we have NDH and it was pretty good. We had 3 investigators there and in the branch here the last time that they had investigators in NDH was about a year ago so I think that we can do some great things. Oh and today was my 6 months and that made me so sad because I dont want to leave th mission and the time is just so fast. Its crazy. 
Saturday- Today was a good day but we did a lot of service today. We went to Chio and we found a lady that was carrying dirt from the road to her house and she lives about 15 minutes up a mountain and I asked her if she wanted help and she told us that she would love it but she doesnt want to bother us. So I picked up the wheelberrel and I filled it full of dirt and I pushed it up a mountain 4 times and in the moment is wasnt very tired but afterwards I was really tired. And she was very thankful for us and we are going to go back and visit her. We also found a really cool family that i think can progress and I really hope so because that is what i am fasting and praying for because I want to bring as many souls unto Christ. 
Sunday- We contacted a lot today and we got to know a new area and that felt good. We invited someone to baptism and she said that she wants to but she needs to ask and make sure that it is the right thing to do. I really hope that she progresses and that she accepts a date. 
Well about the subject line. This week I fasted and asked Heavenly Father to please help me feel his influence in the missionary work and I felt it. I was getting pretty hard on myself and the thought came to my mind that I am not doing good and that my daughter doesnt have a good example but then another thought came and it was simply, ¨You dont know everything, but you know enough¨ And I started to cry because how great our loving Savior is. I am so blessed to be able to know and to feel his love for me and for everyone around me. I want oto invite you all to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you feel his love in your life and I promise and I can testify as a representative of Jesus Christ. That His is going to answer your prayers and I can promise you that. I know that he loves us and that he wants us all to be blessed in this life. 
I am so thankful for this wonder gospel and for the chance that I am able to be a missionary and to be able to feel His love. 
Thank you for everything and I love you all. I will be praying for all of you guys. 
Hermana Fuller

Week 25: Buenas!

Well this week a lot of things happened and that was really good. 
Monday was our first pday together and it was really good. IT was relaxed and I really liked it.  We had a little activity as hermanas and it was really good because we ate some really yummy food and I am going to gain so much weight if every pday is like this pday. After we went back home nad it was good because we cleaned and bought food for the week and it was good. My hija (Daughter) is really cute and all the elders love her so I need to keep my eye on her. haha. 
Tuesday was a lot of walking and it was good. We went to Chio and it was really far away but you know we found a lot of investigators there that can progress so it is worth walking an hour to get to their house. We taught a really great lesson with hermana Patti and she is pilas and I hope that she keeps up and get baptized because she has a date and everything. So I really like some prayers for her if you guys could help me out with that. 
Wednesday was good and it was really long. We had district meeting and it was really good but the district leader just picks on me everytime someone doesnt answer the question and like I know how to answer the question is English but the hard thing for me is how I can answer it in spanish but you know, it is practice and I hope that my spanish can get better each day. Today I told a lot of jokes and they are so funny but I cant tell you them through email but when I get home, I will tell you guys. haha man, they are funny. 
Thursday was a lot of work. We walked in a down pour and it was so pretty but the bad thing is that my companion doesnt have an umprella so I give her mine and I walk in the rain with a plastic tarp but you know its okay. My companion said something that made me laugh really hard and it is, I asked her, ¨Hey compa how are you?¨ and she said in english, ¨Im wet but I am good because I have my twinky.¨ It was so funny! 
Friday was good and we contacted a lot of and found 3 new families that we can go teach and I am really excited about them We visited a lot of less actives as well because in our branch more than half of them are less actives and its sad but you know it just means that we have a lot of work to do. 
Saturday was pretty borning but we did service in the morning and then afterwards my hija wasnt feeling really great and so we stayed home for a little bit and then she got really sick and so I called the zone leaders and they gave her a blessing and then after that we just took the day easy. It was good to have a relaxing day and I read the whole entire area book and I got to know the investigators a little bit better. 
Sunday I was sick, like really sick but you know that I am okay because I got a blessing and everything is great. I dont know why I have been so sick so much but you know that it is something that I am going to have to learn and I think that its something that mi padre celestial knows but you know, its okay. We contacted a lot today and we did more service for a family that needs it. And we accomplished all of our goals for the week and that felt really great because I want to be a good example for mi hija but its okay. 
This week was good and I am so thankful to be a missionary and I found a quote that I love and it is, ¨Compared to God, man is nothing yet we are everything to God.¨ and that is so true. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and that he wants me to be a missionary and I am so thankful to be here in Chamelco and to be able to teach about this wonderful gospel. 
Thank you for your prayers and just know that I pray for all of you guys too! I cant send pictures this week but I will make sure to send a lot next week. I love you all and thank you! 
Hermana Fuller