Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 20: My First Sick Day

Well this week was good with working but it didnt end up very great. Let me tell you about it... 
Monday-Well today was a good day. We were able to write and then we went to eat in the plaza. It was so great because I was able to see some of the missionaries from Peten that served here like Hermana Andersen, Hermana Riley, Elder Willits, and Elder Fitzgerald. It was great to see them and to talk to them. Well after we ate, my companion and I decided to go paca shopping and that was fun but also very stressful because my companion likes to look at every piece of clothing and I just like to glance so we spent a lot of time in one store but its okay because I had ice cream to keep my company haha. 
Tuesday-Well today we did a lot of work and contacted a lot. We were able to find out one of the problems that one of our investigator has that was really great. She doesnt want to leave her church to come to another one. I dont know why she doesnt want to change if she knows that our church is true but dont worry, we are going to teach her the good stuff, the gospel. Also its really hot here, like really really really hot here. 
Wednesday- Today we WORKED. I woke up feeling a little sick but I didnt let that stop me. We went to work and that was great. We started out in Chacxchub and we met a new investigator named Lupie and she accepted a baptism date and I was so happy. Also she doesnt go to another church so I think that she has a lot of potential to make a great future member. Also we did a lot of service today and that was great. When I got home, I had a really sharp pain in my stomache but I was able to fall asleep and that was great. 
Thursday- Today was good. We had zone meeting and that was great. I dont know why my my zone leaders, Elder Cummings and Elder Valierarono like to pick on me to share experiences or what I think about something so I am always talking in meetings. I guess thats good because its a chance for me to practice my spanish. Also today was the cumple mes de mi companera! She hit the year mark in her mission so we celebrated by eating pie. It was good. 
Friday- Today we started off the day pretty slow and that was pretty sad. We were able to teach one of our investigators Hno. Pedro and he was really interested in our lession and he told us that he could come with us to an activity that we had in the noche, night, and that was really cool. We went back home because I felt really sick and my companion didnt want me to die in the street. We went home and I felt pretty great after laying down for 15 minutes so we went to the activity and that was really fun. We played some really fun games and that was a blast but during the activity I was dying of a coughing attack that I had to be pushed out of the church to get fresh air. It was really scary but my companion called the nurse and we went home to get some sleep but before I fell asleep I threw up everything that I ate for the past 2 days. It was really bad but mostly I just threw up blood and that was really gross. I felt pretty okay after but I just kept coughing and I couldnt breathe. We called the nurse and she called the doctor. I was told to get some sleep and on Monday I could get medicine and take a test. It was pretty scary but I am walking and breathing right now so dont worry. 
Saturday- I planned on leaving the house today to do work but Elder Cummings, being the zone leader, told me that if I left the house that I would be sent home so I decided to stay in the house and in bed all day. I was so bored that I started to do math with my companion. But thats okay. Today was my first day that I had to spend in bed. It was really hard for me to breathe today but you know things got better with time. 
Sunday- We went to church and that was really good. I decided that my bishop looks like the father from Malcom and the Middle. Thats solid. Also I heard a great quote that is, ¨I know that I am not perfect but I am trying to be the perfect child that my Heavenly Father wants me to be.¨ So that is our goal. We need to try to become the child that Heavenly Father wants us to be. We were able to work today and that felt really great. We contacted and we taught some of our investigators. I had the worst pain in my stomache but I know that with time and with my faith that I will be able to get better. 
Well that is my week. I know that my mom is probably freaking out but I want to share with you guys what I have learned through this experience. That Heavenly Father knows what I need to learn and that Jesus Christ felt my pain and knows how to help me but I need to rely on him. In the priesthood blessing that I got Elder Cummings said, ¨Through the faith that you have, you can be healed but you need to ask for help.¨ So that is what I did, I asked my Father in Heaven if he could please help me feel better. I didnt feel better right away but with time and with my faith I was able to breathe. I am still not feeling super great but today I am going to get an xray on my lungs to see what is up. But I just want to share with you guys a scripture that has helped me through this week. 
Doctina y Convenios 45:62 ¨Porque de cierto os digo que os esperan grandes cosas;¨ Sorry but it is in spanish but I want to testify that I know that there are blessing waiting for all of us if we keep pressing on and keep working on being the best person that we can be. I am so thankful for my mission and for this amazing blessing that I have. I am thankful for all of you and just know that I love you all. 
Have a great week and pray! 
Hermana Fuller

 What I had to take before I could leave the house on Friday... It was so gross. 

 How I left the house to go to the tienda to get water and also crackers hahah. 

 How I felt staying in bed all day. Sorry dad, I wasnt a happy camper! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 19: A Wonderful Surprise

Hello! Well this week was a very interesting one with a lot of miricles. You will see them through out my week. 
Monday- Well this day wasnt very great but we went on an adventure. So I am the companion that has been in my area the longest so it is my job to teach my companion our area and also how to get around on pdays... well let me just start off with that my companion trusts me a lot and she has a ton of faith in me. We took a bus to the place where we write and that was great but then we went to the office to get a new stove because ours doesnt work. It is pretty big so we decided to go back to our house before we went to the plaza to eat with the zone but we took a bus that passes by our house but only in the morning so we went 25 minutes in the opposite direction of our house and we had to take another bus to get back into the city. We then decided that we would eat with all of our stuff and then go to our house. So we ate as a zone and then we took a bus that goes by our house but again just in the morning so we then had to take another bus that took us to a part of Coban that I know. We still had to walk 15 minutes with all of our stuff but it was okay. We lived. But at night I died. I got a really bad fever and headache but dont worry, we still worked. We went to FHE with a family and then came home and I slept a ton. 
Tuesday- We had a good day with teaching people and that was good. We got to visit a new member of the ward and that was pretty great. We are teaching her son whose name is Jairo and it is pretty great. My companion and I teach really well together and we feel really comfortable with each other with sharing experiences and just talking openly. Its pretty great. I went to the clinic and it turns out that the parasites that I had before made me get a cold that makes my body shakes and have a really bad fever. But they said that it passes by in a week and just to take it easy but I dont like being lazy so we worked really hard! 
Wednesday- We contacted like there was no tomorrow in the morning. It was really great and to say that we found people that are ready to be baptized is a lie because everyone here is very Evengelica and it is really hard to teach them but we found a lady that cried during our lesson and she told us that she has been praying for help in her life and that she knows that we were sent from God and that she wants to know more about the gospel. So we are going back to her house. It also down poured and we did a lot of service and that was great. We got to party it up in the rain with a hermana because she was fixing her roof and we got to help her and teach her a quick lesson. 
Thursday- Today I wanted to die. The cold that I have is really bad and I dont like it at all I woke up and I just wanted to die. We had district meeting and that was really great. I felt really great with my spanish today because I was able to share an experience and it was perfect in spanish. So I have keep working on it but I hoping that it gets better with time. Also I get made fun of because I told some of the elders in my district that I want to have a white light saver and they make fun of me every time but they are so funny and I know that they will be lasting friends after the mission! 
Friday- We didnt do a lot of work today because all of our apointments fell through and it was really hard to find people in their house because started the festival for Coban and so the streets are crazy! But we were able to teach two lessons and then have a fireside at the church which was a lot of fun. The members are great and I am glad that I am here in this area. My companion is sick today and I have been playing sick mom and I dont know how I will able to play mom when I am sick and actually have kids. That will be an adventure. 
Saturday- We did service for Hno. Domingo in the morning and that was really good with the ward. We were the only sisters and it was great to have a great time with some members and to be able to do some service. We then we got ready to have a surprise interview with one of our investigators because we got news that he can be baptized on Sunday and that it was necessary that he has his interview today. So we had that and we played games with the family and were able to talk to him about how he feels about baptism. And then we went to a baptism for the ward. The kid was a kid that we taught all the lessons to but he is a child of member so he isnt one of our baptisms but it was still really great to see him make the big step to be baptized. It was great and his name is Jerry! Oh and at night when my companion and I are really tired we wistle at people as they pass by our house. It is really funny and I like to joke around with her a lot. 
Sunday- Today was great. We woke up and had a baptism and it was great. He is really ready and his name is Jairo Antonio Ceron Salmeron and he is 19 and he is the son of Hna. Fatima so it was pretty great. We had the baptism before church and then we had church. We were able to present Hno. Domingos baby in church and it is offical that her name is Emma Carolina Chub Caal. What a great name! We then came home after church and ended our fast and it was great to know that the Lord has blessings for us but all we have to do is ask for them. We then taught some lessons and then had correlacion and that is when we talk about our investigators with our ward mission leader and that was great. We came home and then got ready to go to bed after a really long and tiring day. 
This week was really great and I am so thankful to be a missionary and to be able to teach people a very special message. I challange you guys to read the Book of Mormon and to do always to say your prayers. 
Well I love you all! Have a great week and just know that I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 18: Woww

Well this week was an adventure that I was not expecting. 
Monday- Was a really nice last day with my mission mom and we had a lot of fun and did a lot of things! Just one thing that I am going to miss is just being able to talk to her about everything, because she knows everything and she knows that I have a really hard time with the whole fact with getting a new companion and having to teach her my area. I hope that my new companion will like me. Also guess what happened.... I lost my name plaque so that is why I have a name plaque that has my name written on it because it is all that I could do! I cried a lot watching my companion pack up all of her stuff. 
Tuesday- Today was probably the saddest day in my mission because I said goodbye to my "mom". I  was doing pretty great in the morning but then one second and I wasnt good. I cried and we cried together and I just dont want to have a change. But then we went to the church and that was great. We had a blast with the everyone and I am glad that it was fun. We, my new companion Hna. Portillo and I then went to work. We taught 2 lessons and they were pretty great. I felt really great about my spanish and I hope that it just keeps getting better everyday. 
Wednesday- Today we worked hard! We taught my companion my new area and she was dying because she hasnt had an area that was all mountains and that was pretty funny. She died going up to hno. domingos house and all I had to do was laugh. It was great. We then met two new investigators and a miracle happened. We went to a lesson with a less active and while we were there her son told us that he wants to get baptized that was great. So in total for the month of August we have 8 baptisms set so I hope that they all go through. :) 
Thursday- We had district meeting the morning and that was great. We then met a new investigator who is really cool. She is only here for a month so I dont know if we will be able to work with her really hard but we have some solid plans for her! Nothing else really happened today but we worked hard and had a blast. 
Friday- TODAY WE WORKED! We went and taught a new family and that was really cool. They all speak Kechi and I realized that I can understand Kechi but I have a really hard time speaking it but I am getting there. It was great! :) Also we met another family that is HUGE! We taught them and they love how I can speak English and all they want me to do is speak English. They made me pray in English that was really hard to do out loud. I mean all of my personal prayers are in English but all that I give are in Spanish and it was really hard to speak English during a lesson. We taught Hno. Domingo and that was great. We then met another new investigator and that was really cool. So in total for the day was 10 new investigators which is amazing and a miracle. :) 
Saturday- We taught a pretty great lesson in the morning and that was good. We then at correlacion and that is where we talk about our investigators and that was great. We then ate with the Zone Leaders and that pretty funny. They are a blast! We thne taught some lessons but I was having a really big headache so it was pretty hard to walk a lot but we got work done! My companion and I get a long pretty great and I am really glad because I like it. :) 
Sunday- We had a really long day but it was good. I woke up with a really bad cold so go team Hermana Fuller! We had investigators come to church and that was pretty great. I got to see Hna. Hernandez and that was so great! I missed her a lot and she cried when she saw me so you can say that she missed me too! ;) We taught lessons and met a pretty great family that I think will do great and they gave us some really yummy tamales which I love. 
This week was pretty great. I am feeling that I am becoming more like a missionary and that I can become better everyday. I am 2 chapters away from finishing The Book of Mormon and I am really excited to be able to start it again but in Spanish this time. How great of a blessing that is. I love my mission and I am loving every part of Coban, even the heat.... on some days haha. 
Thank you for everything and know that I love you all! :) 
Hermana Fuller

Week 17: Changes : (

Well this week we found out changes and i am really sad. my only mother in the mission is leaving me for a different area but the good news is that we are in the same zone so that will be fun! also I can see her every week which will be the best time for me. 
Monday- We did zumba in the morning and it was a lot of fun but it was also very interesting because the zumba here is very different. but it was a lot of fun! We had a very relaxing day and we just had a lot of fun as a companionship. I would give anything to have another pday during the week.
Tuesday- was good. i was pretty sick this day but its okay....I got to teach hno.Domingo about temples and that was really special. man how I love that family with all of my heart. I also got mooned by his son so go team hna. fuller. We taught a great lesson to a new family that I think will go really far.
Wednesday- Today was good but it rained all day. but during lunch hno. Adan threw water on me and my companion and it was really bad. We got soaked and i was pretty mad but im okay now. We taught a lesson in the morning and those are always great. We visited one of our converts and that was good. We then saw a really amazing sign that all I could think about was mom...¨my mom taught me about weather.... your room looks like a tornado went through it...¨ so that made me really happy!
Thursday- Today I watched a lady cut open and kill a duck with her that was really interesting and kinda gross. We taught a great lesson and then we visited a family that was having alot of problems... it was great to talk to them and to also play with some games. We also had our last district meeting and that was really good. Oh and my companion and I are pretty much twins because we yawn at the same time during lessons when we sing songs. So go COBAN 3B! 
Friday- We worked hard today. We walked a ton but welcome to missionary work. We taught 5 lessons today and that was really good. We aso got to do a lot of service today and that is always great. 
Saturday- TODAY WAS HOTTTTTTTTTTT. In the morning we had a little bit of rain and that was nice but it was like a fire the whole day. Also today is my 4th month in the mission and it is crazy at how fast time flies. It seems like forever but at the same time it feels like yesterday. We contacted a lot today and we got 4 new investigators and that was great. Also We found out that we have cambios and that stinks because I really love how things are working out here and how my companion and I get along and the work that we are doing. WE have 7 investigators that have a date set for baptism and I dont want them to fall through and I dont want them to stop progressing. But I cried about changes so no....
Sunday-today we walked our whole area and that took us an hour and 30 minutes so like that good. We visited all of the people that hna. Hernandez wanted to visit and that was really good. We did a lot of service as well. Also we found out who my new companion is and I am really excited to see what she is like. I will be able to tell you guys next week!
Well that is my week and I am feelin better but I am still sick but hopefully this next week is better. All I can tell you is that I can feel your love and your prayers here. Thank you for all that ya´ll have done! Read the scriptures and also read your patriatical blessing. (i dont know how to spell that)
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller


Well as you all know, I am really sick and it is not fun! You will see throughout this email how sick I was. :)
Monday-PDAY is the best day of my whole life. We played games with the Elders in the morning and that was a lot of fun. We then went to write and that is my favorite time of the day because I get to hear from all of you guys. Thank you for writting me and for  making the homesickness go away, it means a lot. We ate McDonalds and that was sooooooo yummy. They have a new chips ahoy mcflurry and I could eat that all day. Like no joke! We had FHE with our family and that was great like always. 
Tuesday- Was okay. We woke up really sick and so we called the Elders to come give us blessings and afterwards we felt a lot better. We went to work and I didnt have pain at all besides eating. When we got home, I died. My companion and I decided that the blessing is just for the hours that we are out working and then all the pain that we would have had during the day comes all at once at 9:30. We planned but my companion was in the bathroom and I was by the trash can because all we wanted to do was throw up so that was pretty great. Oh also we were on our bus going to our area and we just might have taken the wrong bus and ended up in the Elders area and we passed them and we had to hide from them because we didnt want to get in trouble. It was really funny and the members that were with us laughed really hard. 
Wednesday-In the morning I was super sick and all I wanted to do was sleep but in the morning is the time that we study so I studied in my bed because sitting up really hurt and all I could do was cry and it was not so much fun. We taught a really great lesson and I asked the question, ¨How do you think Heavenly Father thinks of us?¨ and one of the investigators said, ¨I know that he loves us because we are His angels and I know that he has blessings that are just for us.¨ How amazing is that? It is so true. 
Thursday- Well today was lazy. We had district meeting in the morning and my companion and I had to teach part of Preach My Gospel chapter 10 and it was really good. Our district leader told us that we are the examples in our district and zone because we have had the most success and that felt really great to hear. It feels like we are doing some great work here but at the same time it is really hard to teach everyone. In my area right now a lot of the people here have had bad experiences with missionaries before and they dont want to talk to us so we are trying to clear our names as missionaries. It makes for a very interesting day. We had interviews with the mission president and that was really great. He is very happy with the work that we have done and I think that my companion and I will be together for another change. Well I really hope so! Also my dad got a phone call from the presidents wife and I balled like a baby knowing that he is proud of me and it made me a little homesick but I am good. :) 
Friday- Today was a day with no pain. I was really cold in the morning and it was really bad. I took another test to see what I am sick with and I havent gotten the news back but all I know is that I am SICK. We worked really hard today because we didnt have any numbers so we went to work. We found a really great family and I invited all of them to baptism and they all said YES!!!!!!!! It is a family of 8 but only 5 of them are 8 and older so that was a really big miricle. My companion is really sick and that is not great. She wanted to throw up all day and that was really hard to work but the Lord helped her throughout the whole day and I know that we were super blessed today. 
Saturday-Today was good. I was in a lot of pain again but you know, it doesnt even bother me any more. We didnt really work hard today because all of our appointments fell through but we ended up teaching and visiting people that needed to be visited. Also we got a new investigators and he asked my companion to be her boyfriend and if she could teach her how to make out and I had to try so hard not to laugh my head off. It was so funny that we made a pack to only go back with a family. It was really great and a story that I will always remember. 
Sunday- None of our investigators came to church which was really sad. All during church I wanted to throw up but I didnt want to eat anything so I didnt. It was really bad. We got to work and we found another amazing family. They are really cool and I invited them all to baptism and they all said yes! So another 5 people that we are going to work really hard with. I am really excited to see if they work out. I think that they will. We did service for one Elder that is sick and that felt really great and I am excited that tomorrow is PDAY! 
Monday-Well today we started out very interesting. We went to do zumba with a member and she told us that it is like salsa and like dancing like that but NOOOOO. Half way through it my companion told me that this type of zumba is gay zumba. That is so true. It was really interesting and it was so funny. We are going to go back and bring my camera the next time.
Well that is my week and I starting to feel better but now I have an illergic reaction on my foot and that isnt very fun and it itches a lot. 
I love you all but I cant send photos because of the computer but know that I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller