Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 15: Am I Sick?

Wow this week was a lot of work with a lot of ups and downs. 
Monday was the best Pday so far. All the leaders from all the zones were here and that meant that I got to see Hermana Sorensen and my first district was all back together for a day. It was a lot of fun and to end the day we had FHE with our family here and we played hide and go seek in the dark and I have never laughed so hard in my life. It was a blast and to say that Hermano Selvin scared the living crap out of me is an understatment. 
Tuesday-was a good day with not a lot of progress. We taught our investigators that have a baptism date set and then all of our appointments fell through. Our cell phone didnt have any money on it so we had to use the public phones and I found out that I can call home for only 25 cents here which is like .00005 cents in American Dollar so that was pretty solid. We have divisions tomorrow and I am starting to feel sick. 
Wednesday-DIVISIONS. Today was a really good day and the hermana that was with me today said that she thinks that I am ready to start to train but all I did was laugh because I know that I am not ready. We found 5 new investigators and I invited all of them to baptism and 4 of them said yes so I was really happy about that! 
Thursday-Today was good. I got my mission mom back and then we had zone meeting. It was pretty great and in every meeting I have to do something like pray or give the spiritual thought and that was scary. We went up to Hermano Domingos house with some hermanas from the ward and we did some service and had a mini baby shower for Emma Caralina. We contacted and got 4 new investigator. The moon is beautiful and it is so big. I could like reach out and grab it. 
Friday- Today was good but man am I sick. I have never had such pain in my stomach. We ate lunch and I almost threw it up but I was strong and controlled that. We went to a members house and she asked me to cut her hair and she knew that I have never cut hair before but she didnt care. She wanted me to cut her hair regardless. Hermano Jonathan and his mom accepted a baptism date and I was so happy about that. 
Saturday-Happy 4th of July from Guatemala! I woke up with the biggest pain in my stomach and same with my companion. We got ready for the day and left to teach lessons. We taught new investigators and that was solid and then someone thought that I was 30 years old. I normally get about 20-25 but never 30. It was pretty crappy but I guess you do grow up on a mission. We also got testing done to see what I am sick with so I will find out tomorrow. 
Sunday-I have paracites.I woke up to a message saying that I have to get another test done to see what kind but I am sick. We left to get 5 investigators to church and that was good. We all made it before the sacrament and that was a miricle. We had church and then we didnt eat lunch because I couldnt even imagine the pain that I would be in if I ate so I didnt eat. We contacted and nothing happened with that. We taught lessons and that was good. Oh and Hno. Jonathan and his whole family came to church and they loved it. When I heard that I was so happy.
Overall this week was really great besides being really sick. I am still not doing so great but hopefully this will pass and that I will be able to work really hard here. I love this gospel so much and I would do anything to be a missionary here in Coban.
Stay strong and know that I love you all! 

Week 14: Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Well this week was full of adventure and yes I loved every second of it. I have some very exciting news that is in this email but lets just say that Hermano Domingo and Hermana Luisa had their baby and thats not even the best news! I guess you will have to read on to find out what is even better than that! 
Monday- Today was boring. All we did was walk and then we sat at a park for 2 hours doing nothing. Welcome to PDAYs here in Coban. We cant really leave and do stuff so we just have to stay in the main area until it is time to get to work. I guess its okay. Oh and I got hit my a motercycle today... so go team Hermana Fuller. Dont worry... I am fine. It just hurt for a little bit but I am all good now. 
Tuesday- Today was okay. We had the best lunch which was grilled meat, pasta, and beans. And will every meal tortillas. It was really yummy. It reminded me of home and how much I miss moms cooking. I taught one of the members daughter how to dance and she taught me how to ¨really dance¨. Yeah, lets just say that living in Coban doesnt make you dance like the people here. Its really hard but it is my goal to be able to dance like them before I come home so I have quite some time. My comapnaion and I are best friends and there is nothing that is going to stop us from enjoying the time that we have together. Its pretty solid. 
Wednesday- Today was a day full of walking. We had district meeting and then had lunch but before we could eat, we had to walk some of the Elders to the hospital that is in our area and it is really far from where we eat so I am dying of hunger. But after we ate we went to visit Hermano Domingo but he wasnt there so my companion and I were going to wait for him so we just ended up talking to his wife. But she doesnt speak a lot of Spanish so the conversation was really short so my companion and I might of fallen asleep in their house for about an hour... but it was super funny because their two kids fell asleep with us. It was pretty funny to wake up and have a little girl sleeping next to me. 
Thursday- Today was a great day. We worked so hard today that it is not even funny. In the morning we were kinda lazy and that helped us be ready for a crazy day. We started out contacting and got 4 new investigators in just one hour. That is a blessing. We then went to visit our normal investigators and they are really good. All of them are progressing and I feel like we might be having some baptisms coming up. That is exciting. We went to visit Hermano Homberto and I got the privillage to share the first vision with them. I dont even know what happened or what I said but Hermano Homberto cried and my companion told me afterwards that it was more than perfect. I was so shocked and thank goodness for the Holy Ghost because that is real. Overall today was a great day. 
Friday- Today was a pretty calm day. We didnt do much so that was bad but we found a new investigator and her mom is a less active. We made some really yummy treat that is called toryellas and they are so good. I know how to make them so I will make them when I get home. Dont worry. Today I missed home a little bit but mostly I just missed hanging out with people and being able to do fun things. Dont get my wrong a mission is amazing and I love it with all of my heart but there are rules that you have to follow. 
Saturday- Today was a good day and it was very long. We started working at 8:30 in the morning and we helped a member in our ward make office folders and that was a lot of work. We made about 600 in about 5 hours and it was really hard and my butt was so sore afterwards. We then visited Hermano Domingo again and that was way cool. We taught a lesson to a newish investigator and I think that he has some great potiential and I also think he is gay... so I guess the Law of Chasity lesson is coming up sooner than we would like to and normally teach it. I am ready for PDAY!! 
Sunday- Today was soooooooo long. We woke up to a  call from Hermano Domingo saying that Hermana Luisa is in the hospital in labor so my companion and I got ready in 15 minutes and then ran to the hospital which is about a 15 minute walk from our house. We stayed there for about and hour and then we went to church. We had 5 investigators in church and that is the most that we have had since I have been there. We came home after church and took a very needed and refreshing shower. We went back to the hospital and we found out that Hermana Luisa had her baby and guess what her name is.... (This is the exciting news) her name is EMMA CAROLINA. They named there daughter after me and my companion. I cried and that is a fact. We taught a lesson and celebrated Hermano Jonathans birthday. We then went to our families house and just played games and enjoyed the time together. It was a lot of fun. Today was a good day. 
Well that is my week and I am really happy! I love my mission with all of my heart and I am excited to be here doing work. If you guys have any questions just let me know and I will be willing to answer them in the main email. I am excited for this week! 
Hermana Fuller
I love you all so much. Also ready the scriptures everyday.