Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 53: Week that felt like a month

Hello loved ones, 
This week felt like a month and it is crazy that it was only a week. Well first we had interviews this week and they were so great. 
Also I was able to have a great lesson taught about how we need to love our investigators and it was a great and humbling experience. It was great because I learned a lot and humbling because I know how I can improve. 
We found someone in the streets that is so ready to be baptized. His name is Fabricio and is pilas. He is reading the book of mormon and he knows its true the only sad thing is that he works on sunday so he cant go to church... its really sad. We contacted 55 people in just 2 hours. Its was great. :) 
We got to talk to a recent convert and help him out with his problems and he knows that he needs to go to church again but like he doesnt have a desire to do it. Yeah he didnt come this sunday either.... We have to work with him. 
We had english classes but I am not teaching anything. Its stinks because I have some great ideas because my english classes have worked before but no one wants to listen to me but its okay, one day I will be able to teach again. 
Oh I am going to be playing the violin this saturday in a church concert... I know it has been awhile since I have played but I am looking forward to practice again and to get better at it. 
We were able to help a sister feel better. She just had a baby and her husband is never home so we did some service. We went and cleaned the house for her and made her lunch and dinner that same day. It was great. It felt great to help her house and yes, she did cry! 
also we had a great lesson with President and Hermana Curtiss. They came to visit an investigator that doesnt want to progress and they talked and he told us that he is going to pray and ask and read to find out if he needs to be baptized. And I really think that he might be baptized in this month. I really hope so. 
I love you all so very much. You guys are a great support for me and I love it. 
I hope that you all have the best week and one thing that I have learned is that we need to be reverent during the sacrament meeting like read your scriptures or read a hymn or something to help you have the spirit with you during church. 
I love this gospel and I love my savior. 
Love you all. 
Hermana Fuller

At a birthday party for a sister. She knows english perfectly and she is really cute. 
And finally a squirl... I dont know how to spell that. But yes dad it is dead and it means that there is one less squirl to take over the world. hahahahaha or maybe he wanted to do take over the world but the pack didnt think that they were ready to do it so they killed it and hired another leader. 

same color eyes!!!! My companion and I! 

Week 52: Miracle 34th Street, Miracle Lane, My Last General Conference, and My First Week Back In Coban

Hey! Family! 
I am so excited to write you guys this week because I have lots of things to tell you all! 
1. This week was a week full(er) of miracles! Hint: My subject line. hahahaa. What happened is that we were walking in the street and I was contacting and we found a person that can just speak Q´eqchi´ and its been about 4 months since I have spoken in q´eqchi´ and so I was struggling to talk to her and to ask her where she lived but it just came out of me and I asked her and I understood it. Then we kept walking and we started to teach a teenager out in the street and he was bible bashing us like none other so we decided to end it with a prayer. But before we could do that, a guy (the husband of the q´eqchi´ lady that I contacted earlier) came and sat to listen. He doesnt know spanish either so he was just listening. After we prayed, he asked us for a book of mormon. So we didnt really understand him so we called an elder who knows q´eqchi´ really well. They talked and he told us that he wanted a book of mormon and the Elder told us to call the elders that are in our same ward to bring a q´eqchi´ book of mormon. So right when he said that, the elders passed by in a taxi and they brought a book of mormon for the guy. It was crazy!!! He also told us that he wants to learn more about the church. That is miracle 34th street. 
2. Later on in the week. We were walking to a lesson that we had and we passed a guy that was sitting down on the street. I knew that my companion felt it and I did too so we walked back to the guy and we started to talk to him. It was great and he has been to church about 4 times. He wanted to go to general conference and he was going to start to read the Book of Mormon again. It was great and I was so glad that we listened to the spirit. Miracle Lane. 
3. My last general conference. This is probably the best part of my week. It was a perfect weekend and I was so happy during all of it. We were able to watch it in English so that made things a lot easier. I was able to understand it and it was just great time with my companion and I. Also something that was great is that all the talks answered my questions. I went to conference with a lot of questions and they were all answered and I am so greatful for that. Also the music touched my heart and I just loved it. :) 
4. My first week back in Coban. This week was a good week. Something that I have not missed are the hills and the mountains but I am getting use to it again and I am getting into shape. Its great. I am so glad that I am here again and that I am able to speak in q´eqchi´ and everything. My companion is Hermana Ball. Shes from Orem Utah and she is really great. She has 6 months into the mission and she knows spanish really well... but its funny because they dont understand her sometimes so they ask me what she said and its funny because normally they would ask my companion thats is native what I said. It was great. hahahahahaha. 
Mom, I love you and I thought about you all during conference. Well actually my whole family. Grant I thought about you during all the talks about the temple. Dad, AJ, and Spencer I thought about you guys during the talk about the husbands. Ashley Anne, Grace, and Val I thought about you guys during the talk about the one lost sheep and the worth of our souls. 
This was a great weekened and I loved it! :) 
Have a great week and the computer eraesed all of my photos so I am really sad So I am sorry. 
Hermana Fuller

Week 51: Changes

Hey family! 
I am sorry but I dont have time. I thought I wrote you guys but I just sent you all fotos.... so I am sorry. 
This week was good. We had semana Santa which is HUGE here... I cant really explain it so just look it up on google. 
We ate a lot of food and sang a lot of hymns with the people. 
Also I have a change. I am going back to coban and that will be fun but I am also not very excited because I will be with an american and I am worried that my spanish is going to become terrible. Thats not very great for my spanish. 
But I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week. 
Hermana Fuller

fish that we cant eat... thank goodness! 
My sun burn after walking in the sun allllll day
and my food baby after eating candy and treats all day! 

Week 50: Year Mark!

Hey family! 
This week was a good week. I was able to do lots of service and that was always great. Also thank you for the emails about how much I am changing for the better. I can feel it and I notice it always. Its funny because I think thats what everyone feels like. Its weird to think that in a short year I have changed to be almost a complete new person. 
But also one thing that I have learned a lot is that God loves us and he shows us that love in different ways. This week my Spanish was perfect. And when I say perfect I mean perfect. I dont know how that happened but my companion told me that whenever I talked that I sounded like a latina and I was pretty shocked. I just know that I have a ton to work on and I am going to work hard but I am also excited that my spaninsh has gotten a lot better but my english has gotten worse. 
My english classes are going great. The class now has about 17 people that are going and they love it. Its sad because we have changes next week so I think that I might be getting a change so the classes will have to come to a stop. But we will see. 
I love my mission and I love my Savior more. 
Mom, get better. 
Grace, take it easy and read the scriptures during your down time. Thats my favorite way to spead my free time. 
Dad, run more. ;) 
Well I love you all and I am so greatful for everything. 
I sent lots of photos and also the first photo of my hair is a joke, she had a wig so we put it on to see what I would look like. :) 
H. Fuller

My year mark photos. We burn a skirt and a shirt. :)