Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 24: First Week in Chamelco

Well ya´ll this week has been a rollercoster. Normally on Tuesdays we have changes but with the elections of the new president we could have changes because all of the roads were blocked and my kid couldnt come and make it to coban. But luckily I was able to go to my new area and get to know Chamelco and that was really nice because I realized that I have a pretty good memory with streets and that has helped us out a lot. We had a pretty good week and that felt nice. 
On Wednesday i got my kid. Her name is Hermana Aguirre and she is from Mexico. She is really cute and she knows english so that has helped us out a lot. She is 20 and she is really great with the gospel. I think, at times, that she is the one that is training me because of how much she knows but I am learning a lot and I hope that things work out well with each other. We were in the office all day and we left there around 6:30 and so we had to travel about 30 minutes to get to our area and then we cleaned the house because it was so dirty and then we passed by for the president house and that was good. 
Thursday we contacted like there was no tomorrow. We walked all of the streets that are close to our house and that was good because we got to know the area more. We played a game where I would say right or left and then she would say it the next time and we just got to know the area and found a lady that is really good. And she told us that she wants to learn more so I hope that everyhting works out with her. 
On Friday it was good as well. We went in a tuc tuc and it is like a motor taxi and it is so much fun. I love it and it is only Q5 so I will be using those a lot because our area is massive. It is one of the biggest areas so we have lots of work to do. We also found a pretty good family that can work out if they come to church because they know a lot about the gospel and I hope that they will progress but we will see. 
Saturday was good and it rained all day. I also bought a tarp and we wore them like capes and we acted like super heros in the streets while we contacted. It was pretty solid. We found a group of girls that are way cool and they are so funny. I really like to joke around with the people and they are really funny. I am really nervous to go to church tomorrow because of the problems with the branch. 
Sunday was not good at all. In the branch there was only 46 people and no one that goes to church listens. It is so sad to see the pople that come and they dont listen to the testimonies but we have a lot of work to do here and the only way we are going to get work done is if we serve the people and love them so that is our plan. We are going to do service everyday for a member and then try to gain their trust. I hope that works. We also had to go home early because of the elections and we werent able to work a lot but we have plans to work a ton. 
Well that is my week and just know that i love my mission and Chamelco is really hard but I am hoping that with the help of my hija we can change is branch and make things better. 

Week 23: I am going to need prayers

Okay this is just because my mom is wanting to know everything about my health. 
I am good. I have taken about 4 tests to see what kind of parasite I have and they have all come back positive but I dont know what I have, all I have to do is take medicine that helps me to keep moving. With my lungs, I havent gotten the results back from the X-ray but the doctor thinks that I might have asma, I dont know how you spell it, but yeah. But I am going to have to take another X-ray in about 2 months to see what else has happened. Do you guys have any questions about that? 
Well bueno. This week was really good. Monday was just another normal day and that was good. It was pretty chill and that meant that we could sleep haha. 
Tuesday we did some great work. We were able to get two of our investigators to get a date for baptism and that was great. 
Wednesday was a lot of Kechi. We also walked a lot and that was prety great. We walked out whole entire area and that is about a 2 hour walk so that was great. Its because we didnt have money for a bus and that was sad because it started to rain and I didnt have my umbrella but its okay. We were also able to meet with some less actives in the ward and we were able to eat some REALLY yummy and CLEAN food. That felt nice. I miss food that is clean but you know, its okay. 
Thursday we had a really great district meeting and it felt good to be able to have district meeting because I got a lot of help with our investigators and that felt nice. I also heard a great quote that I like, ¨You are not here to teach, you are here to testify.¨ I really took that to heart and I worked really hard in trying to testify more than just teaching because if we do our part we will be able to have the help of the spirit. 
Friday was good. We had he interview for Hermano Hugo and we is ready to be baptized on Saturday. We were also able to go to an activity at the church and it was really good and really funny. And we had 3 investigators with us. Its was pretty solid. 
Saturday all I have to say is that ANOTHER BAPTISM!! We were able to have a great study as well I found another good quote that I liked, ¨The choice to repent is a choice to burn bridges in every direction (having determined) to follow forever only one way, the onepath that leads to eternal life.¨ We also found out that I have a change but I dont know where but I will find out tomorrow. 
Sunday was really hot and it was a good day at church. I was pretty sad because I have made a lot of friend in the ward but we took a ton of pictures and that was good. Also I found out where I am going for this next change. Chamelco and I am going to be training a new hermana. I am freaking out because I am going to be opening an area and then also training so I am going to need a lot of prayers to help me through these next couple of weeks. 
Monday is my last day in Coban and I am pretty sad. I guess that I am going to miss the heat but I think it is hotter where I am going. Also my comp lost the phone today and it was pretty crazy having to call someone and having to call the police but you know, I dont know what is going to happen. 
I hope you all have the best week and that you read the scriptures and everything like that . Be solid and know that I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 22: The Lord Answers Prayers

Well this week was a crazy week! Let me tell you about it! 
On Monday it was a good day. We just went to the market and I was able to enjoy my pday. Then we had noche de jugar (FHE) with my family and it was really good. It was about missionary work and it made me so baggy for home but I am so glad that I am here serving a mission and that I am able to be away from my family for 18 months to dedicate this time to my Savior. 
Tuesday was good. It was my felize cumple mes #5 and it was so great. I was really scared that I was going to miss home but the day just made me want to work harder and find people that I can teach the gospel to. During my studies in the morning I found a quote by Jeffrey R. Holland and it is, ¨The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue- it is the itegrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already know.¨ And I was thinking about that and how it is so true. Another quote came to my mind that is, ¨You dont know everything but you know enough.¨ Its true it might be hard to think and to serve a mission but I know that every one can serve a mission. Even if you are married and have kids you can servea mission, teach your friends the gospel and show the love of Christ to everyone. 
Wednesday was okay. I got attacked by a dog and that was pretty weird. I was contacting a guy and when I told him Felice tardes a dog came out of his house and jumped on me and lucky I didnt get bit but he did make my heart beat really hard. The dog owner came running out of his house and tackled his dog and told me that he was sorry and that he was happy that I was okay. 
Thursday was good as well. We taught a lot of lessons and that felt pretty good. We also taught a pretty cool lady that told me that she liked the way that i speak spanish and tole me that I need to move back and live with her after my mission so sorry mom, I have a new family here. haha no solo una broma. 
Friday was good as well. We had divisions and that was good. I learned a lot from the hermana that I was with. It was good to see how she handles situations and what scriptures she uses. Oh and I got my packages and I was so happy. Thank you so much family and Gayle! you guys are the best and I love each thing that you sent me! :) 
Saturday was good as well like everyday. We were able to do service for my mom and we got to make tamales and they are actually easy so I will make them when I get back home. And I was able to enjoy some time with my companion and just talking to her in english because I found out that she understands english but she cant speak it so like that was a surprise. haha. We also were able to have a special conference with Elder Nelson and it was so good. He was in Hondu and it was brodcasted to us and it was great to have my questions answered and to be able to recieve revelation. 
Sunday was the best day in the whole world because a miricle happened. We had plans for an investigator to come to church with us so we went to her house which is a 20 minute bus ride from our house and it is a 2 hour walk from our house. So my companion and I took a bus to her house and planned on taking a bus to the church so we got to her house and she brought 3 friends to come with her. So we all were walking to the church and then a bus passed by and asked if we wanted a ride and so we got to get a ride to church. but here is the miricle. When we got to church there were 6 other of our investigators that were already there waiting for us. WE HAD 10 INVESTIGATORS IN SACRAMENT MEETING. We have been really stuggling with that and it was so great that we were able to have people come with us. And they love it. I also got to see the setting apart of Hno. Adan and he left on his mission this morning. It is crazy and how the Lord will bless us if we do our part and if we have faith in him. 
The church is true. Tamales are good. Coban is hot. And I have 13 months left in my mission. CRAZY! 
I love you all so much! Move foward with faith with one foot infront of the other and He will help you find the way. 
Les quiero! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 21: Back to Work

Well this week was a lot better and I am so glad that I was able to go back to work and to be able to feel of my Saviors love for me. I got lots of emails asking me if I was doing allright and the answer is yes. I am doing a lot better and I was able to work every day this week. It was a miricle and I am so glad that whatever I had is gone. This week nothing really great happened but I will just tell you about an experience that I had. We found a lady named Bell, yes that is her name, and she talked to elders about 5 years ago and really liked the gospel but didnt want to change her religion. We talked to her and made an appointment to go back to teach her. We went back and we were able to talk to her and find out her problem that she has. She doesnt like it when the people in the church act really close to God and then they act different throughout the week. She told us that is why she didnt want to become a member. I was able to share my testimony about how everyone is not perfect but through the Atonement we are able to become clean and improve everyday. It was great to be able to help her through her duda and we have a date set with her for this week to visit her. We also got a new baptism date and I am really excited because his name is Kevin and he is really cool. He is 12 and he really likes the church and he actually gave a Book of Mormon to one of his friends. It was pretty solid. So like he is pilas. We also had a pretty interesting day with the Elders because our mission boundries are next to the Zone leaders of ther other ward and they were teaching people that are in our area. So that was really interesting. We had a long talk about the boundries and we are going to go back with our ward mission leader and figure out the boundries because if that isnt our area then we are going to loose 4 investigators that have a baptism date set. It will be sad. 
We also had a pretty solid time because we see miricles every single day and it is amazing to be able to see the hand of the Lord in the missionary work that we are doing. We were able to act out part of a bible story for the primary on Sunday and it was way fun. I also laughed really hard because it reminded me of high school hahaha. But things are really good here and I am doing a lot better. 
This week I hit 5 months into the mission and it is crazy at how fast the time is going. It feels like i have been here forever but at the same time, the time goes by really fast. It is great that I am able to have this time to dedicate to the Lord to help bring people to come unto Christ. 
I found a great quote by Elder Quinton L. Cook, ¨This life is the time to prepare to meet God. WE are happy, joyous people. We appreciate a good sense of human and treasure unstructured time with friends and family. But we need to recognize that there is a seriousness of purpose that must undergrind our approach to life and all our choices.¨ We all have a purpose here on the earth and we need to look for that purpose. We might not know it now but through fervent prayer and through our faith we can find that and strive to accomplish it every day. 
I love you all and I hope this week is great. Pray everyday and read the scriptures please. ☺
Hermana Fuller