Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week 13: Week 2 of Change 2

Well this week was a lot of fun and I was really bad at writting in my journal so I am sorry but this letter might not be the best.... 
Monday- Well today was boring. It was just a normal pday with lots of walking and playing and laughing with missionaries. We went to FHE and that was pretty solid. Nothing really happened. One new investigator today!
Tuesday- Was LOOONNG.... We do Zumba in the mornings now and that is really fun and interesting because the Zumba is Latino zumba and I cant dance that kind of music so my companion just laughs at me a ton and that is an adventure. We visited our new members and we taught a really great lesson and gave them a lot of food. That felt nice to do some service. We contacted and then ate some really yummy fake pupusas that I had to eat with a broken plastic fork and that was another adventure. Just try it. Its really difficult and I just wish that I had a normal fork. Two new investigators today!
Wednesday- We did a lot and it felt really nice to work. We got 4 new investigators today and we met a really great family. A miricle happened and I would love to share it with you guys. We were teaching a lesson to a family and it was our first visit. I was sharing and teaching a point in the lesson and the guy had a really confused look on his face. I asked him if he had any questions and he said that he didnt understand what I said and my companion got really worried. He then said that even though he didnt understand what I was saying but that he felt something in his heart and that he new that what I was saying was true and that he knew that we were sent from God. That was rad. We were so happy and I knew that he needed to know that our message was true before he could understand the doctrine. 
Thursday- THREE MONTHS BABY!!! Today I hit my 3 month mark into my mission and it feels crazy! We had district meeting and they celebrated with cake for me and another Elder who is about to go home. We visited a hermana who before told us that she had a really bad experience with the missionaries and didnt want to talk to us. My companion being the best that she is got us in the door and we got to talk to her while she showed us how to defeather and kill a chicken. Yes, I am being serious. It was a party and also kinda gross. We then visited another family and another miricle happened. We were teaching a hermano that doesnt like to pray infront of people and after teaching the importance of prayer and how it is a commandment in Qechi he prayed and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong and it was another miricle. 
Friday- Today was good. We did a lot of studying in Qechi that was really cool. We took a bus to our farthest area which is about a 20 minute bus ride but normally a hour and a half walk. We taught a lesson and another miricle happened. This family has a teenager that is 14 and he doesnt really understand me when I talk so during the lesson I was praying to have him understand me because normally he asks my companion to repeat what I say. But through the Holy Ghost he understood what I had to say and he gained a testimony of the Holy Ghost and they told us that they would come to church with us so I am really excited. Also the funniest thing happened today. We were walking to another area and we passed a really gross and creepy homeless guy that is always asking us for money. We walked past and like always asked up for money. I said in English, ¨I am sorry but I dont speak Spanish.¨ and so my companion said, ¨Oh yeah I dont speak Spanish tambien.¨ Tambien in spanish is also and I have never laughed so hard in my life. 
Saturday- Today was lazy. We had a killer pizza for lunch with the district and that was nice. We found one of our investigators and that we havent seen in 2 weeks and it felt great to be able to talk to her and to invite her to church. We ate amazing chocobananas and I crave those now. My companion and I dont want to have changes and I really love my companion and I am so glad that we are companions. I played the game JAXS and I am really bad at that game and my companion thinks its really funny. 
Sunday- Today was long. We left our house at 8 to go get a family in Seguana and we took the wrong bus and so we had to walk for 30 minutes up a freaking mountain but you know its okay because we do that on the daily bases. We made it ontime to church and we gained 20 points for being great missionaries. We came home and we ate. We then met another new investigator and guess where they live? At the top of another freaking mountain... yes, that is correct. So the 20 points that we made at the beginning of the day is no more and so like we are at -5. We went contacting but no one was in their houses but I saw a really cleaver thing and that is that some kids used 1 litter plastic bottles as sleds and they slid down the paved path and it was really solid. Tomorrow is Pday and I am really happy that it is pday. 
Well that is my week and I really hope that you are all doing really great. I am doing great here and I am loving my mission. 
No pictures this week because my companion deleted all of my photos on my camera so I am not very happy about that but thats okay. Ill take some this week for you guys. 
I love you all and I want to let you guys know that I am praying for all of yall and I miss you all! 

Hermana Fuller

Week 12: Where is the Sun?

Hello everyone! 
This week was really great and I loved it so much! I will start out that we had 2 baptisms this week and we, my comapion and I, are so happy! 
Monday- Man this day was the best. Since changes are tomorrow we made a pack as a district to stay together and to have the whole day be fun so that is what we did.... kinda. Well in my district there are 3 sets of Elders and 3 sets of Sisters but on this day it was just 2 sets of Elders and me and my companion. It was still a lot of fun and it was probably one of the best pdays that I have had out here. We played soccer and then wrote familes. We ate pizza and that is always good. We then printed photos for the people that were leaving but while we were walking it started to down pour.... so we kept walking in the rain and it was a lot of fun. We walked and sang and contacted in the streets and it was so great. A funny story though.. when it rains here it down pours always so the streets get filled with water and it is really hard to walk in the streets so we have to normally walk on the small path ways that are by the houses so we were walking and then a car comes speeding by and the water gets sprayed on me, my companion, and one of the Elders and I was so mad. It was really funny but you know.... it will be a story that I will never forget. We walked to get food and then talked some more to the Elders. It was really hard to say goodbye to the Elders because Elder Reed is from Sky View and it was so great to have him in my same district. It was great to always have someone to talk to in English haha. 
Tuesday- Today changes happened but it didnt effect me just we got a lot of phone calls in the morning from people that were leaving and wanted to say goodbye for another time. We went to visit Hermano Jonathan and I was able to feed him soup but do you know how hard it is to feed someone soup? Well let me tell ya, it is really hard and I might of spilled on myself.... twice but you know, its okay because we shared a great message and it was pretty solid. It rained all day and it was nice because we wore boots and it was a great idea to have that. We saw a couple on a moped (sorry I dont know how to spell anymore) and one of the people on it was holding an umbrella and it was really funny. My comp and I laughed hard core. 
Wednesday- We walked more than I have ever walked before. We helped Hermana Luica get her papers fixed so that she can be baptized this week and while we were there we ate the most amazing tamales and I saw a full blown out fist fight between two girls about one guy. It happened 5 feet infront of us and I really wanted to record it but I thought that it might be bad if a white MISSIONARY filmed a fight between two people... so I didnt. We walked to the opposite side of our area which is a 20 minute bus ride and taught some great lessons there. We then walked all the way back to the area that is close to our house and taught more lessons. Please no more walking. 
Thursday- We had district meeting and that is great like always. We walked all the way into the city and that is about a 15 minutes walk and then we got all the information for Hermano Domingo and Luica and then walked to their house which is about a 40 minute walk and then back to the office all inbetween 10-2. We had lunch at 3 which was soooo late and I ate so much. We then walked back up to Hermano Domingos house and he gave us 3 cups of rain water with mush. Mush is like corn meal in the size of oatmeal and then they add a little bit of sugar and then cook it and that is what we always drink here. We made tortillas with them and then ate food which was so sad because they bought 2 eggs for 5 people so after we left we took one of their kids to the tienda and we bought them more food. We felt really sick after wards so we contacted around our house and then went to bed early. 
Friday- Was LOOOONG. We went to the wedding of Hermano Domingo and Luica ad it was really simple but very beautiful. It was great. We ate lunch with them and then we walked more. We taught lessons and it was really great. I felt the spirit a lot but my feet hurt a ton as well. I am really stressed but after tomorrow no more stress because tomorrow is the baptism! 
Saturday- 2 baptisms more and it was a family! It was really great. For the service we sang in quichi and everyone spoke in quichi and guess what... I didnt understand a single thing hahah but you know, its okay because I am learning it slowly and slowly. We then walked to Hermano Domingos house and they made us food so we bought them a lot of food for dinner and also for tomorrow. We made pupusas and they were really good. 
Sunday-Today was good. We sang in ward conference and that was a blast. We might of taken a 15 minute nap but I think that it was worth it because of how stressful this week was. We contacted and met a really great guy that I feel like can make a lot of progress and I really hope that he does. We taught and then we ate. It was a pretty great week and I am excited that tomorrow is Pday. 
Well that is my week but I want to share with you guys something that I have learned this week. What a difference a routine makes in your life. It is crazy but it is true. If you read the scriptures every day then you will make amazing progress and if you pray everyday then it will be the exact same. Get in the habit of making a daily routine of doing the everyday things and I promise that you will recieve a lot of blessings and you will notice a difference. 
I love you all and I have a ton of pictures! 
Hermana Fuller

 On pday with the district and I really do love all of the people in my district. 

 Hermano Jonthan and me feeding him soup.

 The really yummy tamales.

 Because this picture is really cool.

 When we found out that Hermano Domingo cooked coffee so I dumped it out for them and that is my face. 

 Hermano Domingos wedding 

 After the wedding

And this is me because we didnt have the keys to the baptism font so I had to climb and it was really good. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 11: Do I Have a Change?

The answer to this is no!!! 
I want to frist start this email with a quick reminder for everyone. If you are having a hard time right now, get on your knees and pray. You can pray while sitting or standing but the power that comes from kneeling is so powerful. That is my advice for ya´ll right now. 
Monday... Today was a good day. We played soccer in the morning with a couple of zones and that was a party. We then got food and had a blast talking with everyone. The majority of the people in my district speak english so we just had a party with talking and with all of them. Its nice because I dont get the chance to talk in English throughout the week so its a good feeling being able to speak even if it is just for a little bit and with food in my mouth. After lunch we walked and walked. We walked from the plaza to the grocery store and that is probably 5 miles and it took us 2 hours to walk and it was really good. Its really sad when pday is over becuase then I know that I have to wait another whole week until I can write and see everyone. 
Tuesday... We got Hermana Escobar for the day again and it was amazing! I love it when she is with us becuase she makes working really fun but I am learned a lot from her and that is very nice. We ate two of the exact same lunches... eggs, green beans, and rice... yes that is what we eat here and it is actually pretty good if I dont really like about the things going together. We taught a pretty great lesson to Hermano Domingo and I shared a personal experience and I really felt the spirit and that really helped us with the whole question of if they really wanted to get married in order to be baptized and they said yes so my companion and I ran around and I found a flower and he proposed to her and it was so cute but my companion and I had to show how it was done but it was really great. My companion got attacked by a frog later in the day and I have never laughed so hard about something so small. It was great. We met 2 new families and that means 5 new investigators to teach and I am so happy about that. After the day my companion and Hermana Escobar said that I dont need any more training that I am good with what I have taught and that I am ready to start training but they forgot that I still have 6 more weeks of training and I am still not great in Spanish but you know... hopefully one day. Maybe. 
Wednesday... In the morning I got to teach the ward chior how to sing and that was really interesting. One of the Elders in my district did show chior so him and I got to help with singing but you know the people here are pretty good at singing if you plug your ears and you listen to other music but you know, I really do love it when the people here sing hymns. It makes up for it with the spirit. We also made hambergers and man was that a nice thing to have. We cooked for 2 of the Elders and they really liked it a lot so I felt pretty great about that. We then went to a less active house and guess what.... MORE FOOD. I didnt really eat much before the mission but now I am eating so much but its really good because of all the walking that I am doing and of how hot it is here. Its crazy. My companion has a really bad cold and I have been taking the lead in all of the lessons and it feels pretty great. Oh and today a guy kissed me on the cheek and it was so awkward that I was laughing so hard that I covered it up by pretending that I needed to sneeze so go team Hermana Fuller. 
Thursday... Today was zone conference and the Zone leaders, my dear friends, asked me to give the spiritual thought infront of everybody so like they arent my friends right now.... but you know, things worked out and it went pretty well. We walked a ton today to get everything ready for the baptism on Saturday but as soon as we got to Hermano Domingos house it started to down poar. So much that the streets that we noramlly walk on we couldnt even go the same way. We had to go outside of our area to get back to our house after. It has never rained so hard but I really liked it. It was an adventure. And today I felt really comfortable with my companion and in my area that I feel like if I have a change that I can be able to lead and help the people in my area. 
Friday... Today was good. We planned for the week and then we went to cook pupusas and they were pretty great. One of the ZLs made a smoothie and lets just say that it wasnt the best but I ate it with a smile and you know, once I stopped thinking about it, it was pretty great. We also got some really bad news that Hermano Domingo and his wife cant get married becuase of an error on her ID so they cant be baptized. It was really sad becuase it was our goal to baptize a family before the changes but you know that things work out. Today it rained a ton as well and it was great becuase I wore toms today and walking up a mountain with toms is not really great but you know... its okay. 
Saturday... Today was alright. We ate as a district and I am pretty sure that I ate something that wasnt really great but I will find out tomorrow if I am sick. Today we contacted a lot and we did it through the clothing stores here and it worked really well. We taught a lesson and we contacted a lot of people. It felt nice to know that contacting is pretty easy. I then found out that we have no changes and that was a miricle in itself because then we can baptize Hermano Domingo and do the work that we have started. 
Sunday... Today was great. I understood everything in church and I was able to talk to the people and feel comfortable with that. We taught and we contacted and that was great. We got more pupusas and I love them so much. The Lord really helps us out becuase we had no food in our house and we were worried about what we were going to eat for dinner but the Lord helped us out and a member invited us over for a pupusa and it was great. I really am love here. 
Monday... today we played soccer again and it was really good. I have gotten better here and I speak spanish the whole time. It is nice and it is pretty great. Its pretty sad because today is the last day that I will be with everyone from my first district but you know, I will see them all again I hope. 
Well I really love my mission and I am so glad that I am here right now. I am getting use to the heat and hopefully that I will be getting use to the walking and the spanish part of the whole thing. I love you all and read the talks from general conference because it is great and I love Coban. 
Have a great week! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 10: Lots of Tears.

Okay... I am happy now. :) 
Well on Tuesday I got to email my family becuase I was in the capital on Monday. And I also got a piece of cake in celebration of Grants birthday! I am sorry that I didnt wish you happy birthday but I am doing that now so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! After the morning I taught a pretty great lesson to an investigator about obedience and it felt nice to be able to help him understand that it is important to always obey his mother. Over all this day was a great day and I am glad that its coming to an end because tomorrow will be a long day. 
Wednesday-Today I have never cried so hard in my life. I knew that Grant was coming home today and in the morning I lost it. All I wanted to do is to be with my family but I am so far away from them that it made me cry all during personal, companion, and part of my training study... (Crying during the training was part of my plan and it worked out really great because I didnt have to do practices.. ;) ) Right after we had district meeting and everyone could tell that I was crying so everyone was asking what was the matter but I didnt want to tell anyone but my companion kinda let it out so I got a lot of pitty which was not needed but you know, its okay because one of the Elders bought me ice cream so that was good. We taught a really great lesson and that was really great to get my mind off of it and then we got some great news. One of our investigators has been really stuggling with reading the Book of Mormon but he read the chapter that we gave him to read and that was amazing. Him and his wife have a date set to be baptized this Saturday and it will be great becuase my first family! 
Thursday- We got a new companion today but just for today and I really love her. Her name is Hermana Escobar and she is so sweet. She is also a great missionary. We made puppas with Hermana Alejandra, a member, and they were so good becuase they had meat, cheese, and beans. So like I wish I could eat like 15 million of them. We went contacting and that was great becuase we met a new family and I feel like they can really progress in the gospel and I really hope that they do. We visited one of our investigators and it was really great to talk to him. He is the one that I talked about how he is really handicaped and cant move at all becuase he was in a car accident... well no. I was wrong. His name is Hermano Jonathan and he use to work at the nearby zoo here and one day he got pushed into the lions den and got attacked by a lion... that is the real story and it happened about 8 months ago so when I figured out what really happened my heart sank and I was about to cry because he is 18 years old and couldnt even graduate school. It was really sad. One of his friends came in during out lesson and he started to cry because of how different he looks and I got the privillage to comfort him and he was totally fine after I wispered one word in his ear... hope. He laughed and smiled and it was really great. I also really love to cook at night after a long day. We normally blast music while my companion fills out the area book and I cook. Its pretty great. 
Friday- Today was okay with lots of walking. It down poared and that wasnt very fun but you know... its good for the earth here. We had a fireside at a members house and it was really fun. The members here are always great and they are so fun to talk to. They also think my spanish is great for only being here for 2 months but you know, I am not so sure about my spanish. I wish that it was better but you know, with time everything will work out. 
Saturday- Today was  my first baptism and I was so happy about it. It felt so nice to know that I was bringing souls unto Christ. It was so great and I have never felt the spirit so strong here and that was way cool. Just picture a 9 year old with his older brother baptizing him and he was crying and it was so sweet. It really made me realize that I am here for a reason and that I am so happy to be here. We did a lot of service throughout the whole day and that was really good too. It felt nice to feel like a missionary for the whole day. I also got the package from Gayle and thank you so much! I love it so much and I love the picture that Abbie drew for me. 
Sunday- Today was an overall good day. One of the Elders in my district is really sick so I have been praying for him a lot today and I hope that he gets better. Today I realized how much the scriptures help me in every situation. It was way nice to be able to read my scriptures during the sacrament and also after church. It is amazing the peace and comfort that comes from reading the scriptures. Today I love my mission. 
Well thats my week and today we played soccer and it is a very different version of soccer than what we play in America but dont worry I showed the Fuller name proud. I hade 3 assists and 2 goals so go team Fuller. Also I learned a lot about one of the Elders in my district. He is the Zone Leader right now and he is really stuggling and it isnt fun to watch peple go through hard things. 
This week I read a lot of conference talks and it felt so nice to read the words of the prophet. I heard about L. Tom Perry and it is really sad and I know that he will be fine. I love this gospel and the blessings that come from it. 
Stay strong this week and learn to love to work hard. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

Week 9

Hello hello! 
Well sorry that I didnt email yesterday but that was becuase I was in the capital finishing my papers to live here for the next 16 months. Its crazy but you know... you got to do the things that you gotta do to be a missionary. Here is my journal entries again becuase they make things better. 
Monday-TODAY MARKS MY TWO MONTHS OUT INTO MY MISSION!!! I am happy. Time here is very different. The time feels like it was really fast when thinking about seeing my family and being away from them but it feels so slow when I think about it being how much I have learned, how comfortable I feel here, and seeing my family but you know... I have a lot of time left to get use to it. Today was a good day. I spent the whole day with my district and they are amazing. The Elders are so sweet that they bought me ice cream and that made me really happy. It was really great to be with them and to talk English the whole day. Also I got to eat Pizza Hut and that tasted really great. I like food a little bit too much here but you know.. I walk enough right? We went grocery shopping and the Zone Leader here, Elder Fitzgerald put a can of beer in my shopping cart so when I went up to pay the lady looked at me really weird so that happened. Also I sang a lot today and that was really nice. I miss music a ton but I actually hear american music often here. Its nice. Today was probably a 8. 
Tuesday-Was a good day but Spanish was not going to happen today... I taught 6 lesson and I was completely lost in every single one of them. Also today both of the people that we have a baptism for next week told us that they arent ready to be baptized. Hermano Jouse told us that he needs to be obedient to what his mom tells him to do before he can get permission to be baptized. Hermana Ceise said that she doest believe in the Book of Mormon but I know that it is just her aunt gettig to her. It was a hard day but you know tomorrow should be better. 
Wednesday- Yeah... today wasn´t better. It rained all day and we did absolutly nothing.... nada.... like walked... and walked... and walked.... and walked. We taught 1 lesson and did nothing else. I dont know what happened but you know... hopefully tomorrow will be better. 
Thursday-Today was like yesterday but add so much freaking heat. I died. I have sweated from every single pour today and I am still sweating. I didn´t think it would be possible for one person to sweat so much... but I can testify to you right now that it is possible. Oh and here in Coban on the hottest days everyone eats boiling soup. Do I know why? No, I don´t. 
Oh and a miricle happened today. We were walking home and none of the street lights were working so it was pretty scary. Two guys were following us and cat calling us and my companion and I were pretty scared. I said a really quick prayer to get us home safe and as soon as I said amen, a guy walked out of a store. I didnt know who he was but he yelled ¨Hermanas¨ and introduced himself and he is the bishops son who just came back from school. He was walking around and he normally isnt in our area but he felt prompted to come and so he did. As soon as he started to walk with us, the other two guys left us alone and we were able to make it home safe. It felt so nice to have the Lord looking out for me. I felt his love and offered a huge prayer of gratitude that night. 
Friday- Was good. We were studying in the morning and then I got a phone call from the district leaders and they told us that on Monday we get to go to the capital to finish filling out my papers so I wasnt very happy about that becuase its a 4 hour bus ride to be in the capital for 2 hours and then a 5 hour bus ride back... It was not fun and we have to leave a 3 in the morning. Also we contacted a lot today and that was nice. We have 5 new investigators and that will be great. My back hurts.... I am going to die. 
Saturday-Today was a good day but we walked a bunch. That wasnt very fun but guess what?!? Mom you would be so proud... I learned how to make pupsas... by myself and they were so good. I have pictures but the place that I am at doesn´t have a cord for me to connect my camera too so I will send them next week. They were so good and I am going to make them all the time while I am here. 
Sunday-Today was church we only have one family come to church and that was pretty sad but you know, it just means that we have to work harder. Oh and one of the hermanos in the ward gave me some efy music in english so I have some music but please send me more that is really uplifting with a good beat.. That would be amazing. I leave tomorrow for the captial at 3 in the morning so GNIGHT.
Monday-Today was the longest day of my life. We woke up at 1:30 and was on a bus until 12. I went to the captial building to stand in line for 3 hours to sign 2 pieces of paper and to not talk to anyone becuase no one knew english so that wasnt the best part of my day. Then a 5 hour bus ride back but I slept the whole time so that was great. I also really value my sleep. So goodnight. 
That was my week and it was really good. I love my mission so much and I am glad that I am on my mission. I cant wait to see what this week has in store for me and we might have 2 baptisms this week and I am so excited about that. 
To answer the questions from my family...
No running water normally but in my house yes and in the houses that we eat, yes as well. Toliets here are hard to find so we only use ours and that is such a great blessing. Pets.... dont really exist here. Dogs run wild and that is all but one family does have a pet dog and I love it but it is full of fleas so I dont pet it ever... haha.
Any more questions?
Well I love you all so much and a special shout out for the men who hold their priesthood close and who are worthy of it. You guys are great and are doing great things!
Love you all too much! 
Hermana Fuller