Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 36: My Birthday Week!

Well this is my week! 
Monday- Well today was a pretty chill pday. My hija finnished packing and then we went to Coban and ate taco Bell it wasnt that good.... But like we are in Guatemala and the flavor wasnt there and it wasnt spicy... We printed off pictures and then went to write. We went to the office and that was good. We said goodbye to everyone that my hija wanted to say goodbye to, we came home and we had a good talk and we reflected on our two changes together. 
Tuesday- Well today we had cambios and it was pretty sad. But I felt super left out but you know, its okay. We came home and we talked while my compa unpacked. We left and visited hno otto and then found a really perfect family that I think that they can progress. We also found a new lady and that amazing we laughed a lot today. 
Wednesday- Today we did some good work and that felt good. We contacted in the morning and then we went to visit some members. Today I put it into my mind about the goal that we have for this week, I think that we can make it and our goal is to have 4 recent converts in this month and I have faith that we can do it. We had english english class and it was reallly good. It felt really good to teach again. My district leader, Elder Mondragon thinks that I am funny and that is good. 
Thursday- Well today could have been the best day ever. We had district meeting and my zone celebrated my birthday and I felt so loved, and it didnt make me baggy. We ate as a district and I laughed a lot. We found two great hnas that are prepared to be baptized. We also went and visited hna. Brenda and that was always great. I got a phone call from han. asusena and I cried because she is just too cute. She wished me a happy birthday and told me like I am her daughter. It was too cute. 
Friday- TODAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY. And it eas so much fun. Also its the cumple mes de mi compa. And like I wasnt even that baggy. We did some work and then we had NDH and  my compa threw a surprise birthday with coke and everything. We might have broken a mission rule and lit fireworks and I got burned but you know today was a really good day and I feel really blessed here in Coban. I missed my family but not too much. 
Saturday- Well today we walked a ton and it was so muddy that it made for a great adventure. We visited sophia and she told us that she knows that this church is true. We visited hno otto and talked to him. And visited the fam cruz and they are so sweet and I already love them. We were a little late but we enjoyed today a lot. 
Sunday- Today we walked in so much mud and I am so surprised that I didnt fall down the mountains that we climbed today. We contacted a lot and we found 7 new families today and that was good. We walked home with Jacinto but we met a family whose kids baby loves me and I had a moment of where I just wanted kids but dont worry mom and dad, I will wait. haha. I knew that it would happen here in the mission. 
Well like I love you all and I am so happy here and like I hope that you guys have a good week and that everything works out there in the states. I love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes. I love you! 

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