Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 35: Changes #5

Well I am just letting you guys know that I love you guys with all of my heart and I missed you guys a lot this week with Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping and everything. My comp is kinda annoied because I would be like, ¨right now my family is eating or right now my family is shopping for clothes with out me...¨ It was pretty great for me to see here understand and enjoy to find out what we do on Thanksgiving. 
Monday- Today was a chilld day. We went shopping in the carcha market and that was huge and a lot of people were there. We then went and made food as a district and that was good. I made a little treat like always... the Elders are really happy that I am in their district because they can get food from me. I played ping pong and thanks to dad and Grant, I am the champion here. We wrote in a pretty cool writting lab and that was nice. We had NDJ or FHE with Hermana Braidy and that was good. I fell asleep really fast and it was a good day. 
Tuesday- Well today was good. We contacted and that was good because we got to know a new family. He had a branch activity here in Chamelco and we played soccer. As some of you know, I cant really play soccer but I like to give it my best so being the only girl wasnt very fun. But you know, we made it work out. Well something happened today that I was not very happy about... I was playing soccer and my companion was talking with a hermana outside of the gate, I could still see her and talk to her but then she just left me there with 15 guys by myself. She went to the store to buy some ¨hot chocolate¨. Well if you guys dont know the rules as a missionary, you cant leave your companion at all but she left me with a ton of guys. I was pretty upset and I was very disappointed with her but you know, we forgive and we forget but that just made me think that I need to have a closer eye on my companions. But we talked about it and everything is good now. 
Wednesday- Today was still alittle sad day but you know that its okay. We made pancakes as a district and they were interesting... We had English class and that was good, a lot of people came. It felt good to have people there. 
Thursday. Today was like any other day, great. I got to watch a part of a barbie movie and like I think that I liked it... it might just be because I havent seen a movie in almost 9 months or maybe I am like a child and I like bright lights. I have no idea. We visited hno Franz and that was good. And ghost are following him.. thats pretty great. Happy Thanksgiving all. I missed eating with the family but I was celebrating with eating some yummy food from Guatemala so I am happy about that. 
Friday. BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Today we were able to find Hno Otto and that was a miracle. We went to his house and it is so cute, like really so cute. We then had NDH and that was good. We laughed a lot and the branch is getting more involved as well. We played never have I ever nd that was fun but also awkward. They got to learn a lot about me and that is good. 
Saturday- Today we contacted and that was good. We had Hna. Braidy with us and she has such a strong testimony that it is crazy. We found Hna Patti and she accepted a baptism date and I hope that this time everything works out. We were so cold today that it was crazy, it felt like I was in Utah again... CRAZY. We found out about changes and my daughter is leaving me and I am sad about that. 
Sunday. Today we went to church and I gave a talk about how people can share their testimonies always and the branch thinks that I am funny and that was good. We had a meeting with president and that was pretty good. We got words of advice on how we can improve as a district. We went to a christmas concert from people that are american and they were singing in q´eqchi´ and that was really cool. They are all from Utah and they were happy that I spoke English. We came home and did dats and I found out who my new companion is going to be and I dont know her but I have heard that she is funny so we will get along then. 
Well that is my week but I want to share with you guys a quote that I found in my quote box. It is, 
¨His spirit guides
His love assures
That fear departs,
When faith endures¨
I am in love with that quote because its so true. Also a scripture that I love that I found this week while reading is D&C 88:119. I just want to thank my mom and dad for having a house of prayer always and for helping us realize the importance of getting along. Well I love you all I hope that you have a great week. I will miss you guys this week as I turn 20 years old but just know that I feel your love always. Have a great week and read D&C 9 if you guys have time. I love it! 
Hermana Fuller

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