Thursday, April 2, 2015

First Week Done!

Written from the CMM (Guatemalan MTC) on March 24, 2015

Okay so this keyboard is really weird and I don't have time to fix spelling mistakes so just roll with it.
The first week in the CCM is done. And what a crazy week it has been. I landed at 5 in the morning on Wednesday and they put us straight to work. We didn't get to sleep but we did get to go to bed at 8 so that was nice. The first day they gave us 10 books and so many lectures that it was hard to keep straight but I have it down now so it is nice.
The president here is so nice. His name is Presidente Cox and he cares about everyone. He knows my name and in devotionals he will ask me to share what I think which is a good thing and a bad thing so the CCM is pretty interesting here. 
My companion is Hermana Aillery and she is from New York. She is a fire cracker and that is nice becuase sometimes its hard to be energetic when you are up at 6 in the morning and not going to bed until 11. My district is way cool. I love them so much. There are 4 Elders and 5 Hermanas including me. We all have a party and it helps time to go by faster. 
Coming here was really hard but once I landed in LA it was pretty easy to be a missionary almost. I didn't cry much so that helped me to have a happy spirit about things. I went up to everyone and introduced myself but I kinda forgot that I'm a missionary so I just said, "Hi, my name is Emma... Uhmmm I mean Hermana Fuller." People laughed and it helped us break the ice a little bit. 
The CCM is very different from home. There is a schedule and you have to follow it but not only follow it but be there 5 minutes early which isn't hard for me but its hard for my companion. So we are almost late to everything but I am getting her ready and in class on time. The food is pretty good but there are a lot of onions and a lot of spice which I don't mind the spice but I hate onions. Mom you will be proud of me when I say that I have eaten everything that I have gotten for a meal and I did not complain. There was once a bug on my plate and guess what, I ate it. Also there are always bugs in our rooms and all the Hermanas freak out so they yell HERMANA FULLER WE NEED YOU and I am on my way with a napkin ready for the kill. So Im growing up a little bit while I am here. 
I am growing so much spiriatually and its crazy to think that I have only been here for a week. It feels like 5 months but you know the saying, "The days feel like weeks but the week feels like days" which is totally true. Time is slow in classrooms but sports fly by. I really enjoy sport time here because they have volleyball here and most of the Elders want me on their team so I am making a lot of friends here as well. 
I went to the temple today and it is 58 steps away from the CMM and I have a perfect view from the classroom and I just look at it the whole time. Its very pretty and I love the spirit that I feel when I go in it. Its great.
Spanish is coming along pretty great. Its hard to only speak spanish all day when I only know how to introduce myself, pray, and how to bear my testimony but that is going to be very usefull when I get out into the feild. My teachers are great and they both speak great english so I can ask them how to say things and they understand perfectly. I am already teaching an investigator and its really hard but with the spirit he allows me to have the gift of tounges and I can understand everything that she is saying and I can answer most of her questions. Its very nice to know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me with the language. 
Well time is almost up but here is the CCM address in case any of you want to send me a letter and I would love that so please do. Just send it normally and don't put any stickers on it becuase then it will get stolen. Just in a normal package or a normal envelope. 
Hermana Emma Fuller
Direccion CCM
Boulevard Vista Hermosa
23-71 Zona 15
Vista Hermosa 1
Guatemala, Guatemala 
Well I love you all! Pray always and enjoy American food for me please.
Hermana Fuller 

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