Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 3: General Conference!!

Its crazy to say that I have been in the CCM for three weeks now. It feels like yesterday that I said goodbye to my family at the airport but not only because of the amount of spanish that I have learned but also becuase of how fast the days go by. I have gotten a lot of questions about what I do in a normal day so I will tell you. 
6:30- Wake up.... This is the hardest thing I have to do in the day. Its not my favorite
7:00- Personal Study 
7:30- Breakfast
8:00- Personal Study
8:30- Language Study... The most important time of the day. This is when my district talk for the majority of the time but also when I get the most done. Its a lot of grammer.
9:30- We teach investigators... our teachers dress as investigators and we have to treat them like investigators and its crazy at how much you love fake investigators. I can now teach a whole lesson in Spanish with no notes and be able to read and state things from preach my gospel so I think the CCM is a good thing for me. 
11:00- More grammer 
12:00- Lunch... We get ice cream so everyone is ready for lunch on time! 
1:00- Preach my gospel doctrine classes 
3:00- Sports... I know I wasn't into working out at home but here I love it. I get to play volleyball everyday and I run a lot here too. The heat is really terrible becuase we are outside the whole time but everyone sweats so no one really cares. Its nice that no one cares becuase then I don't mind working out that much. Its the best time of the day. 
5:00- dinner.. the food at that time is not the best.. don't tell the cooks that because I just smile and say gracias! 
6:00- teaching more investigators... my favorite time of teaching because I get to just relax when Im not teaching.
8:00- memorize time... I am not a fan of this time because of how much a missionary has to memorize. Its not very fun to sit and memorize the first vision but you know, it works out
9:00- prepare for manana... my district and I get in trouble a lot of the time for talking too much during this time but you know how much I love talking. :) 
9:30- Hermanas devotional.. all the hermanas get together and we sing a song and have a spiritual thought. I have yet to given a thought but I have said the prayer before and how different it is to pray in spanish but I am getting use to it. 
10:30- lights have to be out or else tired Emma comes in and turns the lights off. I am normally in bed ready to sleep by 10 but thats becuase I don't wear make up so I never have to take all that time to get ready. Its really nice. 
Well thats the CCM life here. Its the same everyday so theres nothing really to look forward to besides P-day and we get to have 5 hours of free time with the temple in the morning. Grace, I have seen 2 of the new movies in the temple so thank you Guatemala for helping me out with that. Gracias! 
Conference was great and I loved every second of it. Did anyone else notice how much it was about families this time. All the Elders were like, "Are they trying to make me leave the mission to go home and get married to my girl?" luckily I don't have a girl to go home to but I applied all of the conference talks to the families that I will one day be teaching. Its crazy how close it is coming up and how I will be speaking not only Spanish but Ketchi (I think thats how you spell it). Its weird but I am really excited. My favorites from conference are... 
Henery B. Erying about the law of fasting... This really helped me out because how the blessing will come from if you pay and honest and full tithing.
Linda K. Burton about the fatherhood and motherhood. That was really good because I like the quote that says, "Don't compete- Complete" 
L. Tom Perry about eternal families. Thats my goal out here in the mission is to not only get my investigators baptized but to also take them to the temple one day to be sealed for all time and all eternity. 
David A. Bednar because he is my man and I love him 
Wilford W. Andersen about hearing and loving the music becuase who wouldnt want to listen and love music in the mission. I miss it a lot and I have been playing the piano more that I normally would have. Its nice to play and to sing a song in my head. 
Thomas S. Monson becuase 144 temples is pretty amazing
Bishop Geald Causse. One line. "We look but we don't really see, we hear but don't really listen, and we act without really knowing." 
Brent H. Nielson about the 1 lost sheep. Keep that in mind becuase I can't wait for a certain day. :)
Dieter F. Uchtdorf becuase "God loves us perfectly and ever lasting"
Conference over all was the best ever and I am so glad that I was able to watch all of it. I love being in the CCM and to be blessed with such an amazing mission. Its crazy at how fast it came and how fast its going but I am so excited to be here in Guatemala and to be able to leave for Coban in just 3 short weeks. I think I will be ready but I will have to learn a lot more spanish and be able to comunicate with the natives here first. I love this gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. 
Hermana Fuller

My whole zone for the first two weeks is in the second picture. I love them and I already miss them becuase all the natives are out in the field already. Im in the first row 4th from the right!

My district. I love them so much. My companion is in the red skirt with her eyes close. Yes the sun is way too bright and we can't have our cameras at all so I can't make up for how bad the pictures are. I love my district so much!!

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