Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 34: A Week Living in the Polochic?

Well this week we lived in the Polochic and that is a place here in Guatemala where they dont have light and water and they only speak Q´eqchi´. Well a part of this is correct and that is that we didnt have light and water and I spoke a ton of Q´eqchi´ as well. Well this is my week. 
Monday- We had a good pday. We went to the caves and they were cool. And it was fun to go as a part zone. We ate subway and then wrote. I went to the office here and I got three packages from my parents and I am excited to open them on my birthday! We had NDJ or FHE with Hermana Nimia and a guy totally hit on my campanion and I wasnt a fan of that because like shes my daughter. 
Tuesday- Well today we had a miracle happen. We explained to Hermano Otto about the authority in the church and we used examples and he understood it perfectly and he told us that he needed to hear that because it was his doubt in the church. We invitied him to church and he told us of course and I almost cried because he was baptized in the river Jordan  and he told us that he knew that it wasnt correct and that he needs to be baptized with something that has the authority. We then went and met with hermana Patti and she accepted a baptism date as that felt good. So now we have two baptism dates for this month and I am excited. 
Wednesday- Today I hit 8 months in the mission and that was crazy! I dont feel ready to come home yet, I just want to stay out here on my mission forever, is that okay Mom? We had district meeting and that was good. We visited Hermana Tarci adn then we had english class and we learned I am a Child of God and the class really liked it. We had a problem with one of our investigators and we had to call President Curtiss about it. 
Thursday- Well today we had a surprise division because of the problem of one of our investigators. (let me explain this problem for just a second, We have an investigator that is named Carlos and well he has been looking for our house to come visit us because he told me that I am his sun in his life and that my companion is his moon. And he has been following us and well my companion is very scared about that) Well I stayed here in Chamelco and I was with hermana Coello and we ate lunch in a park and the mosquitos ate me alive. I heard the song Come Away with Me by Norah Jones and I sang it at the top of my lungs. We talked to Carlos about how he cant be close to us and he wasnt very happy about that. We talked to church sercurity and I saw a part of fear factor in spanish and that was awkward... 
Friday- Well today it rained hard core. We ate freaking roast but it wasnt as good as the roast from mom and dad but it was pretty good. Then my comp surprised me and threw me a surprise early birthday party because we arent going to be together for my birthday and I got my face smooshed in my face. We contacted and then we had NDH and we played some fun games. It was good. 
Saturday- We walked a freaking ton. We walked 25 min to just have Patti not be there, and then we walked 30 min to her aunts house but she wasnt there so we left a note saying that we would come back to see if she would be there. We ate lunch and then walked 45 min to her house and she wasnt there so we walked 25 min to her aunts house and she wasnt there so then we walked 20 min to our next appointment and that was a blast. We had a good lesson with Hermano Otto and then we contacted a really creepy guy and then we showered with really cold water. 
Sunday- We went to church and then went to go visit a member and we celebrated his birthday and that was good. We did some contacting after and then went to go visit our converso and we acted like we were indian and that was really funny. She was laughing really hard haha. We did dats and then watched the movie legacy and I like that movie a lot. Its really good. 
Well that was my week and I told you that I was going to send you guys a lot of photos and that is true. I sent you guys a ton and I love you all and I will send you guys a spirital mesage next wek because I am running our of time. But like I love you all so much. 
Hermana Fuller 

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