Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 7: Mother's Day Phone Call

I hope that everyone is having a good week becuase my week was pretty great! I will just continue to write what I write in my journal becuase I phrase it better there.
Well Monday was my first pday in the field and it was pretty great. The whole district played volleyball and it was a lot of fun. I love playing volleyball becuase I can get all of my stress out that I build up in the whole week. When I wrote my family... I didnt even cry and my companion kept looking at me to make sure that I am doing fine which I totally was so like I got this whole mission thing under control. I bought a back pack today becuase I can not climb up freaking mountains with a shoulder bag. Like that isnt something that I can do.My companion is sick and she got a preisthood blessing from the zone leaders and it was pretty great. I took priesthood power for granted when I was home. Men, always stay worthy of your priesthood. You never know when you will need it. 
Tuesday. It was an okay day. It was super hot and I am trying to stay out of the sun because I get super sunburned here and that is not good. We hiked a mountain just to walk down it becuase our investigator was not home. It made me miss my car. I took the coldest shower today.... like it had ice chuncks coming out of it...why is one of the hottest places have THE COLDEST SHOWERS? That is a good question. Today I had to keep reminding myself that I have a plan and that I need to keep moving forward in my plan. 
Wednesday. I didnt write this day becuase I fell asleep while I was changing so that wasnt good. 
Thursday. I met my best friend in the whole wide world. His name is Johnathan and he was in a really bad car accident 4 months ago and cant move and cant really talk as well. He speaks english and he likes it when I teach him in English. Its nice. Also I really am a fan of the food down here. I can get use to that every day! 
Friday. In the morning we had a devotional with some one in the 70s. I dont know his name becuase guess what, I dont speak spanish so go team Hermana Fuller. I understood a lot of what he had to say but I was too busy translating the things in my head that I forgot to take good notes so another point for me.We taught a couple of good lessons and that was amazing. 
Saturday.Today was a lazy day. We made tortillas and they were amazing so maybe I should be a cook when I get back. No idea. After that we went to a baptism for one of the Elders in my ward and we sang a song. It was pretty great and then after we had district meeting and I had to tell everyone how our investigators are doing and yes... all in spanish again. It went pretty well but I have room to improve. I felt pretty homesick all day but I know that is becuase TOMORROW I GET TO TALK TO MY FAMILY!!! 
Sunday. Today was the day. I talked to my family and it was amazing. During church none of our investigators came and it was pretty sad but we are going to work super hard this week to make sure that all 20 come next week. We got this. After church I waited by the phone for 1 hour. My family didn't call (INSERT FROM GRACE: We tried calling a hundred times... but none of our calls were going through. We emailed and called and even tried calling the mission home but we couldn't figure it out. Luckily Emma tried calling us later in the evening and it came through!). My companions family called and I read the scriptures. Thats how I calm myself down out here. We left to teach some lessons and at 8 I got to call my family. It was amazing. It was really sad at first but after I felt a desire to keep moving on. Ill tell you if that changes. 
That is my week. Also its really dusty here and I dont like it very much. 
I love this gospel and I am so happy to be here. I wish you all the best this week and read your favoirite conference talk. That helps me in times of need. I love you all and I pray for you guys always! Les Amo!!!! 
Hermana Fuller

Also the picture uploader isnt working on this computer so I cant send any picutres this week but I will be sure to send tons next week. Also please send me letters. I would love that so much!!! 
Here is my address for my entire mission! 

Hermana Emma Fuller
Mision Guatemala Coban 
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-20 Zona 3
Coban AV 16001
Guatemala C.A.
Things I would also like...
Conferenece Talks that I can ready during the night when I am waiting to fall alseep. But send those in envelopes because they get here faster
A small USA map so I can show people where I live
Also hugs and kisses would be amazing... no not the chocolate but the actual thing. 
I love you guys and go to the temple this week for me please!! 
Hermana Fuller

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