Monday, May 18, 2015

Two Months Down!!

So yes... today hits my two months mark and I am really excited about that. So go hermana fuller. So my week from my journal... 
monday-Today could have been the best day ever. we woke up and deep cleaned our house and now it smells really good. We played a ton of volleyball and that was great. As a district we went to get ice cream and it was a cookie ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate... yes I am being serious. Also the elders in my district are really nice to me and they really help me everyday. Its great. After getting stuff for the week we went to teach a lesson to a new family that we contacted and they are so ready for baptism and that made the day great. It helps a lot to understand what is being said so that was really great. Also the lights went out so like I am writing this with my flashlight light so welcome to Coban! 
Tuesday- Today was another good day. I moved my photos from above my studding desk to above my bed and that really helps me with not being so homesick. My companion and I were pretty sick today and that wasnt great. We also ate some really chocolate covered bananas and like food is best friend here. Tomorrow I am not going to have any milk becuase too much in one day is not good. I read something in preach my gosple and it says, ¨We must walk by faith rather then by sight.
Wednesday- today was a good day. I had my very first zone conference and I understood all of it so that was really nice. We taught lessons and made the day fun by sharing jokes, which the jokes here are so different and not funny at all, but I pretend to laugh at them. 
Thursday- was my first exchange and it was really good. The hermana leaders area is so flat and i love that. It is nice to have a flat area butI really miss my investigators and the stair way to death.
Friday-Today i lost my patience with my companion. I dont want to talk about it but you know, hopefully that things will be better tomorrow. the church is true.
Saturday-We contacted a lot today... that is not my favorite thing to do here but it is needed. We taught lessons and had a ward talent show and it was great to have our investigators participate.
Sunday- Adan, one of the brothers in the ward here who comes teaching with us, got his mission call and he is going to Boliva so that is way excited. Also I just heard that i have two packages in the office for me tomorrow so I am way excited for that. 
I got the packages and I love it, thank you. i love you all and here are a ton of pictures. Also read the scriptures everyday. I love my mission and I miss you all tons but I feel your prayers always! 
hermana Fuller

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