Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 23: I am going to need prayers

Okay this is just because my mom is wanting to know everything about my health. 
I am good. I have taken about 4 tests to see what kind of parasite I have and they have all come back positive but I dont know what I have, all I have to do is take medicine that helps me to keep moving. With my lungs, I havent gotten the results back from the X-ray but the doctor thinks that I might have asma, I dont know how you spell it, but yeah. But I am going to have to take another X-ray in about 2 months to see what else has happened. Do you guys have any questions about that? 
Well bueno. This week was really good. Monday was just another normal day and that was good. It was pretty chill and that meant that we could sleep haha. 
Tuesday we did some great work. We were able to get two of our investigators to get a date for baptism and that was great. 
Wednesday was a lot of Kechi. We also walked a lot and that was prety great. We walked out whole entire area and that is about a 2 hour walk so that was great. Its because we didnt have money for a bus and that was sad because it started to rain and I didnt have my umbrella but its okay. We were also able to meet with some less actives in the ward and we were able to eat some REALLY yummy and CLEAN food. That felt nice. I miss food that is clean but you know, its okay. 
Thursday we had a really great district meeting and it felt good to be able to have district meeting because I got a lot of help with our investigators and that felt nice. I also heard a great quote that I like, ¨You are not here to teach, you are here to testify.¨ I really took that to heart and I worked really hard in trying to testify more than just teaching because if we do our part we will be able to have the help of the spirit. 
Friday was good. We had he interview for Hermano Hugo and we is ready to be baptized on Saturday. We were also able to go to an activity at the church and it was really good and really funny. And we had 3 investigators with us. Its was pretty solid. 
Saturday all I have to say is that ANOTHER BAPTISM!! We were able to have a great study as well I found another good quote that I liked, ¨The choice to repent is a choice to burn bridges in every direction (having determined) to follow forever only one way, the onepath that leads to eternal life.¨ We also found out that I have a change but I dont know where but I will find out tomorrow. 
Sunday was really hot and it was a good day at church. I was pretty sad because I have made a lot of friend in the ward but we took a ton of pictures and that was good. Also I found out where I am going for this next change. Chamelco and I am going to be training a new hermana. I am freaking out because I am going to be opening an area and then also training so I am going to need a lot of prayers to help me through these next couple of weeks. 
Monday is my last day in Coban and I am pretty sad. I guess that I am going to miss the heat but I think it is hotter where I am going. Also my comp lost the phone today and it was pretty crazy having to call someone and having to call the police but you know, I dont know what is going to happen. 
I hope you all have the best week and that you read the scriptures and everything like that . Be solid and know that I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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