Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 24: First Week in Chamelco

Well ya´ll this week has been a rollercoster. Normally on Tuesdays we have changes but with the elections of the new president we could have changes because all of the roads were blocked and my kid couldnt come and make it to coban. But luckily I was able to go to my new area and get to know Chamelco and that was really nice because I realized that I have a pretty good memory with streets and that has helped us out a lot. We had a pretty good week and that felt nice. 
On Wednesday i got my kid. Her name is Hermana Aguirre and she is from Mexico. She is really cute and she knows english so that has helped us out a lot. She is 20 and she is really great with the gospel. I think, at times, that she is the one that is training me because of how much she knows but I am learning a lot and I hope that things work out well with each other. We were in the office all day and we left there around 6:30 and so we had to travel about 30 minutes to get to our area and then we cleaned the house because it was so dirty and then we passed by for the president house and that was good. 
Thursday we contacted like there was no tomorrow. We walked all of the streets that are close to our house and that was good because we got to know the area more. We played a game where I would say right or left and then she would say it the next time and we just got to know the area and found a lady that is really good. And she told us that she wants to learn more so I hope that everyhting works out with her. 
On Friday it was good as well. We went in a tuc tuc and it is like a motor taxi and it is so much fun. I love it and it is only Q5 so I will be using those a lot because our area is massive. It is one of the biggest areas so we have lots of work to do. We also found a pretty good family that can work out if they come to church because they know a lot about the gospel and I hope that they will progress but we will see. 
Saturday was good and it rained all day. I also bought a tarp and we wore them like capes and we acted like super heros in the streets while we contacted. It was pretty solid. We found a group of girls that are way cool and they are so funny. I really like to joke around with the people and they are really funny. I am really nervous to go to church tomorrow because of the problems with the branch. 
Sunday was not good at all. In the branch there was only 46 people and no one that goes to church listens. It is so sad to see the pople that come and they dont listen to the testimonies but we have a lot of work to do here and the only way we are going to get work done is if we serve the people and love them so that is our plan. We are going to do service everyday for a member and then try to gain their trust. I hope that works. We also had to go home early because of the elections and we werent able to work a lot but we have plans to work a ton. 
Well that is my week and just know that i love my mission and Chamelco is really hard but I am hoping that with the help of my hija we can change is branch and make things better. 

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