Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 31: We Accomplished Our Goal!!

Well let me just start off by telling you that we have a loving Heavenly Father and there is no way that I can deny that He loves us. And that He listens to our prayers and helps us through all of our problems. 
Monday- Well this pday was good but it was full of walking. And someone tried to steal my wallet from my backpack. What happened was I had my wallet in my backpack and we were in the market. Normally I walk with my backpack infront of me but for some reason I didnt do that. We were stopped looking at some things and a thought came to my mind that was simply, ¨do you have your wallet?¨ I turned around to see a guy with my wallet in his hand. I said in English, ¨Nope, thats mine but thank you.¨ This guy was not very happy with me and he got really sassy and I dont know what happened but I am so glad that thought came into my mind because I had my two debit cards in there and a lot of money because it was pday but dont worry, I learned from my mistake. We had FHE with one of the hermanas in the ward and it was really good but kinda awkward because they speak q´eqchi´ and I dont so I tried to teach them... it was interesting. 
Tuesday- We didnt really do a lot  and the lessons that we taught werent really great. I dont know what happened but I didnt really feel the spirit today and my spanish was really bad today. Thats all that happened today. 
Wednesday- We had district meeting and it was good and I learned a lot about the importance of the members and how we need their help a lot. We went and visited Hermana Brenda and that was great. We also had our first class in English and it went really well. I cant talk in spanish for the whole class and it was pretty weird but the students learned a lot. There were 12 people there and 4 of them werent members and we are going to have a lot more the next week. 
Thursday- We had divisions and that was needed. We got two new investigators (that is important for later on in this email) and we talked to the parents of hermana Brenda about her baptism date and her dad said no but her mom told us yes so we are going to baptism her on Saturday! She is really prepared to become a member. 
Friday- We had a very interesting day because we had the baptism interview of Hermanita Brenda and our district leader was so surprised that she is only 11 and she knows so much. We had NDH and it was good because we had 5 investigators with us and we got another new investigator (also important). We got to talk to one of our family investigators that we havent visited in 2 weeks and they said that they came because they missed us and we are going to have dinner with them on Sunday. 
Saturday- We had the baptism today and it was so great because it was a small service but they spirit was there. It was great to she it because her brother (Hermano Jacinto) baptized her and afterward they were both crying in the baptism font and the spirit was so strong. And afterward we were pretty lazy and tired because it was a lot of stress that we just had one lesson but it was a great lesson and we helped our investigator and it was great. 
Sunday- TODAY A MIRICLE HAPPENED. So to explain about the () in this email. So as a zone we have a goal to have 15 new investigators each week and for the week we only had 3 and we got a good talkinto about that by our district leader. So we planned to contact and we found and taught 12 new investigators today and it was a miricle because the people that we found are all so special and I know that they can go far and we found 2 new families and that felt so great. We had dinner with our family that are investigators and they make really yummy rice. We then went home and my district leader doesnt think that I know how to do dats but I do because I have been in the mission for 7 months. 
This week I really realized that I am almost half way done with my mission and I am not ready for that at all. I just want to stay out here forever (sorry mom) but its true. 
Well I cant send pictures because the internets here arent that great and I just hope that next week I can because we took some great pictures this week and I am so glad to be a missionary. 
Mom and the girls in the family- What color skirts do you want? What color shirt do you want? 
Dad and the boys in the family- What color tie do you guys want? 
I dont know what to do because its a little different and I am pretty bad at picking colors fo you guys. 
Well I love you all and I hope that this week you guys do fun things without me. I love ya! 
Hermana Fuller

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