Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 32: To the Capital We Go...

Well I will first start off by saying that I am sorry that I didnt write yesterday but it was because we went to the captial to have my comp sign her documents to live here in Guate. But I am able to write now and this week was an adventure. 
Monday- Today was a pretty chill day. We played soccer as Hermanas and I made a really sweet goal. Upper left corner and it was a good way to run. We then ate and there was a freaking taco bell but we didnt know that so we ate subway. We had NDJ with Hna. Nimia and we shared scary stories. And I am not going to lie, I am scared of the ghost that strangles people at night... thank you companion. 
Tuesday- Today we didnt do a lot. We had a lesson with Brenda (Our converso) and that was really good. We had two other lessons but they werent that great. I dont really remember what else happened but you know that is the life of the mission....
Wednesday- Today we didnt do anything. We taught Hno. Ottto and then we had English Class. It was pretty good and the class is learning a lot really fast and that is always good. We came home and prepared to teach a lot tomorrow. 
Thursday- Today we had zone meeting and it was so good. We recieved revelation on how to help our investigators to come to church. We had a good practice with Elder Calona who is our zone leader and it really helped me realize the importance of listening to our investigators and how that is going to help us understand and teach with their needs in mind. We then found our investigator Carlos in the street and that was a miracle. We then taught Hna. Fabiola English and then we went and visited Hna. Patti and she broke her foot. It was crazy because we havent visited her for about a month and then the day that we went, she was in her house and she really needed to hear about the gospel and know how much we care for her. 
Friday- Today we had interviews with president and they were really great. It made me miss my family a little bit because Hermana Curtiss likes to ask me about my family and I showed her picutres and she thinks that we are all really cute. And I am sorry Grant, but you dont look like you belong in the family.... haha. I also found out that I have to go to the capital on Monday and I am not very happy about that because its 5 hours in a bus one way. We had a good NDH with a geat talk from Braidy. There were only 6 people there but thats okay because the spirit was there. We shared more scary stories...
Saturday- Today we worked. We went and walked with Hna. Sandra and invited her to church and we found out her problem. Her ex boyfriend is a member and her mom doesnt like it when she is with him or even close to her... so I dont know what we are going to do with that one.... Any ideas? We then went and visited Hno Otto and he started to teach some kids about the church and he bore his testimony about the church. He is freaking pilas and that is one thing that I am so glad about. He told us that he is coming to church and I am excited. We visited Hna. Patti and she is going to come to church with us. :)
Sunday- Today a freaking miracle happened. Well let me start off by telling you guys a story. So Saturday night I dreament that we went to church and there in Sacrament Meeting there were a ton of our investigators there. I dont know why I dreament that but my dream came true. We went to church with Hna. Patti and there at church were 6 investigators. 6. I am so shocked to see Hno. Otto, Hno. Carlos, Hna. Patti, Hno. Pedro, Hno. Marcos y Hna. Bety. I was so shocked to see their faces there ready to learn about the gospel. It was the primary program and all of the investigators loved it so much. It was so cute. We ate with Hna. Vicky with some Elders from Carcha, Elder Mondragon y Elder Flores. We went and visited a really big family that we met and they are interested in the gospel so I think that we are going to keep visiting them. And then we planned for our ¨trip¨ for tomorrow. 
Monday- We went to the capital today. We woke up at 1:30 and left at 2:30 from Chamelco. We got to Coban at 3. We then left and got on a big bus and were there for 5 hours. IT was a good bus ride because I slept the whole time and I sat up front so I didnt get carsick. It was nice. We met some of the missonaries and that was fun. We ate little ceasers and it was so so so so so so so yummy. I miss food like that. We met some Elders that are serving in the Guatemala East mission and that was really awkward. The Elders in that mission are really formal and they are very different from the Elders from Coban. It took us about 5 hours to get home and we took a freaking sketchy bus from Coban to Chamelco and I was really scared but we were protected. We got home around 8:30 and I was really tired. 
Well that was my week and I am sorry that I wrote a lot but you know.... I have experiences and stories that I want to share with you guys. 
My spiritual thought for this week is I was reading in Alma 17. And I am sorry but I only have my spanish scriptures but in verses 2-11. I like the most. It talks about how the hijos de Mosiah are with Alma and how they are blessed because they prayed and fasted much. And that they were put through many afflictions and had a lot of problems, they were hungry BUT their spirit was strengthen. And the verse that I want to share with you guys is verse 11. Dice, ¨Empero seréis pacientes en las congojas y aflicciones, para que les déis buenos ejemplos en mí y os haré instrumentos en mis manos, para la salvación de muchas almas.¨ I like this verse because something that has been helping me is determining my attitude because that defines my actitude. And this week I am working a lot on how I can become more like my loving savior and I am so excited that I am willing and worthy to teach about this resorted gospel with everyone that is here in Coban. 
Well I love you all and I hope that you have a great week. I am sorry, I dont have a way to send pictures today but I will send a lot next week! 
Love you all! 
Lix Jual Nujenaq
(Hermana Fuller)

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