Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 33: A Hard Wake-up Call

Well I will just start with how my week was...
Tuesday- Today was a little pday and that was great. It was a lot of fun and we wrote and that felt really great to hear and talk with them. We had mini divisions and that was good. I was with Hermana Coello and it went pretty well. My compa is bien pilas and she put a baptism date with one of our investigators and I was really proud of my compa. We came home and slept great because it was a stressful day. 
Wednesday- Today was not a very good day. Well we put a baptism date with an investigator and then my comp and I didnt get along at all. We got in a fight but you know what we had to keep working so you know we made up and that was good. We had English Class and that was good but my comp and I didnt talk afterwords.... 
Thursday- Well today was even worse. Let me just say it simply, my comp cried for 2 hours. We talked it all out and we started laughing again and it was good to be how we normally are. It was my wake up call that as a mom in the mission, I am not only responsible for me but also for how my daughter feels. Its my goal to put that into action this week. 
Friday- Well today we did service. We painted the house of Hermana Nimia and the paint here is so different, its like liquidy and I dont like it. We started our fast and then my comp and I talked about FRIENDS and she is a complete Ross and I am a mix between Monica and Chandler. Then we talked about The Big Band Theory and I am Penny... thats pretty cool. We taught Otto and that went pretty great. I started to feel sick at NDH and we came home to not having light.... 
Saturday- Well today I was so sick. I woke with a feeling like I needed to throw up but since I was fasting, I couldnt and I had a really high fever. So we did divisons and I went with Hermana Nimia and my comp went with Hermana Braidy. I watched the cutest little boy dance salsa and I was so impressed. I didnt eat anything so that was a 2 day fast for me. And we didnt have lights again! 
Sunday- Today we had a multi stake conference and that was weird but I was able to hear my favorite apostle, Elder Bednar. We came home and ate with Hermana Vicky and we did service for her. We helped her decorate her Christmas Tree and it made miss home a little bit. We tried to contact but that didnt work out. No one wanted to have us bless their lives with a wonderful message. We even had a member with us but you know, nothing. We tried to visit memebers as well but the same, nothing. And we still dont have lights.... Go team! 
And today we went to some caves that are close to our house and they are pretty cool. I am feeling better and that is good but you know, the nurse is kinda worried about me but you know, its okay. I am alright. 
Well mom, I got the packages and thank you so much. All the Elders are jealous because they are like, your mom loves you so much and I know that it is true. That you all love me so much so thank you! 
Its crazy that this week I hit 8 months into the mission, how fast time goes by here! 
I also heard something that I loved and it is from Elder Bednar, it is, ¨Its not hard to be a member of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días, its hard to be a member of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días and live the gospel.¨ How true is that, it isnt hard to be a member but it is hard to be a member that lives the gospel and the principals of the church. That is my challenge for you guys, that you guys can start to live the gospel if you guys arent already. Well I love you all but like always, I cant send pictures today but I love you all and you are in my prayers. 
Hermana Fuller

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