Monday, May 16, 2016

Some Great Experiences

Hello there. 
Today I am so very thankful. 
This week was a week that was wonderful and I just wanted to share with you guys a great experience that I had. We were in a lesson and the sister started to yell at us.. My companion and I were trying to teach about the God Head and she didnt want to listen to us. So the spirit told me very softly, ¨Close your scriptures and just testify.¨ I started to testify that there is a God that loves us and that His Son came down to pay for our sins. I just shared my simple testimony. The whole atmosphere changed and it was amazing. She changed and we I started to testify, she started to cry and the spirit was so strong. She didnt accept to be baptized but we are slowly working on that. 

Another great experience that I had is for FHE we had a huge get together with about 4 families. We had a great lesson by a RM and then we started playing some games. The rule was that if you lost in the game you had to do a dare. It was a really hard game so I was for it. I lost.... twice... so I was very lucky enough to get the dare of walking like a chicken.... It was so embarrassing... But we recoreded it and we will see it when I get home. 

We made some REALLY yummy pancakes and we put nutela and peaches, oreos, bananas, and ice cream. It was really good but after I couldnt eat anything or even really walk. 

I am excited to talk to you guys this week. I sent Grant, my dear loving brother all the information. Mom, to answer your question. I need more time to think about it. I am going to fast again and I hope that I will get my answer this time. 

I love you all and I am so thankful for this chance to be a missionary. I love my Savior and I love the blessings that I have gotten from being out here. 

Love you all,
Hermana Fuller

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