Monday, May 16, 2016

week 55:

This week was a long week but also a great week! With a lot of miracles but also set backs. 
The first miracle is we were walking and taking pictures, the one with me and the school jejeje, and there were two guys that looked really mean. They started to walk towards us and I have a prompting to walk towards them... I was so scared and I didnt know why but one thing that I have learned here is that we need to listen to the spirit. We walked towards them and They were going to rob us but the guy that was next to me tried to lift up his arm to take my camera, which was in my backpack, but he couldnt. And his face looked up and his eyes got really big. I didnt know what happened but a great feeling of peace and love surrounded me. I know that in the moment we were protected my angels. I am so thankful for that and I will never forget it. 

One of baptism dates got moved up to this saturday and so we were preparing him to be baptized but then I had the feeling that he isnt ready. So we had a lesson with him and just asked questions. I just asked him like if he believed in God and everything and he felt and sounded ready but then the Spirit told me that I need to ask him if he feels like he is worthy to recieve the Priesthood and then he kinda freaked out and said that he isnt ready because he doesnt feel ready. I know that there is something that is stopping him but I dont know what it is. I am going to fast with my companion to find out and I am excited to get my answer. 

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and I wasnt nervous at all. The ward members were all making fun of me and everything but when I got up there I dont even know what I said but there were a couple of people that told me that they loved my talk, I just smile and said thank you becuase I didnt know what I said.... hahaha It was pretty funny. 

But this is what I had planned to talk about. There is a talk about Decisions For Which Ive Been Grateful For. Its a beautiful talk. And I am so thankful to for it. You guys need to read it, I will try to send it to you guys. My companion has it and she told me that she will send it but I dont know if we will have time or if she remembered.... hahahaha. 

I am thankful for this work that I am in and there is a quote that I love that says, ¨Making friends with mission mortality means accepting slamming doors and canceled appointments, the blazing son or freezing cold. You just smile and say ¨This is a mission¨.¨ I loved and it is so true! 

Also this week we found 25 news in just 3 days. It was perfect and I am so happy to be doing this work. I love my Heavenly Father and He loves each and everyone of you. 

I love you too! 
Hermana Fuller

The school name is PAIN.... hahahahahahahahah We need this school in the states!!!!

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