Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 9

Hello hello! 
Well sorry that I didnt email yesterday but that was becuase I was in the capital finishing my papers to live here for the next 16 months. Its crazy but you know... you got to do the things that you gotta do to be a missionary. Here is my journal entries again becuase they make things better. 
Monday-TODAY MARKS MY TWO MONTHS OUT INTO MY MISSION!!! I am happy. Time here is very different. The time feels like it was really fast when thinking about seeing my family and being away from them but it feels so slow when I think about it being how much I have learned, how comfortable I feel here, and seeing my family but you know... I have a lot of time left to get use to it. Today was a good day. I spent the whole day with my district and they are amazing. The Elders are so sweet that they bought me ice cream and that made me really happy. It was really great to be with them and to talk English the whole day. Also I got to eat Pizza Hut and that tasted really great. I like food a little bit too much here but you know.. I walk enough right? We went grocery shopping and the Zone Leader here, Elder Fitzgerald put a can of beer in my shopping cart so when I went up to pay the lady looked at me really weird so that happened. Also I sang a lot today and that was really nice. I miss music a ton but I actually hear american music often here. Its nice. Today was probably a 8. 
Tuesday-Was a good day but Spanish was not going to happen today... I taught 6 lesson and I was completely lost in every single one of them. Also today both of the people that we have a baptism for next week told us that they arent ready to be baptized. Hermano Jouse told us that he needs to be obedient to what his mom tells him to do before he can get permission to be baptized. Hermana Ceise said that she doest believe in the Book of Mormon but I know that it is just her aunt gettig to her. It was a hard day but you know tomorrow should be better. 
Wednesday- Yeah... today wasn´t better. It rained all day and we did absolutly nothing.... nada.... like walked... and walked... and walked.... and walked. We taught 1 lesson and did nothing else. I dont know what happened but you know... hopefully tomorrow will be better. 
Thursday-Today was like yesterday but add so much freaking heat. I died. I have sweated from every single pour today and I am still sweating. I didn´t think it would be possible for one person to sweat so much... but I can testify to you right now that it is possible. Oh and here in Coban on the hottest days everyone eats boiling soup. Do I know why? No, I don´t. 
Oh and a miricle happened today. We were walking home and none of the street lights were working so it was pretty scary. Two guys were following us and cat calling us and my companion and I were pretty scared. I said a really quick prayer to get us home safe and as soon as I said amen, a guy walked out of a store. I didnt know who he was but he yelled ¨Hermanas¨ and introduced himself and he is the bishops son who just came back from school. He was walking around and he normally isnt in our area but he felt prompted to come and so he did. As soon as he started to walk with us, the other two guys left us alone and we were able to make it home safe. It felt so nice to have the Lord looking out for me. I felt his love and offered a huge prayer of gratitude that night. 
Friday- Was good. We were studying in the morning and then I got a phone call from the district leaders and they told us that on Monday we get to go to the capital to finish filling out my papers so I wasnt very happy about that becuase its a 4 hour bus ride to be in the capital for 2 hours and then a 5 hour bus ride back... It was not fun and we have to leave a 3 in the morning. Also we contacted a lot today and that was nice. We have 5 new investigators and that will be great. My back hurts.... I am going to die. 
Saturday-Today was a good day but we walked a bunch. That wasnt very fun but guess what?!? Mom you would be so proud... I learned how to make pupsas... by myself and they were so good. I have pictures but the place that I am at doesn´t have a cord for me to connect my camera too so I will send them next week. They were so good and I am going to make them all the time while I am here. 
Sunday-Today was church we only have one family come to church and that was pretty sad but you know, it just means that we have to work harder. Oh and one of the hermanos in the ward gave me some efy music in english so I have some music but please send me more that is really uplifting with a good beat.. That would be amazing. I leave tomorrow for the captial at 3 in the morning so GNIGHT.
Monday-Today was the longest day of my life. We woke up at 1:30 and was on a bus until 12. I went to the captial building to stand in line for 3 hours to sign 2 pieces of paper and to not talk to anyone becuase no one knew english so that wasnt the best part of my day. Then a 5 hour bus ride back but I slept the whole time so that was great. I also really value my sleep. So goodnight. 
That was my week and it was really good. I love my mission so much and I am glad that I am on my mission. I cant wait to see what this week has in store for me and we might have 2 baptisms this week and I am so excited about that. 
To answer the questions from my family...
No running water normally but in my house yes and in the houses that we eat, yes as well. Toliets here are hard to find so we only use ours and that is such a great blessing. Pets.... dont really exist here. Dogs run wild and that is all but one family does have a pet dog and I love it but it is full of fleas so I dont pet it ever... haha.
Any more questions?
Well I love you all so much and a special shout out for the men who hold their priesthood close and who are worthy of it. You guys are great and are doing great things!
Love you all too much! 
Hermana Fuller

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