Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week 12: Where is the Sun?

Hello everyone! 
This week was really great and I loved it so much! I will start out that we had 2 baptisms this week and we, my comapion and I, are so happy! 
Monday- Man this day was the best. Since changes are tomorrow we made a pack as a district to stay together and to have the whole day be fun so that is what we did.... kinda. Well in my district there are 3 sets of Elders and 3 sets of Sisters but on this day it was just 2 sets of Elders and me and my companion. It was still a lot of fun and it was probably one of the best pdays that I have had out here. We played soccer and then wrote familes. We ate pizza and that is always good. We then printed photos for the people that were leaving but while we were walking it started to down pour.... so we kept walking in the rain and it was a lot of fun. We walked and sang and contacted in the streets and it was so great. A funny story though.. when it rains here it down pours always so the streets get filled with water and it is really hard to walk in the streets so we have to normally walk on the small path ways that are by the houses so we were walking and then a car comes speeding by and the water gets sprayed on me, my companion, and one of the Elders and I was so mad. It was really funny but you know.... it will be a story that I will never forget. We walked to get food and then talked some more to the Elders. It was really hard to say goodbye to the Elders because Elder Reed is from Sky View and it was so great to have him in my same district. It was great to always have someone to talk to in English haha. 
Tuesday- Today changes happened but it didnt effect me just we got a lot of phone calls in the morning from people that were leaving and wanted to say goodbye for another time. We went to visit Hermano Jonathan and I was able to feed him soup but do you know how hard it is to feed someone soup? Well let me tell ya, it is really hard and I might of spilled on myself.... twice but you know, its okay because we shared a great message and it was pretty solid. It rained all day and it was nice because we wore boots and it was a great idea to have that. We saw a couple on a moped (sorry I dont know how to spell anymore) and one of the people on it was holding an umbrella and it was really funny. My comp and I laughed hard core. 
Wednesday- We walked more than I have ever walked before. We helped Hermana Luica get her papers fixed so that she can be baptized this week and while we were there we ate the most amazing tamales and I saw a full blown out fist fight between two girls about one guy. It happened 5 feet infront of us and I really wanted to record it but I thought that it might be bad if a white MISSIONARY filmed a fight between two people... so I didnt. We walked to the opposite side of our area which is a 20 minute bus ride and taught some great lessons there. We then walked all the way back to the area that is close to our house and taught more lessons. Please no more walking. 
Thursday- We had district meeting and that is great like always. We walked all the way into the city and that is about a 15 minutes walk and then we got all the information for Hermano Domingo and Luica and then walked to their house which is about a 40 minute walk and then back to the office all inbetween 10-2. We had lunch at 3 which was soooo late and I ate so much. We then walked back up to Hermano Domingos house and he gave us 3 cups of rain water with mush. Mush is like corn meal in the size of oatmeal and then they add a little bit of sugar and then cook it and that is what we always drink here. We made tortillas with them and then ate food which was so sad because they bought 2 eggs for 5 people so after we left we took one of their kids to the tienda and we bought them more food. We felt really sick after wards so we contacted around our house and then went to bed early. 
Friday- Was LOOOONG. We went to the wedding of Hermano Domingo and Luica ad it was really simple but very beautiful. It was great. We ate lunch with them and then we walked more. We taught lessons and it was really great. I felt the spirit a lot but my feet hurt a ton as well. I am really stressed but after tomorrow no more stress because tomorrow is the baptism! 
Saturday- 2 baptisms more and it was a family! It was really great. For the service we sang in quichi and everyone spoke in quichi and guess what... I didnt understand a single thing hahah but you know, its okay because I am learning it slowly and slowly. We then walked to Hermano Domingos house and they made us food so we bought them a lot of food for dinner and also for tomorrow. We made pupusas and they were really good. 
Sunday-Today was good. We sang in ward conference and that was a blast. We might of taken a 15 minute nap but I think that it was worth it because of how stressful this week was. We contacted and met a really great guy that I feel like can make a lot of progress and I really hope that he does. We taught and then we ate. It was a pretty great week and I am excited that tomorrow is Pday. 
Well that is my week but I want to share with you guys something that I have learned this week. What a difference a routine makes in your life. It is crazy but it is true. If you read the scriptures every day then you will make amazing progress and if you pray everyday then it will be the exact same. Get in the habit of making a daily routine of doing the everyday things and I promise that you will recieve a lot of blessings and you will notice a difference. 
I love you all and I have a ton of pictures! 
Hermana Fuller

 On pday with the district and I really do love all of the people in my district. 

 Hermano Jonthan and me feeding him soup.

 The really yummy tamales.

 Because this picture is really cool.

 When we found out that Hermano Domingo cooked coffee so I dumped it out for them and that is my face. 

 Hermano Domingos wedding 

 After the wedding

And this is me because we didnt have the keys to the baptism font so I had to climb and it was really good. 

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