Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 11: Do I Have a Change?

The answer to this is no!!! 
I want to frist start this email with a quick reminder for everyone. If you are having a hard time right now, get on your knees and pray. You can pray while sitting or standing but the power that comes from kneeling is so powerful. That is my advice for ya´ll right now. 
Monday... Today was a good day. We played soccer in the morning with a couple of zones and that was a party. We then got food and had a blast talking with everyone. The majority of the people in my district speak english so we just had a party with talking and with all of them. Its nice because I dont get the chance to talk in English throughout the week so its a good feeling being able to speak even if it is just for a little bit and with food in my mouth. After lunch we walked and walked. We walked from the plaza to the grocery store and that is probably 5 miles and it took us 2 hours to walk and it was really good. Its really sad when pday is over becuase then I know that I have to wait another whole week until I can write and see everyone. 
Tuesday... We got Hermana Escobar for the day again and it was amazing! I love it when she is with us becuase she makes working really fun but I am learned a lot from her and that is very nice. We ate two of the exact same lunches... eggs, green beans, and rice... yes that is what we eat here and it is actually pretty good if I dont really like about the things going together. We taught a pretty great lesson to Hermano Domingo and I shared a personal experience and I really felt the spirit and that really helped us with the whole question of if they really wanted to get married in order to be baptized and they said yes so my companion and I ran around and I found a flower and he proposed to her and it was so cute but my companion and I had to show how it was done but it was really great. My companion got attacked by a frog later in the day and I have never laughed so hard about something so small. It was great. We met 2 new families and that means 5 new investigators to teach and I am so happy about that. After the day my companion and Hermana Escobar said that I dont need any more training that I am good with what I have taught and that I am ready to start training but they forgot that I still have 6 more weeks of training and I am still not great in Spanish but you know... hopefully one day. Maybe. 
Wednesday... In the morning I got to teach the ward chior how to sing and that was really interesting. One of the Elders in my district did show chior so him and I got to help with singing but you know the people here are pretty good at singing if you plug your ears and you listen to other music but you know, I really do love it when the people here sing hymns. It makes up for it with the spirit. We also made hambergers and man was that a nice thing to have. We cooked for 2 of the Elders and they really liked it a lot so I felt pretty great about that. We then went to a less active house and guess what.... MORE FOOD. I didnt really eat much before the mission but now I am eating so much but its really good because of all the walking that I am doing and of how hot it is here. Its crazy. My companion has a really bad cold and I have been taking the lead in all of the lessons and it feels pretty great. Oh and today a guy kissed me on the cheek and it was so awkward that I was laughing so hard that I covered it up by pretending that I needed to sneeze so go team Hermana Fuller. 
Thursday... Today was zone conference and the Zone leaders, my dear friends, asked me to give the spiritual thought infront of everybody so like they arent my friends right now.... but you know, things worked out and it went pretty well. We walked a ton today to get everything ready for the baptism on Saturday but as soon as we got to Hermano Domingos house it started to down poar. So much that the streets that we noramlly walk on we couldnt even go the same way. We had to go outside of our area to get back to our house after. It has never rained so hard but I really liked it. It was an adventure. And today I felt really comfortable with my companion and in my area that I feel like if I have a change that I can be able to lead and help the people in my area. 
Friday... Today was good. We planned for the week and then we went to cook pupusas and they were pretty great. One of the ZLs made a smoothie and lets just say that it wasnt the best but I ate it with a smile and you know, once I stopped thinking about it, it was pretty great. We also got some really bad news that Hermano Domingo and his wife cant get married becuase of an error on her ID so they cant be baptized. It was really sad becuase it was our goal to baptize a family before the changes but you know that things work out. Today it rained a ton as well and it was great becuase I wore toms today and walking up a mountain with toms is not really great but you know... its okay. 
Saturday... Today was alright. We ate as a district and I am pretty sure that I ate something that wasnt really great but I will find out tomorrow if I am sick. Today we contacted a lot and we did it through the clothing stores here and it worked really well. We taught a lesson and we contacted a lot of people. It felt nice to know that contacting is pretty easy. I then found out that we have no changes and that was a miricle in itself because then we can baptize Hermano Domingo and do the work that we have started. 
Sunday... Today was great. I understood everything in church and I was able to talk to the people and feel comfortable with that. We taught and we contacted and that was great. We got more pupusas and I love them so much. The Lord really helps us out becuase we had no food in our house and we were worried about what we were going to eat for dinner but the Lord helped us out and a member invited us over for a pupusa and it was great. I really am love here. 
Monday... today we played soccer again and it was really good. I have gotten better here and I speak spanish the whole time. It is nice and it is pretty great. Its pretty sad because today is the last day that I will be with everyone from my first district but you know, I will see them all again I hope. 
Well I really love my mission and I am so glad that I am here right now. I am getting use to the heat and hopefully that I will be getting use to the walking and the spanish part of the whole thing. I love you all and read the talks from general conference because it is great and I love Coban. 
Have a great week! 
Hermana Fuller

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