Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 10: Lots of Tears.

Okay... I am happy now. :) 
Well on Tuesday I got to email my family becuase I was in the capital on Monday. And I also got a piece of cake in celebration of Grants birthday! I am sorry that I didnt wish you happy birthday but I am doing that now so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! After the morning I taught a pretty great lesson to an investigator about obedience and it felt nice to be able to help him understand that it is important to always obey his mother. Over all this day was a great day and I am glad that its coming to an end because tomorrow will be a long day. 
Wednesday-Today I have never cried so hard in my life. I knew that Grant was coming home today and in the morning I lost it. All I wanted to do is to be with my family but I am so far away from them that it made me cry all during personal, companion, and part of my training study... (Crying during the training was part of my plan and it worked out really great because I didnt have to do practices.. ;) ) Right after we had district meeting and everyone could tell that I was crying so everyone was asking what was the matter but I didnt want to tell anyone but my companion kinda let it out so I got a lot of pitty which was not needed but you know, its okay because one of the Elders bought me ice cream so that was good. We taught a really great lesson and that was really great to get my mind off of it and then we got some great news. One of our investigators has been really stuggling with reading the Book of Mormon but he read the chapter that we gave him to read and that was amazing. Him and his wife have a date set to be baptized this Saturday and it will be great becuase my first family! 
Thursday- We got a new companion today but just for today and I really love her. Her name is Hermana Escobar and she is so sweet. She is also a great missionary. We made puppas with Hermana Alejandra, a member, and they were so good becuase they had meat, cheese, and beans. So like I wish I could eat like 15 million of them. We went contacting and that was great becuase we met a new family and I feel like they can really progress in the gospel and I really hope that they do. We visited one of our investigators and it was really great to talk to him. He is the one that I talked about how he is really handicaped and cant move at all becuase he was in a car accident... well no. I was wrong. His name is Hermano Jonathan and he use to work at the nearby zoo here and one day he got pushed into the lions den and got attacked by a lion... that is the real story and it happened about 8 months ago so when I figured out what really happened my heart sank and I was about to cry because he is 18 years old and couldnt even graduate school. It was really sad. One of his friends came in during out lesson and he started to cry because of how different he looks and I got the privillage to comfort him and he was totally fine after I wispered one word in his ear... hope. He laughed and smiled and it was really great. I also really love to cook at night after a long day. We normally blast music while my companion fills out the area book and I cook. Its pretty great. 
Friday- Today was okay with lots of walking. It down poared and that wasnt very fun but you know... its good for the earth here. We had a fireside at a members house and it was really fun. The members here are always great and they are so fun to talk to. They also think my spanish is great for only being here for 2 months but you know, I am not so sure about my spanish. I wish that it was better but you know, with time everything will work out. 
Saturday- Today was  my first baptism and I was so happy about it. It felt so nice to know that I was bringing souls unto Christ. It was so great and I have never felt the spirit so strong here and that was way cool. Just picture a 9 year old with his older brother baptizing him and he was crying and it was so sweet. It really made me realize that I am here for a reason and that I am so happy to be here. We did a lot of service throughout the whole day and that was really good too. It felt nice to feel like a missionary for the whole day. I also got the package from Gayle and thank you so much! I love it so much and I love the picture that Abbie drew for me. 
Sunday- Today was an overall good day. One of the Elders in my district is really sick so I have been praying for him a lot today and I hope that he gets better. Today I realized how much the scriptures help me in every situation. It was way nice to be able to read my scriptures during the sacrament and also after church. It is amazing the peace and comfort that comes from reading the scriptures. Today I love my mission. 
Well thats my week and today we played soccer and it is a very different version of soccer than what we play in America but dont worry I showed the Fuller name proud. I hade 3 assists and 2 goals so go team Fuller. Also I learned a lot about one of the Elders in my district. He is the Zone Leader right now and he is really stuggling and it isnt fun to watch peple go through hard things. 
This week I read a lot of conference talks and it felt so nice to read the words of the prophet. I heard about L. Tom Perry and it is really sad and I know that he will be fine. I love this gospel and the blessings that come from it. 
Stay strong this week and learn to love to work hard. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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