Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week 13: Week 2 of Change 2

Well this week was a lot of fun and I was really bad at writting in my journal so I am sorry but this letter might not be the best.... 
Monday- Well today was boring. It was just a normal pday with lots of walking and playing and laughing with missionaries. We went to FHE and that was pretty solid. Nothing really happened. One new investigator today!
Tuesday- Was LOOONNG.... We do Zumba in the mornings now and that is really fun and interesting because the Zumba is Latino zumba and I cant dance that kind of music so my companion just laughs at me a ton and that is an adventure. We visited our new members and we taught a really great lesson and gave them a lot of food. That felt nice to do some service. We contacted and then ate some really yummy fake pupusas that I had to eat with a broken plastic fork and that was another adventure. Just try it. Its really difficult and I just wish that I had a normal fork. Two new investigators today!
Wednesday- We did a lot and it felt really nice to work. We got 4 new investigators today and we met a really great family. A miricle happened and I would love to share it with you guys. We were teaching a lesson to a family and it was our first visit. I was sharing and teaching a point in the lesson and the guy had a really confused look on his face. I asked him if he had any questions and he said that he didnt understand what I said and my companion got really worried. He then said that even though he didnt understand what I was saying but that he felt something in his heart and that he new that what I was saying was true and that he knew that we were sent from God. That was rad. We were so happy and I knew that he needed to know that our message was true before he could understand the doctrine. 
Thursday- THREE MONTHS BABY!!! Today I hit my 3 month mark into my mission and it feels crazy! We had district meeting and they celebrated with cake for me and another Elder who is about to go home. We visited a hermana who before told us that she had a really bad experience with the missionaries and didnt want to talk to us. My companion being the best that she is got us in the door and we got to talk to her while she showed us how to defeather and kill a chicken. Yes, I am being serious. It was a party and also kinda gross. We then visited another family and another miricle happened. We were teaching a hermano that doesnt like to pray infront of people and after teaching the importance of prayer and how it is a commandment in Qechi he prayed and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong and it was another miricle. 
Friday- Today was good. We did a lot of studying in Qechi that was really cool. We took a bus to our farthest area which is about a 20 minute bus ride but normally a hour and a half walk. We taught a lesson and another miricle happened. This family has a teenager that is 14 and he doesnt really understand me when I talk so during the lesson I was praying to have him understand me because normally he asks my companion to repeat what I say. But through the Holy Ghost he understood what I had to say and he gained a testimony of the Holy Ghost and they told us that they would come to church with us so I am really excited. Also the funniest thing happened today. We were walking to another area and we passed a really gross and creepy homeless guy that is always asking us for money. We walked past and like always asked up for money. I said in English, ¨I am sorry but I dont speak Spanish.¨ and so my companion said, ¨Oh yeah I dont speak Spanish tambien.¨ Tambien in spanish is also and I have never laughed so hard in my life. 
Saturday- Today was lazy. We had a killer pizza for lunch with the district and that was nice. We found one of our investigators and that we havent seen in 2 weeks and it felt great to be able to talk to her and to invite her to church. We ate amazing chocobananas and I crave those now. My companion and I dont want to have changes and I really love my companion and I am so glad that we are companions. I played the game JAXS and I am really bad at that game and my companion thinks its really funny. 
Sunday- Today was long. We left our house at 8 to go get a family in Seguana and we took the wrong bus and so we had to walk for 30 minutes up a freaking mountain but you know its okay because we do that on the daily bases. We made it ontime to church and we gained 20 points for being great missionaries. We came home and we ate. We then met another new investigator and guess where they live? At the top of another freaking mountain... yes, that is correct. So the 20 points that we made at the beginning of the day is no more and so like we are at -5. We went contacting but no one was in their houses but I saw a really cleaver thing and that is that some kids used 1 litter plastic bottles as sleds and they slid down the paved path and it was really solid. Tomorrow is Pday and I am really happy that it is pday. 
Well that is my week and I really hope that you are all doing really great. I am doing great here and I am loving my mission. 
No pictures this week because my companion deleted all of my photos on my camera so I am not very happy about that but thats okay. Ill take some this week for you guys. 
I love you all and I want to let you guys know that I am praying for all of yall and I miss you all! 

Hermana Fuller

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