Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 18: Woww

Well this week was an adventure that I was not expecting. 
Monday- Was a really nice last day with my mission mom and we had a lot of fun and did a lot of things! Just one thing that I am going to miss is just being able to talk to her about everything, because she knows everything and she knows that I have a really hard time with the whole fact with getting a new companion and having to teach her my area. I hope that my new companion will like me. Also guess what happened.... I lost my name plaque so that is why I have a name plaque that has my name written on it because it is all that I could do! I cried a lot watching my companion pack up all of her stuff. 
Tuesday- Today was probably the saddest day in my mission because I said goodbye to my "mom". I  was doing pretty great in the morning but then one second and I wasnt good. I cried and we cried together and I just dont want to have a change. But then we went to the church and that was great. We had a blast with the everyone and I am glad that it was fun. We, my new companion Hna. Portillo and I then went to work. We taught 2 lessons and they were pretty great. I felt really great about my spanish and I hope that it just keeps getting better everyday. 
Wednesday- Today we worked hard! We taught my companion my new area and she was dying because she hasnt had an area that was all mountains and that was pretty funny. She died going up to hno. domingos house and all I had to do was laugh. It was great. We then met two new investigators and a miracle happened. We went to a lesson with a less active and while we were there her son told us that he wants to get baptized that was great. So in total for the month of August we have 8 baptisms set so I hope that they all go through. :) 
Thursday- We had district meeting the morning and that was great. We then met a new investigator who is really cool. She is only here for a month so I dont know if we will be able to work with her really hard but we have some solid plans for her! Nothing else really happened today but we worked hard and had a blast. 
Friday- TODAY WE WORKED! We went and taught a new family and that was really cool. They all speak Kechi and I realized that I can understand Kechi but I have a really hard time speaking it but I am getting there. It was great! :) Also we met another family that is HUGE! We taught them and they love how I can speak English and all they want me to do is speak English. They made me pray in English that was really hard to do out loud. I mean all of my personal prayers are in English but all that I give are in Spanish and it was really hard to speak English during a lesson. We taught Hno. Domingo and that was great. We then met another new investigator and that was really cool. So in total for the day was 10 new investigators which is amazing and a miracle. :) 
Saturday- We taught a pretty great lesson in the morning and that was good. We then at correlacion and that is where we talk about our investigators and that was great. We then ate with the Zone Leaders and that pretty funny. They are a blast! We thne taught some lessons but I was having a really big headache so it was pretty hard to walk a lot but we got work done! My companion and I get a long pretty great and I am really glad because I like it. :) 
Sunday- We had a really long day but it was good. I woke up with a really bad cold so go team Hermana Fuller! We had investigators come to church and that was pretty great. I got to see Hna. Hernandez and that was so great! I missed her a lot and she cried when she saw me so you can say that she missed me too! ;) We taught lessons and met a pretty great family that I think will do great and they gave us some really yummy tamales which I love. 
This week was pretty great. I am feeling that I am becoming more like a missionary and that I can become better everyday. I am 2 chapters away from finishing The Book of Mormon and I am really excited to be able to start it again but in Spanish this time. How great of a blessing that is. I love my mission and I am loving every part of Coban, even the heat.... on some days haha. 
Thank you for everything and know that I love you all! :) 
Hermana Fuller

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