Thursday, August 6, 2015


Well as you all know, I am really sick and it is not fun! You will see throughout this email how sick I was. :)
Monday-PDAY is the best day of my whole life. We played games with the Elders in the morning and that was a lot of fun. We then went to write and that is my favorite time of the day because I get to hear from all of you guys. Thank you for writting me and for  making the homesickness go away, it means a lot. We ate McDonalds and that was sooooooo yummy. They have a new chips ahoy mcflurry and I could eat that all day. Like no joke! We had FHE with our family and that was great like always. 
Tuesday- Was okay. We woke up really sick and so we called the Elders to come give us blessings and afterwards we felt a lot better. We went to work and I didnt have pain at all besides eating. When we got home, I died. My companion and I decided that the blessing is just for the hours that we are out working and then all the pain that we would have had during the day comes all at once at 9:30. We planned but my companion was in the bathroom and I was by the trash can because all we wanted to do was throw up so that was pretty great. Oh also we were on our bus going to our area and we just might have taken the wrong bus and ended up in the Elders area and we passed them and we had to hide from them because we didnt want to get in trouble. It was really funny and the members that were with us laughed really hard. 
Wednesday-In the morning I was super sick and all I wanted to do was sleep but in the morning is the time that we study so I studied in my bed because sitting up really hurt and all I could do was cry and it was not so much fun. We taught a really great lesson and I asked the question, ¨How do you think Heavenly Father thinks of us?¨ and one of the investigators said, ¨I know that he loves us because we are His angels and I know that he has blessings that are just for us.¨ How amazing is that? It is so true. 
Thursday- Well today was lazy. We had district meeting in the morning and my companion and I had to teach part of Preach My Gospel chapter 10 and it was really good. Our district leader told us that we are the examples in our district and zone because we have had the most success and that felt really great to hear. It feels like we are doing some great work here but at the same time it is really hard to teach everyone. In my area right now a lot of the people here have had bad experiences with missionaries before and they dont want to talk to us so we are trying to clear our names as missionaries. It makes for a very interesting day. We had interviews with the mission president and that was really great. He is very happy with the work that we have done and I think that my companion and I will be together for another change. Well I really hope so! Also my dad got a phone call from the presidents wife and I balled like a baby knowing that he is proud of me and it made me a little homesick but I am good. :) 
Friday- Today was a day with no pain. I was really cold in the morning and it was really bad. I took another test to see what I am sick with and I havent gotten the news back but all I know is that I am SICK. We worked really hard today because we didnt have any numbers so we went to work. We found a really great family and I invited all of them to baptism and they all said YES!!!!!!!! It is a family of 8 but only 5 of them are 8 and older so that was a really big miricle. My companion is really sick and that is not great. She wanted to throw up all day and that was really hard to work but the Lord helped her throughout the whole day and I know that we were super blessed today. 
Saturday-Today was good. I was in a lot of pain again but you know, it doesnt even bother me any more. We didnt really work hard today because all of our appointments fell through but we ended up teaching and visiting people that needed to be visited. Also we got a new investigators and he asked my companion to be her boyfriend and if she could teach her how to make out and I had to try so hard not to laugh my head off. It was so funny that we made a pack to only go back with a family. It was really great and a story that I will always remember. 
Sunday- None of our investigators came to church which was really sad. All during church I wanted to throw up but I didnt want to eat anything so I didnt. It was really bad. We got to work and we found another amazing family. They are really cool and I invited them all to baptism and they all said yes! So another 5 people that we are going to work really hard with. I am really excited to see if they work out. I think that they will. We did service for one Elder that is sick and that felt really great and I am excited that tomorrow is PDAY! 
Monday-Well today we started out very interesting. We went to do zumba with a member and she told us that it is like salsa and like dancing like that but NOOOOO. Half way through it my companion told me that this type of zumba is gay zumba. That is so true. It was really interesting and it was so funny. We are going to go back and bring my camera the next time.
Well that is my week and I starting to feel better but now I have an illergic reaction on my foot and that isnt very fun and it itches a lot. 
I love you all but I cant send photos because of the computer but know that I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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