Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 19: A Wonderful Surprise

Hello! Well this week was a very interesting one with a lot of miricles. You will see them through out my week. 
Monday- Well this day wasnt very great but we went on an adventure. So I am the companion that has been in my area the longest so it is my job to teach my companion our area and also how to get around on pdays... well let me just start off with that my companion trusts me a lot and she has a ton of faith in me. We took a bus to the place where we write and that was great but then we went to the office to get a new stove because ours doesnt work. It is pretty big so we decided to go back to our house before we went to the plaza to eat with the zone but we took a bus that passes by our house but only in the morning so we went 25 minutes in the opposite direction of our house and we had to take another bus to get back into the city. We then decided that we would eat with all of our stuff and then go to our house. So we ate as a zone and then we took a bus that goes by our house but again just in the morning so we then had to take another bus that took us to a part of Coban that I know. We still had to walk 15 minutes with all of our stuff but it was okay. We lived. But at night I died. I got a really bad fever and headache but dont worry, we still worked. We went to FHE with a family and then came home and I slept a ton. 
Tuesday- We had a good day with teaching people and that was good. We got to visit a new member of the ward and that was pretty great. We are teaching her son whose name is Jairo and it is pretty great. My companion and I teach really well together and we feel really comfortable with each other with sharing experiences and just talking openly. Its pretty great. I went to the clinic and it turns out that the parasites that I had before made me get a cold that makes my body shakes and have a really bad fever. But they said that it passes by in a week and just to take it easy but I dont like being lazy so we worked really hard! 
Wednesday- We contacted like there was no tomorrow in the morning. It was really great and to say that we found people that are ready to be baptized is a lie because everyone here is very Evengelica and it is really hard to teach them but we found a lady that cried during our lesson and she told us that she has been praying for help in her life and that she knows that we were sent from God and that she wants to know more about the gospel. So we are going back to her house. It also down poured and we did a lot of service and that was great. We got to party it up in the rain with a hermana because she was fixing her roof and we got to help her and teach her a quick lesson. 
Thursday- Today I wanted to die. The cold that I have is really bad and I dont like it at all I woke up and I just wanted to die. We had district meeting and that was really great. I felt really great with my spanish today because I was able to share an experience and it was perfect in spanish. So I have keep working on it but I hoping that it gets better with time. Also I get made fun of because I told some of the elders in my district that I want to have a white light saver and they make fun of me every time but they are so funny and I know that they will be lasting friends after the mission! 
Friday- We didnt do a lot of work today because all of our apointments fell through and it was really hard to find people in their house because started the festival for Coban and so the streets are crazy! But we were able to teach two lessons and then have a fireside at the church which was a lot of fun. The members are great and I am glad that I am here in this area. My companion is sick today and I have been playing sick mom and I dont know how I will able to play mom when I am sick and actually have kids. That will be an adventure. 
Saturday- We did service for Hno. Domingo in the morning and that was really good with the ward. We were the only sisters and it was great to have a great time with some members and to be able to do some service. We then we got ready to have a surprise interview with one of our investigators because we got news that he can be baptized on Sunday and that it was necessary that he has his interview today. So we had that and we played games with the family and were able to talk to him about how he feels about baptism. And then we went to a baptism for the ward. The kid was a kid that we taught all the lessons to but he is a child of member so he isnt one of our baptisms but it was still really great to see him make the big step to be baptized. It was great and his name is Jerry! Oh and at night when my companion and I are really tired we wistle at people as they pass by our house. It is really funny and I like to joke around with her a lot. 
Sunday- Today was great. We woke up and had a baptism and it was great. He is really ready and his name is Jairo Antonio Ceron Salmeron and he is 19 and he is the son of Hna. Fatima so it was pretty great. We had the baptism before church and then we had church. We were able to present Hno. Domingos baby in church and it is offical that her name is Emma Carolina Chub Caal. What a great name! We then came home after church and ended our fast and it was great to know that the Lord has blessings for us but all we have to do is ask for them. We then taught some lessons and then had correlacion and that is when we talk about our investigators with our ward mission leader and that was great. We came home and then got ready to go to bed after a really long and tiring day. 
This week was really great and I am so thankful to be a missionary and to be able to teach people a very special message. I challange you guys to read the Book of Mormon and to do always to say your prayers. 
Well I love you all! Have a great week and just know that I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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