Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 17: Changes : (

Well this week we found out changes and i am really sad. my only mother in the mission is leaving me for a different area but the good news is that we are in the same zone so that will be fun! also I can see her every week which will be the best time for me. 
Monday- We did zumba in the morning and it was a lot of fun but it was also very interesting because the zumba here is very different. but it was a lot of fun! We had a very relaxing day and we just had a lot of fun as a companionship. I would give anything to have another pday during the week.
Tuesday- was good. i was pretty sick this day but its okay....I got to teach hno.Domingo about temples and that was really special. man how I love that family with all of my heart. I also got mooned by his son so go team hna. fuller. We taught a great lesson to a new family that I think will go really far.
Wednesday- Today was good but it rained all day. but during lunch hno. Adan threw water on me and my companion and it was really bad. We got soaked and i was pretty mad but im okay now. We taught a lesson in the morning and those are always great. We visited one of our converts and that was good. We then saw a really amazing sign that all I could think about was mom...¨my mom taught me about weather.... your room looks like a tornado went through it...¨ so that made me really happy!
Thursday- Today I watched a lady cut open and kill a duck with her that was really interesting and kinda gross. We taught a great lesson and then we visited a family that was having alot of problems... it was great to talk to them and to also play with some games. We also had our last district meeting and that was really good. Oh and my companion and I are pretty much twins because we yawn at the same time during lessons when we sing songs. So go COBAN 3B! 
Friday- We worked hard today. We walked a ton but welcome to missionary work. We taught 5 lessons today and that was really good. We aso got to do a lot of service today and that is always great. 
Saturday- TODAY WAS HOTTTTTTTTTTT. In the morning we had a little bit of rain and that was nice but it was like a fire the whole day. Also today is my 4th month in the mission and it is crazy at how fast time flies. It seems like forever but at the same time it feels like yesterday. We contacted a lot today and we got 4 new investigators and that was great. Also We found out that we have cambios and that stinks because I really love how things are working out here and how my companion and I get along and the work that we are doing. WE have 7 investigators that have a date set for baptism and I dont want them to fall through and I dont want them to stop progressing. But I cried about changes so no....
Sunday-today we walked our whole area and that took us an hour and 30 minutes so like that good. We visited all of the people that hna. Hernandez wanted to visit and that was really good. We did a lot of service as well. Also we found out who my new companion is and I am really excited to see what she is like. I will be able to tell you guys next week!
Well that is my week and I am feelin better but I am still sick but hopefully this next week is better. All I can tell you is that I can feel your love and your prayers here. Thank you for all that ya´ll have done! Read the scriptures and also read your patriatical blessing. (i dont know how to spell that)
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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