Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 26: The Power of Fasting and Prayer

Well thank you mom for all of the videos that you sent me, it makes me feel at home but you know, that is one year, I will be home with you all. How crazy and how fast time just flies. 
Well this week was an adventure and I will tell you what my subject line means at the end.
Monday-Was a pretty good day. We played basketball as a zone and the missionaries here they didnt believe me that I am terrible at basketball until I started to play and they were like, ¨Oh she cant play at all.¨ Yes it is true. I cant play baskeytball but you know, I will practice for when I get home. We ate at pizza hut and I couldnt even eat half of my small pizza because I was still sick and I gave it to some of the elders. They were pretty happy about that. We studied a lot for our zone conference that we are going to have this week and I am just really excited to go to zone conference. 
Tuesday- We contacted a lot because all of our lessons fell through so we just walked a contacted a lot. Also today was independence day here and it is so lame. All they do is lower the flag at 6 and ya, thats it. Nothing else. I was so sad that there wasnt any fireworks or a parade. But it meant that the people where in their houses and we do some work today. I also found my favorite word in spanish, gobernantes. hahaha it means rulers and its pretty solid. 
Wednesday- Was a good day. We had zone conference and we didnt get home until 5 and so we didnt really have time to work but we were able to do a little bit of service and that felt nice. We had a meeting and we found out all of the problems with the branch and I am hoping that we can get them all to work out. 
Thursday- Today we had divisions and they were pretty great. We did a lot of work and we did service for some of the members and that felt pretty great. We then went to a members family and we taught them and I think that they can be baptized because we explained really clearly the importance of knowing the truth and they are going to pray and ask if this church is true. We are doing some great things and I am so happy to be a missionary. 
Friday- We contacted a lot today and that made me really happy. We talked to president of the branch here and he has some trust in us because we listen to the same music so go team. But we have NDH and it was pretty good. We had 3 investigators there and in the branch here the last time that they had investigators in NDH was about a year ago so I think that we can do some great things. Oh and today was my 6 months and that made me so sad because I dont want to leave th mission and the time is just so fast. Its crazy. 
Saturday- Today was a good day but we did a lot of service today. We went to Chio and we found a lady that was carrying dirt from the road to her house and she lives about 15 minutes up a mountain and I asked her if she wanted help and she told us that she would love it but she doesnt want to bother us. So I picked up the wheelberrel and I filled it full of dirt and I pushed it up a mountain 4 times and in the moment is wasnt very tired but afterwards I was really tired. And she was very thankful for us and we are going to go back and visit her. We also found a really cool family that i think can progress and I really hope so because that is what i am fasting and praying for because I want to bring as many souls unto Christ. 
Sunday- We contacted a lot today and we got to know a new area and that felt good. We invited someone to baptism and she said that she wants to but she needs to ask and make sure that it is the right thing to do. I really hope that she progresses and that she accepts a date. 
Well about the subject line. This week I fasted and asked Heavenly Father to please help me feel his influence in the missionary work and I felt it. I was getting pretty hard on myself and the thought came to my mind that I am not doing good and that my daughter doesnt have a good example but then another thought came and it was simply, ¨You dont know everything, but you know enough¨ And I started to cry because how great our loving Savior is. I am so blessed to be able to know and to feel his love for me and for everyone around me. I want oto invite you all to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you feel his love in your life and I promise and I can testify as a representative of Jesus Christ. That His is going to answer your prayers and I can promise you that. I know that he loves us and that he wants us all to be blessed in this life. 
I am so thankful for this wonder gospel and for the chance that I am able to be a missionary and to be able to feel His love. 
Thank you for everything and I love you all. I will be praying for all of you guys. 
Hermana Fuller

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