Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 28: What Great Blessings

Well let me first start off by saying that I am a wreck right now in internet. The letters that you sent me, made me miss home a lot and this whole week I have been thinking about you guys a lot. I will tell you guys all about general conference when we get to that part during the week. 😉
Monday- Well today was a really relaxed day. We washed clothes and I cleaned the house and then we got ready to go to Coban. I ate pupusas and they were really good. We then then wrote and went to the office. We went on an adventure looking for an ATM for my comp and we couldnt find any. We then went back to Chamelco and while in the bus it started to down pour and we didnt have an umbrella and so we got so soaked and it was really funny because we were runnng from house to house and the people were like, ¨What is the white girl doing?¨ So that was an adventure. We had FHE and we made brownies and they were really good. 
Tuesday- We had a miricle happen today. WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR WITH A BAPTISM DATE!!! Here in Chamelco the last person that had a baptism date was about a year ago and we have one! It felt so nice to know that we can see progress starting to happen. Her name is Sandra and she felt the spirit really strong and she said that she wants to change her life and she knows that she needs to be baptized to see and have that change. We also helped an investigator paint a really dope painting. We did nothing else today because it rained a lot and we were stuck in houses for a lot period of time. I am really excited about Sandra! 
Wednesday- Today we had district meeting and I felt the spirit so strong. We talked about how the Holy Ghost can change the way that we teach. And I shared an experience that happened with Sandra. President Curtiss asked us all to have a special prayer in our hearts for our investigators and he told me that while we are walking to the appointment prayer for the investigator, when you are knocking on the door, pray for them, when talking to them, pray. So that is what I did. While we were walking, I was praying so hard that we could be blessed with the spirit to help us teach what is needed to be teached and it worked. The spirit was so strong and she accepted a date and I am so happy. We also saw a gun fight today in the market and my companion was so scared and I was really interested so that just describes how we are. haha. But we were able to do service with an investigator and we made tortillas for her and she is very impressed that the while chick can make tortillas. She was so impressed that she took a video on her cell phone to show her friends. Solid. 
Thursday- Today we were able to have a really sucessfull study session and we were able to prepare ourselves for the day. We ate lunch and then we did more service. We cleaned the GROSSEST KITCHEN IN THE WORLD. I am not kidding you. It was so gross that I didnt want to even breath because I knew how gross it was. But I got to work and I started to wash all of the dishes. I washed for more that an hour and then we went home so I could take a shower because it was so gross. We then then had a good lesson with Sandra and she is really progressing and I am so happy. :) It is a good thing. We met some new investigators and they are great and we contacted a lot. 
Friday- We had a planning session for the week and it was good. We then had an investigator come with us for some lessons and it was great. I got my hair cut and it is really short. Like really short, and I dont like it at all but you know, I cant do anything about it. We had a good lesson with the investigator that came with her with a member and we invited her to baptism and she said YES! So know we have 2 fechas and I am so excited because it is so great. We were able to do more service and that is always good. Today was kinda lazy but you know, its okay. We just need to work harder. 
Saturday- GENERAL CONFERENCE was amazing. I really liked M. Russell Ballard and how he talked about all the topics in the gospel but I really liked it how he focused about what is our goal while here on the earth. And I thought a lot about that and what is my purpose here and I am going to study this topic a lot this next week. I also liked the Bradley D. Foster and James B. Martino. I think all of conference was great. We then met a really great group of girls that I think can progress. I really hope that they progress. We didnt have a lot of time to work because of conference but we had an investigator with us for Conference and she really liked it and she cried. Thats good right? 
Sunday- Puchica Conference was so good. We were able to listen to the prophet and it is pretty sad to see how old he is getting but how powerful his words were. I would like all of you guys to think about what kind of example you are to everyone around you. I loved the talk of Russell M. Nelson and also Carole M. Stephens. And of course my favorite, David A. Bednar. Also the three new apostles are so strong and so close the Savior. They helped strengthen my testimony. We had 5 investigators with us this day for Conference and they all LOVED it and I hope that they progress as well. We were able to contact a guy that we met 3 times before that same day and so I knew that Heavenly Father wants us to teach him so we are gong back one day. Also DAD, you should do Tabernacle Choir because you live so close to SLC now and I think you shoud do it. Please. Thank you. 
Well that is my week and I am so happy that we were able to listen to General Conference. We are apart but you know, we were all listening to Conference together. And Grace about studying, just follow PMG and also pray and sing during each time. I will study this this week and tell you what other ideas I have. I love you all and God is Good. Thank you for your love and I will be praying for all of you this week. Read the scriptures please. :) 
Love ya! 
Hermana Fuller 
ps- Grant and Val, write me you fools. I miss hearing from you guys. Thanks.

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