Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 27: Week of Hidden Miracles

Well let me just start off by saying that my dad is a champ! 100 miles in 27:14 hours. That is crazy and you wouldnt even believe that he is 50. My dad is great and I am so proud of you dad! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACK AND DEAN!!! I am so happy that you guys are 1 and that you guys are getting bigger but that makes me really sad because I miss you guys a little bit too much right now but I have pictures to help me keep going but Grace, where are pictures of the birthday party? 
Well this week was okay. I dont know I just feel really stressed out right now but you know, welcome to the mission life. 
Monday- Was a good day. We went to the island of Carcha and they are so pretty and I took tons of pictures so dont worry, I will send some your way if the computer wants to work today. We then practiced a song that we are going to sing during a meeting this week and it is really pretty, and I have a solo and I am not excited for that at all..... But we will see what happens. We then had FHE with a family and also a fiesta because it was Dailys birthday and she is just so cute. She turned 10 and she is so big now and she is like a sister for me. We ate some really good cake. It was yummy. 
Tuesday- Was long. We went to Chio and my comp fell down because she got scared by a rooster and I laughed really hard. We found a really great lady who almost accepted a baptism date but then she was like, maybe I should ask my husband first, so I dont know what is going to happen with her. We walked for about an hour to a lesson and she wasnt even there, so then we walked for about an hour and a half to our lesson with Patti and it was really good but she told us that she cant come to church this week so that made us pretty sad. 
Wednesday- Today we had district meeting and we all shared why we came on missions and the spirit was so strong and I grew a lot of respect for the Elders and Hermanas that are here because their testimonies help mine a lot. I also learned a lot more Q´echi´ and its pretty great. Its my goal to be fluent in it so I am going to practice a lot. 
Thursday- Well let me just start off with saying that the guys in Chamelco are perverts. I got grabbed very inappropiately, I am sorry I dont know how to spell anymore in English, and that took the spirit away for the whole day. And now I have a really big fear of guys here in Chamelco and so I protect my hija from them. We practiced a song for the conference and then we had a meeting with another ward mission leader, Marvin, and he gave us ideas about how we can get the branch involved. We then went to work but we did divisions and I was with a hermana that is on bed rest and I just talked to her and fed her kiwis and it was really good to talk to her and to get to know her better. My comp took her daughter out for ice cream and that was good. It was needed. It made me miss mom a lot and mom, I love you and I miss you too. Just know that I am praying for you and you are always in my heart and I have your picture in my scriptures. 
Friday- We had a conference with only the hermanas and it was really good. It started at 8 and ended at 5 in the afternoon and then we had to travel back to Chamelco so we got home at like 6 so then we went to work and we met a really good kid that is named Juan Jose and I think that he can progress, well I really hope so. We also have to stop visiting Patti for awhile because she isnt progressing and we have to find people that want to be apart of this church. I also made my own toritllas and they were really good. 
Saturday- We woke up and got ready and then had a really productive weekly planning session. We went and ate lunch and then we did service for one of our investigators and it was good. We drew and colored for her class. We then had womens conference and that was so great. It was in spanish and that was a little different but you know, I understood all of it and I took some great notes. We also had an investigator come with us and she is really great. 
Sunday- Today was good but long. We went to church and had 4 investigators with us and then we had a chance to do service for someone that we met in the streets and they are really sweet. We visited a lot of members and was part of our goals this week. We taught a quick lesson to Sandra and I hope that she will progress because she started reading the Book of Mormon by herself and she knows that the church is true but she goes to school on Sunday but we are going to try to teach her the importance of coming to church. I am really excited that tomorrow is Pday and that I get to get out of Chamelco for the 6th time this week. We also made oatmeal masks for our faces and it was really fun. I looked like Santa Clause. 
Well that is my week but I want to touch on the subject line, this week I fasted twice because I needed to. The first time I asked to find miricles in our area and that he would put people in my path that are ready to acept the gospel but I didnt find anyone, or at least that I thought. On Sunday I fasted again but this time I just gave thanks for everything that my loving Savior has given me and I felt His love for me so strongly. We also found miricles and people that are ready to accept the gospel. And I know that he is here for all of us. I love Him and I know that He loves you all. 
I am so excited to listen to general conference this week and I hope you all too! I am going to extend a commitment to you all, fast and ask Heavenly Father what he wants you all to learn and I know that He is going to help you through it all. 
I love my mission and thank you everyone for the prayers. I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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