Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 29: Changes?

This week has been probably the hardest week for me spiritually. Well I will tell you why throughout the week. 
Monday- We ¨played¨ volleyball and that was fun. We had a really great FHE with Hermana Brady and her mom that is sick and she was laughing and enjoying her time and it was so great to see her feeling better. Thats all. 
Tuesday- We did a lot of contacting and we met a lot of new investigators. We also are slaking at inviting people to baptism and we need to work on that more. We ate mushroom soup, yes mom, I ate it with a smile. It was really gross and we had to run home because we were going to be late. 
Wednesday- We taught a good lesson with our investigator that has a baptism date but her mom doesnt want her to come to church any more and we cant do anything about it because she is 11. We went and talked to the Fam. Chen and we talked about general conference and they really liked it. They also give us really yummy ¨coffee¨ which is just apple tea and its really yummy. 
Thursday- Today we had a really powerful zone meeting and it really impacted me. We had a practice and I got picked to demonstrate infront of everyone how we can leave an investigator with love and compasion. Well I got infront of the zone and I taught my ¨investigator¨ and it was pretty good. And then my zone leader was like no, Hermana Fuller teach him like he is your sister that is less active and really act like Elder Walker is Val. I was already in tears before I started to teach Elder Walker. I cried hard core I want to tell you that I am sharing this experience with you guys because it doesnt matter if we are missionaries in real life or if we are just members of the church. We have a resposiblility of teaching everyone, friends, family, coworkers about this gospel and we need to teach them with love and compassion. I learned a great lesson from this practice and Val, I love you with all of my heart and I respect your choice. You are my oldest sister and I will always love you. To continue on with the day, I slept in a paca. A paca is like a small DI and it was really weird haha. We then went and visited Hermana Brady and we got to know them a little bit better and she has a really strong testimony. 
Friday- We did work today. We had hno Jacinto and Hno. Kanet with us and it was really good because we met one of their friends and he wants to change his life around and he wants to be baptized. And I hope that he progresses. We had to RUN home because we were late and we ran a lot. Like we were running for about 25 minutes haha. It was crazy! 
Saturday- We did a lot of walking today. We went to Chio and then walked all the way to San Agustin which is about a 45 minute walk and a 20 minute bus ride. It was crazy. We had some good lessons and we got to know some people better. I dont know why but I am having a hard time starting lessons and I think it is because my hija has to start all of the lessons. I am also sick again so thank you! Oh, and we dont have changes and tha is really great because I get to be with my hija for another change and this change is going to be 7 weeks, not 6. Its going to be a little weird. 
Sunday- Well we went to Church and had 2 investigtors with us and that was good. We had a really yummy lunch and that helped me realize that my future husband has to cook and it made me miss moms cooking and also when dad would make breakfast. Man, I miss that. We went and visited a less active and it was great because we were able to do some service and we had a member with us and that helped a lot. We then contacted a lot because we were lacking with new investigators and it was crazy because we only found one but he knows a lot and he wants to know more so I hope that he progresses as well. 
Wel that is my week and I am just here to testify to you all that Heavenly Father listens to every single one of our prayers and he is always there for us. I know that he loves us. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ as a representative and disciple of Him that he loves us and that he wants all of us to one day return and live with Him again. He wants to help us and all we have to do ask for His help. 
Thank you for all that you guys have done for me and I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller 

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