Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 41: 10 months! Is this a joke?

Well ya´ll I have finally hit 10 months in the mission and I can not believe it... The time is just going by so fast... I still feel so new in the mission but at the same time, I feel like I have been out forever! 
Well this was my week... 
Monday- We went to Salama and ate as a zone and it was good. It was really funny and our zone has a lot of Elders but they are so awkward that they dont talk to us Sisters. We came home and we went to the grocery store and the cool thing here is that when we buy bags they deliver the groceries to your house but the problem is that they were super late so we were only able to have one lession. 
Tuesday- I woke up today with a really bad cold and a head ache. We went to visit one of our investigators and we invited her to baptism and she accepted and it was so great because she told us that she got an answer to her prayers and she told us that she wants to come to church to see if this church is true. I also got asked to give some advace on how to help kids behave more because this sister was really having a bad day with her kids and I was able to help them. 
Wednesday- Today we did service for a really cute grandma that had some yard work for us. So I got to work while my companion taught her a little bit. And then afterwards we went to a members house who is very special, he cant walk and his mind isnt all there but he is very smart. We got to play dominos with him and he is so good at that game. 
Thursday- Today we did a lot but it was pretty hard for me because my leg is really infected and it was so bad that it hurt. It hurt to walk and to have any extra pressure on my legs... But I left and we did some work, we had NDH and it was good. The members are really great but the Branch President is kinda scared of me I think because he doesnt want to talk to me... And I dont know why... 
Friday- Today was the month mark for my companion and she hit 9 months in the mission and it was crazy to think about how fast time goes by. We had zone meeting today and it was good but really long. We went and ate and it was good but we got in trouble because the people at the resturant dont like us.... ooops. We had a meeting with our mission leader and it was good but we got in trouble again because with my companion and I we like to laugh but the members dont think that it was very appropiate to laugh in public... so that was a problem. We went to a members house and she deep cleaned my infected bug bites with alcohol and it hurt really bad.... but my legs turned red because of the type of medicine that they put on it. 
Saturday- We went and we taught the investigator that accepted the baptism date today and she told us that she knows with all of her heart that this church is true but the problem is that she is 13 so she cant really be baptized really fast because there are some rules to this and so it wasa great but also kinda sad because she told us that she is going to study on Sundays so we taught her about keeping the sabath day holy and she understood it. But she doesnt think that she can come to church with us because of her parents. But I have faith that she can do it! 
Sunday- We went to church and the investigator was there!!!! She got permission to come and she told us that she loved the church and that she was wants to come every week. And then after church we left to contact a little bit but I needed to use the bathroom so we went back to the house and while we were in the house, there was a huge drunk fight outside of our house so we couldnt leave and it was really scary because the guys had guns and everything but dont worry, nothing happened. Just one of them went to the hospital with a couple of stab wounds. It was kinda fun to watch out from our window... hahaha it was a good story to tell people. I also watched a really good movie that is also pretty sad, its called Charlie and it was so sad that my companion and I cried for about 15 minutes after. It was sad.. 
Monday- 10 months baby!!! I hit it and it was good. No one remembered and that was sad but you know, thats what I get for being old! No one remembers me haha thats a joke. No one remembered but I am totally fine with it! I made hamburgers for the zone and it was good but a lot of stress! 
But yeah that was my week and I love my mission! I will write you guys next week! 

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