Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 39: The Firm Knowledge

Okay well I just want to start off by saying that this week was really hard for me. And I will let you guys know why. On Monday, I was playing soccer with the Elders (well first, all the elders here can play soccer like professionally and that was my fault for playing with them) Well, while I was playing with them I was doing a rainbow trick and I was doing it with a volleyball. And so let me explain this is all my fault. But I fell and I tore all of my ligaments in my right ankle and so it was really hard for me to leave and go do the work that I was sent here to do. But I want this email to be an email of gratitude and to express an experience that I have had and one that I will never forget. It was Thursday and my foot was so swollen and purple that my companion got so scared that she called the nurse and also Hermana Curtiss, the wife of the mission president, and they were so worried about me that it was really stressful. But on Christmas the President came with his assisents to give me a blessing and also to give me some medicine. In the blessing I felt the love of God so strong that I know that everything would be alright. I was able to talk to my family and I felt so close to them and that was crazy. It was great to be able to see everyone and be able to have a little bit of time with each sibling. But like I was a little bit sad that the whole time was about my health and how I might come home but you know, I am doing a lot better. After talking to my family, I got a phone call from Hermana Curtiss asking me if I wanted to go home but I didnt know the answer so she told me that she was going to call me in the morning for my answer. I didnt know what to do, I talked about it with my companion and my district leader and I didnt know what to do, so I decided to do what I invite each of my investigators to do which is to pray and ask what I need to do. So I did that and let me tell you what happened. :) 
In my prayer I asked my Heavenly Father to help me to know what my answer is and make it obvious because I am terrible at understanding and looking for my answers. So in the morning when I woke up, I could move my foot, I could walk a little bit, I could put my shoe on, and I didnt feel that much pain. I started to cry because my Heavenly Father answered my prayers in a way that he knew that I would understand. Well my foot is still in progression. It hurst and is still purple but you know I am making it through. I just want to bear a witness that Heavenly Father is there for all of us and that he will help us through all of our hard times. I love my Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for the love that he shows and shares with me. I am so blessed and I say these things so very humbly with the firm knowledge that this church is true and do so in the name of my loving Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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