Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 42: Only 29 More Weeks

Bueno pues familia y amigos. :) Hoy creo ques es mejor si voy a escribir en Español, esta bien? Bueno pues vamos pues. jejeje. 
Thats a joke, but maybe one day I will write to you guys in Spanish. :) Okay well this was my week. 
Monday- I hit 10 months in the mission and it was pretty good. I got to eat ice cream and I also celebrated with watching the Best Two Years and it was great. We were able to watch that with a member. 
Tuesday- Today we deep cleaned the house because we were going to have a house inspection and the house was not ready for that... We contacted and we hiked a mountain and it was a good work out and we taught a lesson to someone that lived at the very top of the mountain and I dont understand how that always works... where the people that live the highest up want to listen to the gospel haha. 
Wednesday- Today we had a broadcast and we were able to get lots of information on how we cana teach to baptize and it was really great. I also got medicine and it was so great to start my treatment. Oh I figured out that I have staph and that is not fun... but I have a cream and pills that I am taking. Its a lot and really strong but its good. 
Thursday- Today we did some work, we were able to teach our investigator that got her answer but she doesnt want to tell us that she knows that this church is true, she just wants to come forever to know if it something that she wants to be baptized and I guess I dont know how I could help her. Afterwards we went to our investigators house that has a baptism date and she is really progressing. We went and we got to meet her mom and dad and it was so great to know them and they want their daughter to come to church with us. 
Friday- We today we hiked a mountain and that was good. We walked for 2 hours just to have no one be in their house... so we tried contacting, but no one wanted to let us in and it was a good humbiling experience... it was a lot of walking for nothing. After that we went to a members house and we were able to do some service for her and she was very thankful. It felt nice helping someone. :) 
Saturday- Today we cleaned the house again because we were going to have the inspection today but they didnt show up so we were at our house for 2 hours waiting for them but when they didnt show up, we went to teach a lesson and that was good. We had a meeting and then came home to do some cooking. 
Sunday- TodayI was suppose to give a talk in church but the branch president doesnt know my name so he called on my companion to give a talk and it was so great, she is such a spiritual giant. It was great to hear her testimony. We then went and we contacted a little bit and that was good to get to know new people. And then we visited some less actives and it was good to know them and to invite them to church. After it was so cold that we made atol and it was really good, I will make it when I get home. We did dats and then went to to bed. 
That was my week and I am so blessed to be a missionary and to be able to testify of this gospel always. 
This week was great! 
Love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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