Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 45:Changes Changes Changes!

Family and Friends! 
Today I was talking to one of my good friends who is going to be going home this change and he told me that I need to enjoy my mission as long as I can so I was talking to him and he told me all of his tips on how to enjoy the mission. 
Tip #1 Every Pday, do something crazy. 
Tip #2 Dont forget to tell your companion that you love her. 
Tip #3 Dont be a flechona... that means someone who is super strick. 
Tip #4 Eat. Eat. And Eat. Enjoy the food while you can, because its not the same in our houses. 
Tip #5 Love your family but love the work more. 
So I thought that I would share that with you guys today. But here is my week. This time all in English hahaha. 
Monday- Today was a really good pday. We went and played some soccer, which is what we always do when we dont have anything else to do. We then ate some pollo or chicken like always. Adn it was great. I got to explain how Football works to someone who knows english but I forgot all of the words and it was really embarrassing... I miss the states now! We had FHE with Hna Hilda. 
Tuesday- We woke up this morning thinking that we were going to change house in the morning but no one came to help us so we did our studies normally and then we got a knock on the door downstairs and it was a member with his son and a sister and then were there to help us move houses. So we had to pack up really fast and we got everything changed to the new house and it was perfect. We started at 12:43 and ended at 4:24 and it was great. We didnt eat breakfast or lunch and so at 5 we went and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was good but I ate so much! That after I felt really sick! 
Wednesday- Today was really cold. We went to Santa Barbara for district meeting and we all died together. I had 3 sweaters and a blanket and I was still dying. And the church is outside, and so with the wind, it was even worse. It was terrible. We then went to eat and the food is always good. We then had a great lesson with Yerisli and it was perfect. We are going to fast with her this week so that her dad will change his mind and she can be baptized. She is the one that has been reading her Book of Mormon and has a strong testimony in the church. I dont have any fear with the power of fast and I have a lot of faith that everything will work out! I woke up and I had like a small pink eye for half of the day and it was really painful but with the power of prayer, it went away! 
Thursday- Today we went to a members house and we were able to teach his sister and she is great. She has a testimony on the Book of Mormon and everything, she just needs to get her answer to be baptized and she said that she will do it in a heart beat. I hope that everything works out! Oh and today we got told what happened in the house that the ghost is at. this is what happened.... 
That a guy was working with drug lords and he was being followed by someone in the same gang that he was involved with. So the guy hid his family under a bed downstairs and he went and hid upstairs. He got shot in the head twice upstairs, and that is where I saw the shadow of the guy, and he got dragged by his leg down the stairs and so his head hit every single stair, that is why there was blood on the stairs one day. But when he hit the last step to the first floor his eyes were still open and he got dragged past the room where his family was hidden and his wife and daughter saw him and he saw them.... then 3 days later, they found his body about 5 blocks from the house missing a hand, and thats a sign that they were involved with drugs. Crazy right? 
Friday- Today was different because in the morning it was really cold but when we left to work, it was really hot. Today president told us that we dont have changes and I was so excited because I love my companion and she is just so cute, im happy.  :) I really just want to have a baptism! 
Saturday-  In the morning the Hermana Liders came to do studies and it was good but it was awkward. We had a a great lesson with Yerisli and we all cried and she told us that she has the faith sufficent to have the Lord change her dads mind. Then we started our fast and it was so great. She is so perfect and so cute. I love her. But we do have changes.... I am really sad. But I will find out everything tomorrow! 
Sunday- Happy Valentines Day! Today was a good day. We went to church and we had 6 investigators go to church and 2 of them are referals and they want to be baptized and I am so excited to be able to work with them! We finished our fast and we ate everything in the kitchen, and I really mean everything! it was crazy! My companion packed a little and then we worked at night. It was sad to work together for the last time but it was good to be companions.
Well that was my week and it was crazy! I dont like changes but its okay! 
I love you all, have a great week and work hard! 
Hermana Fuller
oh and I forgot my camera at home, so I will send you guys more photos next week! 

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