Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 47: Week Like Nephi

Okay well I just wanted to tell you guys that this week was really really really really hard for me. I think I cried every single day this week but I just wanted to have this email be about how our Heavenly Father is always there for us. 
This week there have been a lot of problems, the first is that my compaion and I did not get a long very great this week and it made it really hard to work together but some how the work went forward with having this week being the week with my most success that I have had in my mission. And also even in the small moments that my companion and I got along I could feel how much love she actually has for me and she told me that she felt the same. 
The other hard thing is that our baptism date that we had for this weekend fell through and it made me really think about why. And it made me realize that as a companionship we have had a lot of pride that everything was going to be fine and we didnt really do anything to protect the baptism date, like fasting or doing something special for her and so this week we are going to fast to see if our investigator will accept another baptism date. 
Also I got made fun of a lot this week because I am the only American in this zone... and it has been really hard for me. But something that I have learned that the Lord has a plan for me and that he wants me to learn and to grow from this moment. One thing that is really hard for me is that I still cant say my ¨r´s¨ and its hard for me because the latinos make fun of me still and they ask me how long I have been out in the mission and when I tell them they just laugh and they say, that I should have learned more spanish and that I should be able to speak it better but you know, I am still learning. 
But there were some miracles that happened in this week. My companion and I didnt kill each other. hahaha and also I was able to feel so much love today. Every email that I got, I could feel the love that you guys have for me and I am so very greatful for that. 
I testify that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us no matter how we look, what language we speak, if we are popular, smart, or if we are not a member of this church. I am so proud that I have this time to dedicate to my Savior and to be able to have the chance to teach His children here in Guatemala. One thing that I know is that God has a plan for us and that he wants us to keep going and to show our faith in all aspects. I love this church and I love this gospel. What peace it gives to me. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that if we study from it each day we can develope a stronger testimony in this gospel. I love my Savior. I love this work. I love my family. I know that my Savior loves me. I say these things in the name of my loving Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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