Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 48: Week of Thanks

Okay family, 
Thank you for all of the emails with the encouraging messages. You guys are great and I love you all. :) 
This week was a lot better because I talked to my compaion and we came up with a word to help us when we arent getting along and it is pancake... it works pretty well! It was pretty great to have a good week full of walking and planning a baptism! I was so happy that Hermana Telma entered into the waters on Saturday and she was able to be ready to make a promise with the Lord to be baptized. It was great because she was really ready! Maybe thats why my compaion and I got a long so well.. hahaha, thats a joke! 
Also today I was able to play volleyball and it felt so nice!!! And the people were so shocked, they thought that I sucked at all sports, no that is just basketball and soccer, and they were betting for things, it was really funny. Im not that great, its just the the latinos dont know how to play so they were really shocked that I could actually hit the ball with my hands.... it was great. 
Today I was talking to the nurse and she told me that I should get therapy for my ankle after the mission and I dont really want to do it but I can even point my toes without having it hurt and it kills when I am running so maybe I should get therapy after the mission. 
I was so happy to hear that when I get back, that we are going to be taking a trip to go visit spencer and ashley anne. because when you, mom, were sharing the story about Clara and hating the bicking trip made me laugh so hard and made me what to see them. It will be great to be with family again. 

This week I sent a lot of pictures and I hope that you guys liked them! 
I love this gospel and I can feel it changing me for the better. I love my Savior and I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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