Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hello Family! 
How are you guys doing? 
Well this week was a good week. We had a great district meeting where we learned more about the atributs of Christ and it helped me to think more about it and how I need to change. This week I put in practice love. It was hard because something terrible happened and I was really sad but I put it in practice and I am glad that I am learning more about the atributes. 
This week we also did a lot of service. I am so glad to be here as a missionary helping those around me fill the love of God. 
Well I found out that I dont have changes but I am going to be in a companionship of 3. I am really scared for it because I dont want to have any problems but you know I am excited to learn a lot and do be able to divisions more with the members. 
I love this work and I am excited to be here and to do the work that I am called to do. This is the true church and I am so thankful for it. 
I know that this is the true church and that we are here to learn a lot about this wonderful work. 
I would like everyone to read joshua 1:5-9. I love this scripture. Its great. Well I hope that you all have a great week and that you all learn a lot. 
Love you all! 
Oh and we went on a zipline. It was dope! 
Hermana Fuller

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