Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I am so sorry that my emails are getting really short. Its because I am trying to do everything at the same time and it is really hard for me. 
Well this week was a really great week. We got our new companion and her name is Hermana Bueso she is from Honduras and she is really cute. I was pretty scared to be with her because she heard a lot of rumors about me and she didnt want to come with us but we talked everything out and she is way chill. We got to work and it was really fun.
Something that I have learned from her, Hermana Bueso, is that we need to contact more. This week we really put that in practice. We all  took 10 folletos to contact and we had to give them all away. The last person that does it has to buy ice cream. Lets just say that I have not bought ice cream yet and I am glad of that. I love to contact!
Something happened this week and I am so thankful for the miracle that we had. At church we had our investigators that have baptism dates and they all understood the importance to go to church and to be baptized. I just hope that they follow through. Its really funny and everything. 
I am sorry but I dont have a ton of time because the time goes by so fast and I am always laughing to much with my family and everything! I love this work so much and I am lucky to be here at this time! I love my life so much!!! 
I love you all and this week I will write out all the things that happen so I can write it all out in my next letter! I love you all!!! !
Hermana Fuller

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