Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I hope my emails get better someday!

Hello family! 
I think that it would be a lot easier if I started writting you guys before I started to respond to my friends. How are you guys doing? 
Well mom, I am glad that you are teaching funny phrases to the twins. That sounds like a lot of fun and that you are liking it. I sure hope that they have funny things to say. If you want to teach them something really funny teach them somethings in spanish like A la Gran or Pilas. Its really funny! 
Dad, you are so active! I love that and maybe one day I will be able to do one with you. Something that we say here is primeramente dios and that means god first. Everyone says that when they dont want to put a specific day with us to go back to visit them. So primeramente dios jejeje
Well this week was a pretty great week.
Monday- We helped a brother from the branch get the guts to buy a ring for his girlfriend. She is also a member in the same branch and I love her so much. They are so cute together and we are planning on helping him propose to her!!!! I am excited! 
Tuesday- We got a lot of references to contact and I am excited to do a lot of wrok here in Tactic! I love the mission! 
Wednesday-It was my companions special day because she hit 9 months in her mission so we bought a cake to celebrate. But my other companion got really sick so we had to go home and she slept a lot. But I was able to study and talk to my colochita and I love that. 
Thursday- We had zone meeting and it was really good. This week was the week of the town fair so we decided to put a table up and pass out folletos and cards and it worked really well. We played some games to see who could pass out the most folletos and I didnt win because I was dying because I have a cold but you know, its okay. 
Friday- We contacted more today but it was raining so hard that we were stuck in a building for about 2 hours! It was pretty fun because there is a new guy in my branch that tells me everything about the states and it makes me baggy but you know, its okay because I will be able to know things better when I get home. 
Saturday- Today I had a HUGE Asthma attack and I was put on bed rest. It was really hard for me not to be able to work but the nurse told me that I need to buy another inhalor to help me and I am going to keep in chill that way I will be able to come home when its time for me to come home. 
Sunday-today was a lost day because I was sick and my companions didnt want to take me out to work in the rain, it was a good idea. But I am really excited to do all the things that we didnt get done this next week! 
I love the mission so much and I am so happy that I am here! :) 
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller 

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