Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Scariest Week of My Life...

Hello Family and Friends. 
Well this week was the scariest week for me and I will let you know what happened. 
Well we were doing service with a sister in the branch. We were raking leaves and everything and a guy came and started talking to the Elders. They were having a contact with him and they put a time and date to go visit him. Everything was normal and I started to talk to him too, because if he is going to be a future investigator, we need to play nice. He went away and that was it. We finished the service project and then walked home. When we got to the market the Elders called us asking if we have seen one of thier plaques, we didnt have it so we went back to the house of the sister to look for it. Later on, the Elders called again and told us that someone broke into their house and stole a lot of things. (This is not normal here in Guatemala) They asked their neighbors for any informtion and they told them that there was a guy about 50 years old asking where the SISTER MISSIONARIES lived. They told them that we live close to the church. He asked in specifically for ME. The Canchita, which is the American.... And then left and started to look for us. He was walking around Tactic looking for me so I was put on house bound in the house of the branch president all day and since then I have had nightmares every night because I dont know what is going to happen. 
That happened and so we have been keeping it chill this week. We didnt get to work a lot but we have lots of plans to do so this week. 
We had some great activities with the sister missionaries and everything. 
I am studying a lot of the Restoration and I love learning about it. It is perfect. 
That is what happened and I would really like your prayers this week. I might have an emergency change... that is something that I dont want. 
I love you all and be very careful and dont play too much with shaving cream jejeje. 
Hermana Fuller  😱😱

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