Wednesday, July 20, 2016

71 Days!!!!

HAPPT 4th of JULY!!!!!!
I loved this week! 
We found a great investigator and he went to church and is reading the book of mormon! He is so dope! And he accepted a baptism date for the 23rd of July !!!!! I am super pumped!!! 
well i wrote a super long email but then the internet stopped working so now I am sorry. This is going to be short because I dont have a lot of time. But I love my mission so much.
We met our new mission president and he is from Chili. His name is Presidente Faundez and is very chill. He has a strong testimony and is very nice. His wife is a fire cracker and is very sweet. And can play volleyball very well so you know that we will be friends. 
We had a BBQ today for PDAY and it was amaizng, the food wasnt that great but you know, it was worth it! 
I love my mission and I am sorry, the internet is so slow that I cant send pictures but I promise that I will send some when I can. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Fuller

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