Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Only Two More Changes....

Hello all, 
Well like the title says, I am getting a new companion. I am really sad because I got a long with my companion really well and now I am going to be getting a companion that is from Chili. 
This week a lot of things happened. It was my companions birthday and it was really fun. We made the best of it. We also focused a lot in our investigators and it was perfect. 
I am excited to be here in the mission and everyone is telling me that I am going home. THat sucks because I love the mission so much! I know that I only have two more changes but I am going to make the most out of it. I am excited to have that.
I love this gospel so much and i love this time that I have to be a missionary! 
Hermana Fuller

Hello there family! I am so sorry that I havent been writting a lot to you guys but it is crazy here and I feel a lot of stress. And just thinking about writting you guys makes me even more stressed out but I love you all and I am sorry. 
Well this week was good. I got a new companion and she is really cute. Her name is Hermana Arragui and she is from Chili. She looks and acts a lot like Ashely Rodgers jejeje. It makes me miss her. 
Well this week was pretty good. We were able to complete every one of our goals that we had besides our investigators at church. We didnt have a single one... It was really sad. One thing that has happened is that since my old companion left a lot of our investigators dont want to listen to us or they dont want to progress and that makes me sad but you all know, we need to help our investigators love the message and not ourselves so that is what we are working on this change. 
But something really sad happened on Sunday and it got me pretty depressed. I gave a talk on Sunday and it went pretty well. I liked it a lot. All the members after told me that it was really great. That made me really happy! but one brother came up to me and asked me what I talked about. He told me that he didnt understand a single thing because my spanish was terrible. I started to cry because for me when I speak in spanish I get really nervous because it isnt that great and it makes me a little sad but you know, my companion helped me out a lot and she is great. 
Well I like my new district and zone. My old companion is still in the same zone and she is crazy... like always. 
Tomorrow we get our new president and I am scared because they dont know english and I am pretty sad because hermana Curitss is going home and she helped me out a lot. She is like my best friend here and she told me that we are going to go out on a date after the mission. I love her.
Well this week I cant send pictures because the computer doesnt work. 
Kayla is going home this week so family and friends, please reach out to her. I love her and I know that she is sad because she is going home to get her gallbladder taken out so please reach out to her. GRACE and MOM that is your job. :) 
I love you all so much! 
Have a great and mom I know that you are counting down the days or weeks and I only have 11 weeks left!!
Hermana Fuller

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