Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Miracles While Being Sick!

Hello family and Friends!
This week was a really hard week for me. Well also The Lord blesses those who are obiedent and this week I saw so many blessings. 
The last change, was really hard for me. We didnt have any investigators progressing and I wanted to work really hard. But this change with my companion has been a lot of miracles.  
This week we had a plan to put 2 baptism dates with people that we thought were progressing. We invited them but they said no... we then didnt give up our faith and we started to work even harder. We invited a little girl in the first visit to baptism and she said yes. She is the sister of my convert here in Tactic. I really hope that she can be baptized. Also this week we were able to put another baptism date with another lady that is ready to be baptized as well. I LOVE THIS WORK!!!
Also to explain something here. There are stores here that called Pacas. They are little DI but SUPER CHEAP. I always go there to look for things. Well on Friday we were coming back from buying somethings for an activity that we were going to have. We stopped by one of them because she is an investigator. I wasnt feeling so great and I had a lot of stomache pain. We were teaching her and then all of a sudden I threw up.. right there. it was terrible. We went home and my companion threw up. We went to the activity at church and I threw up again. We came home and I threw up 5 times during the night and it was crazy. So on Saturday we stayed in bed and it was crazy. But the Lord blesses us always and we are finding such great people. I love this work. 
Well as all of you can tell I sent SOOOO many photos... I am sorry. I am at a good internet and it sends them a lot faster! 
Well I love you all and I am great. SHOUT OUT TO MY NIECE AND NEFEWS! I love you all!!! 
Hermana Fuller

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